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Smoked chicken thighs stuffed with ham, cheese, and mustard, wrapped in bacon, last night. Alas, most of the cheese leaked out. But it was great. Recipe from project smoke....

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This is my riff on Julia Childs’ Potato & Sausage Gratin. I used 3 cheeses instead of just Swiss, and a mix of ground meat & Louisiana hot sausage instead of polish sausage.



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@Dannyalcatraz Do you make that gratin as a main dish? Seems probable with the sausage in it. Also (for perspective) what size dish is that?
That was the entire meal. I could easily have added some additional things. I had toyed with putting in a layer of spinach, but passed on that, since this was a first try.

The important part: the results were universally satisfying. Almost everyone went back for seconds!

The dish was a full size ceramic casserole/baking pan big enough to hold a full-sized turkey, ham or roast. I had shallower pans with a similar footprint, but I wasn’t 100% sure they were deep enough to hold everything without some spilling over.

The reason for my uncertainty was I was actually stretching the recipe a bit. The volume of the mix of sausage & ground meat was more than the recipe called for in Polish sausage, so I was also increasing everything else.

There were a couple other changes I made.

1) I sprinkled a little raw green onion on the top layer before putting it n the oven. Added a nice kick.

2) I did NOT peel my potatoes (little reds*) before slicing them for the pot & boiling them. Personally, our family usually eats taters skin on, and the results- as stated- were great.

* I usually buy Yukon golds, but reds were all that were available on that particular shopping trip. Reds are just fine for us, and I bet the originators of the recipe used something like Russets, but I suspect the golds would ge better.

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