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Dream of a fan-produced DMG3 featuring Epic tier advice from Sly Flourish. Dream of a Nentir Vale Gazetteer compiled from all available sources and new fan content. Dream of individual class compendiums with trimmed down feat lists. Dream of the Skill Challenge Handbook, full advice based on all we've learned over the years. Dream of all the monsters being converted to MM3 format. Dream of more adventures like Reavers of Harkenwald and Madness at Gardmore Abbey.

Okay, now I'm really sad...

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I'm creating fan made handbook pdfs of all the different classes. Each class gets it's own, including one for each race, one for themes, one for background, general feats that don't go in the others, etc. Pretty much it'll be a clean and simple way to gather all the info together from the various books and dragon magazines and erratas. I'm starting with the Avenger class cause it's the one I know the best. Any help would be appreciated (Such as which Dragon Magazines hold info on avenger). Depending on the popularity of this guide, I'll consider doing more. These will be pretty basic but I'm not just going to let them be ugly, I want to make them look nice. They are not going to be sold or anything, they'll just be an easy way to get all the info in an offline way without digging through so much stuff relating to everything but what you're looking for.

You should get in touch with Myrhdraak, I believe he has done a lot of this already for his own group.


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Guys, it's just getting posted on fan sites like these, and if it gets taken down oh well, but I think and hope WotC have better things to do than nitpick over dead IP. That's not the correct term, I know it's not the correct term. Whatever it should be called instead of dead IP.


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And that's the problem. That is basically making your project public and therefore targetable by WotC (as far as I can see). We don't want to discourage you btw, just telling you what the consequences could be.
Just out of curiosity, what could the consequences be? I can't imagine anything other than a cease and desist letter, right? I don't have any real idea, and am wondering what there is to lose in cases like this.

The Human Target

Being sued.

Paying for a lawyer, court costs, paying out damages, paying WotC's court costs, losing whatever time/money/work from the act of having to be in court, etc.
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Oh man, they really should put 4E into the new OGL... *small tear drops from eye*

But I also don't see any real possibility for the OP to make his/her work public. Sorry Qwartz, good idea, but ultimately not very wise to do so.

Well who knows. If WotC realize they can make money out of fan created content and sell it in their DMs Guild who knows what will happen? Maybe they will realize that they can make new money on recompiled 4th edition material, as well as selling 5e material fan-compiled for 4th edition? Should not require an MBA to understand there is extra money to be made by being more open these days. Till then I will create the stuff I wished WotC was selling to me for my own us.


I doubt they'll allow anything but 5e while they're still publishing physical books. Like with 3e, part of the point to a SRD is to allow supplements that drive core book sales. If they don't do a 6e then opening up old editions and settings will eventually make more sense but that will probably be years away.

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