Cookin again

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Great, we do garlic cheesy stuffed crust pizza here.

And garlic bread with parmesan cheese is also a thing.

You get garlic bread overseas or is that an NZ thing?

I love good garlic bread. And yes, we do have it here in Sweden as well. But we tend to have garlic bread with just butter with garlic and other herbs. I don't think I have ever seen it with cheese on.


I love good garlic bread. And yes, we do have it here in Sweden as well. But we tend to have garlic bread with just butter with garlic and other herbs. I don't think I have ever seen it with cheese on.

It's not common here with cheese. One if the pizza places serves it up with ciabatta bread slices toasted and you have shakers of parmesan cheese.

You can shake the cheese on the bread, pizza, or pasta.

Usually it's like a baguette sliced with garlic butter is the traditional way.

Some places do it like a small loaf, slices or cob loaf.

Cheese and bacon but it comes in garlic option.


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A grated parmesan is a pretty common optional addition for garlic bread, Some will offer mozzarella, so you get something just shy of a cheese pizza,

That said, it’s usually a sliced french or italian for the bread, not a boule like that!


My first ever potato bake. Uses milk and potatoes. Milk was plastic cow.




After with cheese and paprika added in last 15 minutes.

Probably sex it up a bit in two days. Figure out some side dishes.

Back to the 1980s. Timed it right that wife got home from work and had shower right as it was done. Since she skipped lunch it didn't last long.


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Had a bad day in the kitchen.

The plan was to make breakfast- eggs, bacon, toast and cheesy grits for the household. That DID happen.

However, I decided to try cooking the bacon in the toaster oven on the convection setting (400degF for 9 minutes per 4-6 slices), and while the results were perfect, it set in motion dominoes that refused to stop falling.

1) I started cooking everything other than the bacon too soon. That led to my attentions being too divided
2) I turned up my grits pot too high, so it started spattering.
3) When I tried to turn it down, I grabbed the wrong knob and turned on the burner under the edge of my plastic cutting board.
4) When I realized that, my inarticulately profanely narrated reaction included nearly sending a paring knife into my foot as I scrambled to remove the cutting board from the heat (which, by then, I had turned off)
5) Finally tuned the grits down, but because I was steam-basting my fried eggs, the first two were now overcooked (not burnt, just solid yolks). Dad took those,
6) In the process of removing one batch of bacon from the toaster oven and putting in the next, I got distracted by the fact that I hadn’t started the toast, “After this batch, I’ll do the bread...” and prepped the slices for insertion
7) which time I realized I had overcooked the next 2 steam-basted eggs. Those became mine.
8) got the toast in and out and started the penultimate batch of bacon- I was doing 2lbs- and realized that the THIRD pair of eggs had overcooked, though not as badly as the first two.
9) finally got to the doing the last 2 eggs while that batch was midway cooked, and produced a FLAWLESS omelette. (It was supposed to be scrambled.)

I took my plate and made a bacon & egg sandwich with my toast, then ate the other egg on my cheesy grits. A little cooler than I’d like, but I was hungry.

Other fun happened during cleanup, but fortunately, I was able to get all the plastic off of the burner.


Today was a big day in the kitchen, made Kluski, basically a Polish version of Gnocci, made with potato and cottage cheese. My grandma used to make it all the time, and this was my first effort at it. They turned out okay, gonna play with the ratios for next time, think I need more potato and cheese.


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@Dannyalcatraz I haven't had a day like that in the kitchen in a while, but I'm in something of a holding pattern cooking-wise, as my wife is fighting some sort of GI crud (which I had a much milder version of a couple days ago). It's a different sort of not-fun. At this point, I do not like cooking for just-me.


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I haven’t made this one myself, but a few years ago, I sent this video to some of my buddies who have occasional “wilderness weekends”. They tried it one time, and every time since, they make at least two!


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