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Micah Sweet

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I always wanted to just build characters and play it as an advanced tabletop game.
I really liked 4e (especially how strategical combat worked), but it just did not fit with our available time, so we did not make progression in our adventure.
That's what my group did by the end. Abandoned 4e as an RPG and just used it to run arena fights. Worked great!

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I was down to defend 4E because there was, to me, something worth defending, something interesting, something new, despite the insane PR gaffes and other screw-ups. And you know what? Every day this goes on, those 4E PR gaffes are looking like really small beans minor incidents by comparison with this.

4E wasn't for me but mein gott it has its defenders.

Not alot of passion for 5E it's kinda inoffensively bland the Budweiser of D&D editions.


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Most lore is being supressed, changed or subordinated to the political/social view of the moment, it's another absurd, and one that gets you warnings, bans or whatever just touching it.
Mod Note:

How strangely prescient of you! You’re done in this thread.

We’ve had enough in-depth discussion of those topics on this site to have seen the receipts and hear the dog whistles, and react accordingly.

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