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We've reached the point where I upvote the underdog and downvote the leader to keep it interesting. I've run Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Tales of the Yawning Portal and Tomb of Annihilation at regular weekly games at the hobby shop as public events, and they went great. I've not run The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but I've read it and would love to run it someday; I'm a huge fan of fairy tales, fables, and the Fey in general, and it reads well.

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So, should I pick up Witchlight and Saltmarsh? (Are they legit good, or just least hated so they made it through).
Yes you should. Ghost of Saltmarsh is great, its a 7 adventure anthology that also serves as a sandbox and a great intro to ‘nautical adventuring’, pirates and smugglings and dangers from the deep. The adventures are of varying quality but they all fit together and can easily be adapted. Salt Marsh has earned its own place in my homebrew world.
Witchlight is fun too and has that labyrinth/alice in wonderland feel that works well in a Fey focussed adventure.
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So, should I pick up Witchlight and Saltmarsh? (Are they legit good, or just least hated so they made it through).
All are good-ish although...
Both Saltmarsh and Yawning Portal have reprints; and the reprints are of varying quality.

In particular, YP has the 3 against the giants modules, which imho are super mid. But it also has the Sunless Citadel, Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, White Plume Mountain all of which are great for the right group.

Saltmarsh has the Saltmarsh trilogy (Saltmarsh, Dunwater, Final Enemy) which is generally considered to be pretty good. I ran Salvage Operation and it was exactly what I needed for my campaign - and it was short, small, and fine. But not mind blowing. The rest of the adventures in there I am not familiar with.

Witchlight I am playing in now, probably in the final 25% of it. It's a GREAT adventure. Lots of nods to things like Grimm's Fairy tales, Oz, and other classic "Fantasy" as understood prior to Tolkein. That's why I keep upvoting it

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