D&D 5e Into The (Keep on the) Borderlands (B1&2) #032 Monster Mash.


Wait until you see the next one, it was glorious to behold. I think there was at least one point at which every one of the players was screaming something different at each other.

And none of it was particular edifying, or anything that I could repeat here.

It ended in laughter, of course.

This one is turning into a blast.

Cheers goonalan, just working on the next bit of the Dark Squad's adventure in Fantasy Grounds.

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The Unexpected In The Borderlands.

Session #005: To Be Unexpected.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Lappoy the Unexpected (played by Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 2.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1 RIP
The Mystical One
(played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.
Trebbelos (played by Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Day 6: Being the 6th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, about 11-ish.

The Unexpected are trying to get in a short rest in, they're situated just a little way in to the kobold tribe's lair...

That doesn't happen.

At least not yet.

Only twenty or so minutes in and a bunch of non-combatant kobolds come hollering for their freedom down the hallway- the lame, the old & sick, and the kids.


Bloody hell, just leave us alone.

There follows a brief chat- remarkably restrained, Lappoy & The Mystical One can both speak Draconic, although the former scares the what-not out of the kobolds by using her telepathy.

The rag-tag collection of kobolds are questioned by the pair, although the pitiful creatures don't know much, after all, they're the lame, the old & sick, and the kids. They do however know that a tribe of orcs live close to their lair- in one of the caves a little way above, and that's definitely worth knowing.

And so after leaving all of their valuable possessions- a handful of silver coins, the kobold gaggle are allowed to flee the lair, this after at least two players confirm with the DM that there's genuinely no XP to be gained by slaughtering this crowd.

[Kobold non-combatants allowed to flee the area 100 XP]

But here's the thing, some other inhabitants of the ravine spot the less than silent kobolds fleeing their former abode, a little later on this gang decide to check out what's happening over here.

Note, I rolled a 1d10- on a '1', something bad happens.

I rolled a '1'.

But we'll get to that.

Just to make clear, a good thing doesn't happen if I roll a '10', there's no balance/reciprocity.

So, eventually, a short rest is taken, although at the end of it all Afton Barr, the bard, is still all but broken (and he's without spells or indeed anything useful). Then the Unexpected head on down the eastern passage- to see what they can see, and as cautious as they can be.

They're still very much on edge.

Particularly the aforementioned Afton.

Into the hastily abandoned common chamber of the kobold tribe...


Afton figures he may as well have something to eat, even a condemned man gets a last supper. The bard also wonders about his life choices so far, how did end up being the front line for a bunch of half-crazed wizards?

The place is searched, or else ransacked, the eagle-eyed bard- Afton, spots a swatch of silk, still in good condition- obviously stolen from a merchant's wagon.


Then onwards...



Next, a locked storeroom is discovered, and then swiftly unlocked- the key was on the kobold chief (Tonka, from memory) the Unexpected murderised earlier.

Note this operation took ten minutes or so to play out around the VTT, so nervous were the four adventurers...

There is however absolutely nothing of value in the storeroom, although Trebbelos makes his companions aware that the salted meats stored here are... human.

Then onwards some more, and again- very cautiously, to the hastily abandoned chambers of the aforementioned kobold chief, Tonka... and treasure, surely.


Now this is more like it...

Eventually, the PCs take their time, three significant things are discovered- a battered and burnt suit of half-plate armour, heavy but it should still be worth a gold or twenty (it belonged to Farned, Priest of the Leaf Lord). A blanket with some money (just over 50gp) and a key cleverly sown into the hem, discovered by The Mystical One- she's thorough.

And lastly, a sturdy chest- and the key found above fits, and there's more coin within.

The PCs are semi-rich (in comparison) and keep in mind all PCs start with basic equipment and 1d20cp, 1d12sp, 1d10ep & 1d8gp each.

There follows a thirty minute (real time) debate, entitled- What's Next?

The consensus is the following, and in this order-

Go back to the entrance to the kobold caverns and check out the other passage- from which the rats came earlier.

Rest, take an extended rest- three of the four PCs here have enough XP to level up. Levelling up is a priority, and besides almost all of the PCs are either injured or low on spells.

All PCs are agreed on this (sorta, see below).

The rest of the debate, well that's a little more contentious/fractious.

In summary-

Lappoy (played by Rob), wishes to go on to further glory, he's all for attacking the ogre in its cave- there's only one of it, and four of the Unexpected.

A little later, when we get to the fractious, Lappoy insists (he's putting his foot down) that the Unexpected go on- and he's in charge.


Afton Barr (played by Dave) is all for returning to the Keep on the Borderlands, and while there- selling the treasures that they have found here, and with the money hiring a few mercenaries, and buying a few potions of healing. Then, heading back here for the Ogre etc.

The Mystical One & Trebbelos (both played by Pete) are both in favour of exploring the cave's hereabouts, and then attacking whichever one appears to be the least well defended.

Afton's words of wisdom are falling on deaf ears.

A little while later and the bard is left in no doubt, Trebbelos offers the following- “If you are going, go... but don't bother coming back. We will make our mark here before we depart!”

Trebbelos, the tiefling sorcerer, is beginning to think that he's a hero...

That could prove fatal.

Just to say, Dave (playing Afton) is down to one PC again, and he's effectively the front-line- the bard, he's badly wounded- out of inspiration points, has used his Healing HD, and has only cantrips left.

Sucks to be him.

In the end however the decision is put off, the reason- the Unexpected are ordered by Lappoy (always the voice of reason) to get the first two jobs done- clear the lair, and then take an extended rest here. Then the debate can continue.

And so...

Back to the cavern entrance, and across the pit- taking every precaution, and then led by Afton Barr, naturally, they shuffle gingerly into a disgusting and foul chamber. Home, surprise surprise, to a pack of giant rats- the fighting starts almost immediately.


The three wizards (sorta) send the tank (bard) forward. Dave, playing Afton, winces every time he hears his PCs name, it's usually one of the other three PCs ordering him into danger. Actually, it's mostly all three of them ordering him into danger.

A larger than normal giant rat races forward and attempts to sink its teeth into Afton, it fails to do so, oddly the beast has a silver chain tangled around its body.

Trebbelos blasts the attacking rat with a Fire Bolt, the beast seems to be made of sterner stuff, the tielfing therefore immediately retreats.

Afton stabs the thing with his rapier, but the other rats are closing in on the bard- who once again (and with only 4 HP to his name) finds himself in the front line. He therefore shares the last of his bardic inspiration for the day with Lappoy, and then pleads for the High Wizard to come and save him.


Lappoy, here to save the day!

Lappoy, of course, obliges- a Thunderwave takes out the big bad rat, and another giant rat- while leaving a third all but crippled.

Lappoy, naturally, takes a few steps back- leaving, once again, Afton to take the hits.

Several of the giant rats flee- disappearing into a variety of tunnels in the walls, but two of the pack remain, and move swiftly to snap and bite the bard.


"Oh... I hate this... I'm a bard- I want to live, I want to learn to play the banjo... I only carry this rapier because it came with the set, Lappoy... save me again!"

Seconds later and Afton is down and dying...

The Mystical One Eldritch Blasts another of the vermin dead as the bard passes his first Death Save- just to say none of the PCs have any healing (except Afton, when he gets his spells back).


Another victory for Lappoy and the Unexpected, and some kind words from the great leader to the brave bard- "Get up Afton, stop acting the giddy goat! I said get up... Oh!"

Then Lappoy strides forward and incinerates the last giant rat with a Fire Bolt, and for max damage, the High Wizard orders his comrades to take care of the bard while he extricates the silver chain from the large giant rat's dead body.

The silver chain is dotted with well cut citrines- it's very valuable.

Lappoy is giggling.

Meantime, Trebbelos manages to stabilise Afton.

I'm as surprised about this as you are.

[A bunch of giant rats 125 XP]

But here's the thing, the Unexpected cannot stay here- the cavern is filth-ridden, but there's also the small matter on an unconscious bard and a pit that needs to be traversed.

And so...

After a 5-10 minute discussion, heated at times.

The Mystical One and Trebbelos make the attempt (neither of them are happy about this), while Lappoy with his Mage Hand helpfully makes pointed suggestions as the duo go about their work.

He's very helpful- “No, there you fools!”


You can still see Tassit's cold lifeless (and impaled) body in the pit, her soul-less eyes staring into infinity! All very poetic but it was Afton that had to climb down into the pit earlier to get Tassit's things (money).

Do you remember I told you that there were some other inhabitants of the Caves of Chaos that spotted the kobolds leaving their lair?

Well, they've been watching operations from the mouth of the kobold cavern, that is until now...

So, the observers are a bunch of goblins, and when I say a bunch I mean there are six of them, armed with scimitars and bows.

But here's the two remarkable things- the first, The Mystical One and Trebbelos manage to get Afton across the pit, and to safety.

Second thing- all of the members of the Unexpected manage to spot the goblins before they launch their attack (I rolled a '1' & '3' +6 with advantage for the goblin's collective Stealth check).

However, it gets nasty...


The Mystical One starts screaming- she's just seen the goblin's initiative rolls in the combat tracker.

Here's how it goes down- the first goblin scampers in and stabs The Mystical One in the back, and she's bloodied.

A second goblin scurries in and repeats the performance, The Mystical One would be down and dying if she hadn't have used her inspiration point to trigger a Healing HD (a house rule- first level PCs only).

She lives... still, but only just...

Then, you'll like this- a third goblin scurries into sight and shoots The Mystic One in the back, with a Crit, and then rolls max damage on his dice- and now The Mystical One (Meg) is dead.

Dead as opposed to unconscious.

Pete is sub-happy.

Although the laughter more than drowns out his childish caterwauling.

Yet another goblin rushes in and shoots Trebbelos, the tiefling sorcerer is on one hit point.

I note that I am the only one laughing now, although I think I can hear Rob smirking.

So, this is going well.


Where's The Mystical One? The latest goblin shooter is using the dead warlock as a perch.

Trebbelos, as with The Mystical One, triggers a Healing HD surge using his inspiration point.

Lappoy, the Unexpected, peers around the corner and unleashes his Burning Hands- incinerating two of the goblins in the cavern entrance passage, and leaving the last barely hanging on to life.


Where's your money now? Who, if any, will survive?

The wizard swiftly retreats into the filthy rat chamber, and orders Trebbelos in a hissed whisper- to do something similar, “Retreat!”

The sorcerer fails to Fire Bolt the badly wounded goblin, and then does as he's told- he retreats, scampering off deeper into the abandoned kobold lair.

Alas one of the yet to act goblins rushes into the lair, leaps the pit, and heads off straight after Trebbelos.

A second goblin follows the same route, while the badly wounded goblin runs back out of the cavern, heading back to its own lair, and screaming...

That can't be a good thing, although the PCs, of course, don't know about this... yet.

They can however hear it happening.

Then yet another uninjured goblin leaps the pit, and... notices that the sprawled Afton Barr is still breathing. The goblin therefore stabs the bard- he's not dead, but now he's only inches from the grave.

Just to make clear, when the three goblins went to leap the pit I rolled a 1d6= 1-2 they head east down the stinky passage towards Lappoy, who is hiding- remember; while 3-6 they go after Trebbelos, who is much visible. I made all of the dice rolls out in the open.

Trebbelos' direction every time.


Note, Lappoy is staying quiet, just for info the wizard has two inspiration points still to spend.

Meanwhile Afton Barr passes another Death Save, 2-2, it's in the balance.

But what's this...


Lappoy uses an inspiration point to get advantage on a Stealth check- that's a '21' in total, the wizard sneaks out of the lair- after also conjuring a natural '20' to leap the pit.

Neither the goblins nor Trebbelos witness the High Master's departure.

The quartet seem to be otherwise engaged.

Lappoy, perhaps less unexpected than usual, is outta there, he's off and running.

Trebbelos, after briefly shouting for Lappoy, starts talking at a hundred miles an hour- in the Common tongue, which the goblins sorta understand. He attempts, after stealthily casting Friends, to persuade the approaching goblins, or else the nearest one, that he is a mighty wizard and likely to incinerate them all with a terrible spell.

He rolls a '1' and a '3' with his advantage on his check.

The goblins are just not buying it...

Seconds later and the sorcerer is thwacked into unconsciousness by the two closest goblins, using the flats of the blades.


The goblins have a prisoner.

Afton makes his final Death Save.

He rolls a '3'.

The bard is dead.

[Goblin wanderers 300 XP]

And Lappoy, boy can the Master of Magics run, he doesn't bother stopping at the Fortune's Five camp, they've heard this song before, the wizard arrives all the way back at the Keep on the Borderlands maybe three hours later.

Out of breath.

Out of friends, for now...

But remember, he's about to become rich.

Time to put together a new part of adventurers- the Doubly Unexpected?

And I made two random encounter rolls during Lappoy's journey back to the Keep, two because the first roll was half-cocked, you know- electronically.

I made the second roll because Rob, who plays Lappoy, was just giggling too hard.

I swear he was crying for something like twenty minutes.

Boy there was a lot of swearing from the other two.

It's time for some new adventurers, of course, oh and captured PCs (Trebbelos) count as dead, but their XP is not distributed, captured PCs need to be rescued, or else their XP is 'released' when they get killed.

The pot is up to £27.

Although I venture there'll be more to add next session.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers from the High Master of Magics and goonalan.
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Lappoy In The Keep on the Borderlands.

Session #006: Lappoy Does Admin- Nobody Dies.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Lappoy the Unexpected
(Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 2.

Captured by the goblins-
(Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 1.

Dead PCs to date (in alphabetical order, and list supplied just because.)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Further note, there are no pictures.

Day 8: Being the 8th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons.

And so we've moved on a couple of days, but Lappoy has been very busy, and this session- well, there's just me and Rob present. Lappoy wanted to get a few things done before getting the next group of schmucks brave adventurers together to go visit the Caves of Chaos with him.

So, he's been busy, but there are no images from FGU to go with this, so I'll keep it short.

Lappoy sells the two items of treasure he managed to snaffle from the lair of the kobolds, this takes place at Lhodis' Gemporium- Lhodis is the jewel/gems merchant at the Keep.

The chain with the citrines on, last seen around the neck of the largest giant rat, sells for 252gp. The massive gold chain with the black opal, as worn by Tonka the kobold chief, sells for 648gp. These prices account for the 5% tax that is charged on all such transaction by the Guild at the Keep, to pay for the upkeep, guard etc.

Lappoy is over the moon about having exactly 900gp to spend, but less happy about having had to pay 5% taxes.

The wizard gets a room in the Travellers Rest, and pays the rent for the next tenday (he's confident). He also enjoys a few nice meals at the Inn.

He also interviews and then hires on the two biggest thugs he can find, and is happy to pay competitive rates (2.5gp/day for the pair). The two new sign-ons are called Wormwood and Scrubs. Note these two guys are not adventurers, they're NPCs, and their orders are- 1) Obey Lappoy, and 2) If Lappoy dies then you don't get paid, so stay close and keep him very safe.

While doing some and/or all of the above Lappoy is also advertising and putting the word around that he's hiring, a 50gp reward (shared) for anyone that will help him rescue a brave adventurer kidnapped by goblins within the Caves of Chaos.

That's Trebbelos, remember him.

Last bit, I'm not hanging around- Lappoy also visits as much of the Keep on the Borderland as he can, trying to gauge the facilities.

To this end he discovers the following-

Extended chats with several guards lead him to believe that money and contracts are given to adventuring parties that make a name for themselves around here. Basically, as with the Fortune's Five adventurers, groups get hired on to tackle a local problem- uppity humanoids, bandits and the like, whatever. Lappoy files this info away for later use.

Lappoy meets with an aged priest of Oghma, called Darvon, the old man also has a pair of wordless acolytes- the duo have taken a vow of silence, Darvon explains. Lappoy has no use for this guy, although after a strange turn in the conversation Davron offers to lend Lappoy one of his acolytes, if and when he heads back to the Caves of Chaos. A priest would be good, for the healing, and yet... the High Master rolled a few checks here, somehow there was something not quite right about this trio, but the high elf isn't sure what. He eventually makes his excuses and skedaddles.

Lappoy visits Arthur Selfridge's Emporium, the Keep's sole provisioner. He also visits Trotters Traders, an independent dealer who sells everything and anything. Derek Trotter- Lappoy is certain, will also buy anything, if the price is right. That's good to know. Lappoy, a bit later on buys a Potion Of Climbing from Derek, he wanted Potion of Healing but the trader didn't have one, but Derek made the sale anyway.

Lappoy goes to the bank, he makes a hefty deposit= 500gp.

Lappoy visits the Guildhouse, these are the folk that are responsible for maintaining the tax on all sales within the Keep. The High Master learns, after a small bribe to a clerk, that members of the Guild are exempt from all taxes. How do you get to be a member of the Guild? Simples, do something for the Guild, or more specifically for one of its members, and then get proposed for membership.

Lappoy discovers the names of a few members of the Guild, they include Lhodis the gem/jewel seller, Arthur Selfridge & Derek Trotter.

Lastly, Lappoy visits the Shrine of the Morning Lord, and talks with the Curate there, who is called Xyneg. Lappoy fails to get on with the priest, he seems to not be enamoured of religion at all ('It's a weakness'), although on a later visit the High Master secures two Potions of Healing for himself.

Then, the day after, Lappoy gathers together his new hires.

But we'll get an intro to the new Unexpected in the next session.

The pot is up to £29.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers Lappoy and goonalan.


Lappoy (& co-workers) in the Caves of Chaos.

Session #007: Bear left for the Goblins.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Krago of the Mountains
(Pete) Male Mountain Dwarf Ranger (Folk Hero) Level 1.
Lappoy the Unexpected (Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 2.
Mohag the Wanderer (Pete) Male Human Barbarian (Outlander) Level 1.
Sho-Rembo (Dave) Female Stout Halfling Druid (Hermit) Level 1.
Sir Glen (Dave) Male Human Paladin of Lathander (Noble) Level 1.
Sosspan (Dave) Male Dragonborn Wizard (Spy) Level 1.
Yor (Pete) Male Dragonborn Fighter (Folk Hero) Level 1.

NPC's (employed by Lappoy)
Male Human Guard.
Scrubs Male Human Guard.

Captured by the goblins-
(Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 2.

Dead PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Day 9: Being the 9th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, just after tea-time.

In the Traveller's Rest, and here's the gang.

Top table is Lappoy, of course, with Wormwood & Scrubs either side of the High Master, but let's take a moment to make the acquaintance (no matter how brief) of the new guys-

Krago of the Mountains (played by Pete) is a (pre-gen) male mountain dwarf ranger, an expert hunter (and exterminator) of the humanoid scum that dog his home lands. Krago has been travelling for a while with Sho-Rembo, she's trying to mellow the dwarf. Krago's goal is to do maybe three things- hunt and kill goblins and orcs, number one; stand up to bullies, number two; and lastly (but by no means least), he really likes to drink and shoot off his mouth.

Mohag the Wanderer (played by Pete) is a (pre-gen) male human barbarian, from the northern steppes. A dumb monosyllabic brute with a wanderlust. At six feet four and weighing just short of 250lbs, Mohag is a force to be reckoned with. Particularly as all he knows, and all he likes, is (directed) violence. Note the application of the word directed, Mohag is not (yet) unhinged.

Sho-Rembo (played by Dave) is a (pre-gen) female halfling druid, with a cosmic plan- she believes that she will become a great druid and that she is feted to save the world. Obviously, she doesn't tell this kind of thing to everyone, but she's not adverse to constantly hinting at it. She further believes that her fate is entwined somehow with Krago of the Mountains. Sho-Rembo is also fond of the bottle, she climbed inside soon after her family and friends were slaughtered on the trail (by Orcs), she was the lone survivor.

Sir Glen (played by Dave) is a (pre-gen) male human paladin of Lathander, and he's a local- although not quite, he has been in the Keep at the Church of the Morning Lord for maybe three months now. Sir Glen, a noble from Waterdeep by birth, is trying his best to be a man of the people, but everyone and everywhere here is just so... filthy. Sir Glen's butler, Humdinger, stays safely ensconced within the noble Lord's rooms (and out of sight). This will be Sir Glen's first combat action, he's keen to make his mark.

Sosspan (played by Dave) is a male dragonborn wizard who has been travelling the lands looking for work with his brother Yor for the last six or so months. The pair have made some dubious choices during this time, and been on the wrong side of the law more than once. They need money, and they need experience, before the pair can head home to slaughter their tyrannical father.

Yor (played by Pete) is a (pre-gen) male dragonborn fighter who has been travelling the lands looking for work with his brother Sosspan for the last six or so months. The pair have made some dubious choices during this time, and been on the wrong side of the law more than once. They need money, and they need experience, before the pair can head home to slaughter their tyrannical father.

You'll note that several of the PCs are linked, and that each PC in the pair bond is played by a different player. Rob with Lappoy is well in the lead here (with the XP et al) so Pete and Dave have (at last, some would say) decided to try working together a bit more.

Hence the dragonborn brothers, and the druid and ranger combo.

Also, we're not short of tanks for this iteration of the Unexpected, note Sosspan is the first non-pre-gen PC rolled up. It was a random roll for his class and race, as it turned he also (randomly) rolled the same draconic ancestry as Yor, so... brothers.

But let's get through this...

Lots of chatter, a trip around the town for several of the PCs/players- just to check out what's available here, until... the meeting in the Traveller's Rest.


That's nice, but how many of them will make it to the end (of this session)?

The job, as dictated by Lappoy is-

Go to the Caves of Chaos, enter the goblin cave- kill goblins, lots of goblins, and rescue Trebbelos. Fee for the return of Trebbelos to the Keep = 50gp, shared between the six PCs. Five minutes of hard negotiations later and the prize money goes up to 60gp (=10gp each) for the win.

Next Lappoy rules- all treasure is divided equally, except he wants a third of the value off the top, basically nine shares- Lappoy gets three, all of the other PCs get one.

Go get a drink, this chat goes on for a remarkably long time (over twenty minutes) which in itself seems excessive as the PCs have so far had their arses kicked by pretty much everything in the Caves of Chaos.

But eventually we get there, Lappoy gets two shares of the treasure, all the other PCs one- note this only got agreed because Lappoy went on to say that one share of his treasure will be going to Wormwood & Scrubs.

Note, at this point the other PCs think that Wormwood and Scrubs will be doing their fair share of the fighting, they will not. Wormwood and Scrubs job is solely to protect Lappoy, but the PCs don't figure this out until much later.

Next, and Rob (playing Lappoy) has been thinking about things, and so- Lappoy knows that there are a bunch of rumours floating around about various things in the region (all of the PCs start with a few of these). So, the High Magicman is of the opinion that everyone should just share what they know, because there's no benefit to PCs just hoarding their information. Remarkably everyone at the table agrees to this.

So, the list goes-

(3) Tribes of different creatures live in different caves.
(6) All of the cave entrances are trapped.
(8) Altars are very dangerous.
(9) A fair maiden is imprisoned within the caves.
(13) There are hordes of tiny dragon-men in the lower caves.
(14) Piles of magic armour are hoarded in the southern caves.
(16) Lizardmen live in the marshes.
(17) An elf once disappeared across the marshes.
(20) There is more than one tribe of ores within the caves.

There follows much off-topic discussion, which Lappoy manages to cajole back around.

The job at hand is to rescue Trebbelos, then the Unexpected can start making plans for trips into the marshes etc.

So, we're agreed.

Caves of Chaos, early rise and off- tomorrow morning.

But just to say that the DM lets the players know- there are twenty rumours in total to collect, if one PC gets them all then something else will happen. Rumours can be garnered in a variety of ways, like by spending time and money in a bar asking questions (or similar). So, collect all twenty and there's a reward- not for the individual PC but for the adventurers in general.

Note, Lappoy also pays for everyone's meal.

It is notable, to this DM, that Lappoy is being a little more generous, and sociable, it's not just that Dave & Pete are working in concert more often, and agreeing with each other a lot. It's also that the PCs they have atm seem to be pretty tough looking fellows, there are a lot of tanks on display.

Day 10: Being the 10th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, about ten-ish.

The trip to the Caves of Chaos is uneventful, that is until they get towards Lappoy's favourite foliage-enhanced hiding spot at the head of the ravine.

Only there's something different about the place this time, someone or something has been digging here, the excavation is both crude and new, and as Sho-Rembo (druid) and Krago (ranger) are heading forward to investigate, well.. a ferocious grizzly bear leaps out of a tree and attempts to bite through Sir Glen's helm and head.


Sir Glen doesn't last long...

It gets close- Glen is down and dying seconds later, Scrubs is clawed down to three hit points and starts screaming.


So much for the plan.

Guess what?

I rolled a '1' for my random encounters, ain't that neat?

Throughout what follows Sho-Rembo is mostly screaming for her colleagues not to kill the 'magnificent beast'.

There follows however a fair amount of confusion, Yor rushes in to try and slice the bear, the dragonborn fighter however is off target. Meantime the dwarf ranger, Krago of the Mountains, flings a handaxe into the ursine's face. Both Lappoy and Sosspan pepper the thing with Magic Missiles, the brown bear is bloodied.

But then it claws Yor, and now the dragonborn fighter is also unconscious and bleeding out.


Two of the tanks grab a dirt nap.

Sosspan goes ape (but it's not his initiative).

The brown bear rushes forward to savage Mohag, the barbarian, next.

Mohag rages and slams his greataxe into the brute, the beast staggers...

At which point Sho-Rembo, the halfling druid, attempts to use her skills to shout and frighten the badly wounded bear away, while it still lives.

The bear ignores the druid, she rolled a '3'.

Sir Glen passes his first Death Save- there is cheering, while Krago, the dwarf ranger, swears a lot and then throws another handaxe in the ursine's face.

Yor passes his first Death Save.

Note at this point the brown bear is stood on/over this pair.

At which point Lappoy fires a Fire Bolt into the bear and kills it dead.

You'll note, and not for the first time, that it's Lappoy (again) who ends the fight.

[Brown Bear 200 XP]


I don't think the DM is on any of the player's Christmas card list this year.

The High Master is quickly giving orders, the fallen duo are pulled out from beneath the beast and get this- each given a Potion of Healing by the wizard.

I know, shocked me- that's all of Lappoy's Healing Potions spent.

The Unexpected then spend an hour or more in the woods here, being very quiet, and very careful, so that the pair of tanks can recuperate. Note Sho-Rembo is less than happy, but mollified somewhat by the fact that circumstances dictated behaviour in this instance- her colleagues were fighting for their lives.

The druid applies a little healing to the badly wounded Scrubs.

There's a brief chat, should they return to the Keep, make the attempt to rescue Trebbelos tomorrow, when everyone has healed, but no- they're going in, and keep in mind all the players are keen to get going.


The cave of the Goblins.

Alas, as it turns out, none of the PCs are particularly stealthy, eventually the druid, Sho-Rembo and the ranger, Krago, are persuaded to check the place out.

More remarkably the pair are great at the job.

There are two batches of goblins, in chambers to either side of the passage, and they seem to be paying attention, the guards are not lax here.


Lots of Goblins.

The pair make it back their friends to share their info.

But there's no backing down, the plan is- they hit the goblins to the west first, but ready for the eastern mob to come calling.

The second part of the plan, the Unexpected do all they can to make sure that the exit to the cavern doesn't get 'blocked', they don't want to get cut off, just in case they need to retreat fast.

Odd, they've started to work together.

The Unexpected even manage to work their way quietly forward into the lair, after some good checks.

The PCs without darkvision, and there are plenty of them, are relived to see that the goblins are using torches in here.

Here's the set up-


3... 2... 1!

Cross your fingers, here goes, and around the VTT the players know it.

Sho-Rembo dashes out and conjures Entangling plants which burst through the dirt of the cavern, ensnaring three of the goblins in the spells compass.



Yor, the dragonborn fighter, rushes out and blasts the nearest three goblins with his poisonous breath, and then rolls 2d6 = '3' poison damage.

But then Lappoy steps up and sends three of the goblins to sleep, all the badly wounded ones.

Sosspan follows the High Master in and blasts the only non-sleeping, or else non-entangled, goblin dead.

There's a tingle in the air, this may turn out to be a success, but keep in mind the goblins here are screaming and shouting all the while.


Note the Entangle spell has been replaced by a box, easier to see through, I'll get the hang of FGU one day.

Then Krago and Mohag rush in and smash a pair of goblins dead- one of them was prone and sleeping, the other was entangled.

Then several things happen at once, Sho-Rembo beans an entangled goblin with her sling- and yet it lives, while the second entangled goblin manages to free itself from the grasping plants, and then run screaming down the western passage, it doesn't get far.

The DM warns the players, if this guy gets away...

Yor scrambles into the entangling plants and then throws a dagger in the fleeing goblin's back, and still it runs...

Oh, and Scrubs lets Lappoy know- there are more goblins coming from the east.

Lappoy also wades into the entangling plants and attempts to shoot the fleeing goblin down with a Fire Bolt, he misses, but then uses and inspiration point to repeat, and now the little bastard is dead.

“Goblins from the east!” The High Master confirms.



Sosspan Fire Bolts the last entangled goblin dead, there's only one enemy left in the chamber, and the little bastard is still snoozing.

Mohag chops it's head off, while Sir Glen and Krago step in to cover and ready actions for the coming goblins.

The first goblin from the east into the chamber is met by a charging Sir Glen, who is high wide and handsome with his longsword, the paladin hasn't landed a hit so far.

Then the holy warriors has to dodge a clutch of spears (three) as the rushing goblins skid to a halt and unleash a barrage.

Sir Glen misses again, his highest attack roll so far has been a '4'.

The goblin hassling Sir Glen is hit by two Fire Bolts (Lappoy & Sosspan) it survives (damage rolls are low), but the creature gets too close to the High Master and Wormwood stabs it in the gut- dead.

More spears come skittering down the corridor towards Sir Glen, the paladin dodges and grins back at the greenskins.

“The Morning Lord shall take thy black souls!” He rolls a '19' plus bonuses for his Intimidate, the goblins are having doubts- one rushes off back the way it came, gibbering to itself.

“That's not ideal!” Lappoy shouts over to Sir Glen.

Krago and Mohag rush the goblins, the ranger is way off target, but the barbarian enters his rage and almost cuts two of the goblins down.

The remainder look terrified.


Mohag is swinging hard, and raging again.

The Unexpected attempt a pile on, rushing to attack, but there as many hits as misses, eventually Sir Glen- with his first hit, takes down another goblin, there's only one more of the little bastards in the fight. Although at least two of the little buggers have fled back to their previous chamber.

Lappoy orders an all out attack, the Unexpected chase the goblins back to their lair, meantime Sosspan Fire Bolts the last goblin in the fight dead.


Get after them!

There's just the two fleeing goblins to chase down.

They went east.

But just to say, there are a quartet of wandering goblins (armed with shortbows) in the lair, they're actually the guys that invaded the kobold lair earlier in the Unexpected's adventures here. Well, these guys have just heard the call... they're coming.

Yor, the dragonborn fighter, leads the charge.

Note all of the PCs are now going super tactical, move and then ready an attack with whatever missile weapon they have to hand...

This is getting serious.

So, Yor leads the charge, which triggers the two goblins that retreated to this chamber, and grabbed new spears, to launch their weapons at the dragonborn- Yor takes a glancing hit.

Sir Glen rushes in and slices the first goblin, and rolls '1' damage. The fourth PC in a row to do so.

At which point the first of the goblin wandering patrol enters the chamber from the opposite side, starts shouting the odds, and then shoots at Sir Glen, the paladin has suffered more attacks than all of his colleagues combined.

Another miss.


More Goblins, and the Unexpected are pretty strung-out.

Another three goblin wanderers scamper into the chamber and shoot at Sir Glen, all misses...

You should hear the players at this point.


Then, it had to happen, the goblin standing next to Sir Glen stabs the paladin with its spear- the paladin yet lives.

Krago charges in and smashes the nearest goblin dead.


And once again we're back to this... it could go either way.

The raging Mohag makes it to the party and buries his greataxe in a goblin's head- dead.

Although seconds later the barbarian gets stabbed.

Yor rushes in and cuts a goblin dead, and then gets his second wind. There are three goblins left in the fight.

Sir Glen, playing the hero, rushes past the goblins in an attempt to cut off their retreat, then he cuts a goblin (for very little damage) and shouts at the three remaining creatures.

“Surrender to the Sun Lord, or meet your dark-death!”


What's that about?

Lappoy next strides forward, shoots a different goblin with a Fire Bolt, and then repeats Sir Glen's call for surrender, only without the religion and dark-death, and this time in the goblin tongue. Furthermore, the wizard explains, should they surrender he will allow the goblins to flee with their lives.


Watch out for Dark-Death!

The goblins however are not buying it, the first attempts to cut and run.

Oddly the dumb creature attempts to run west- through the adventurers, alas Sosspan and Wormwood bringing up the rear fill the entire passage, there's nowhere for the little bastard to go.

Sosspan hits it with a Fire Bolt, and rolls '1' damage for the third time in a row, while Wormwood fails to stab it with his spear.

A second goblin drops its bow and grabs out its scimitar, and tries to cut down the badly wounded Sir Glen, yet another miss on the paladin, however the little bastard then dodges past the paladin and rushes for a set of stairs heading up to the south.

“Stop him!” Lappoy shouts.

The second goblin follows suit...

The Unexpected have two more goblins to chase down.


Fleeing Goblins made visible by FGU magic- see below.

But the thing about the stairs that the goblins are running up is... there are no lights up here, and so Mohag and Sir Glen can't see what's going on up there. But the barbarian isn't stopping- he's raging.

But there's no target where he's swinging...

But then Sho-Rembo, smart halfling lady, grabs a torch from the wall and goes rushing to the foot of the stairs, and now the goblins can be seen.

Yor rushes on and cuts the first fleeing goblin down.

Then Sir Glen, with a sudden burst of speed, and right at the edge of the light catches up with the second fleeing goblin, and with a Crit, ends the bugger.

There's just one goblin left in the chamber, and it's surrounded.

Lappoy easily convinces the horrible little fellow to give up the fight.

Victory, and save for the counting of XP (and possibly coin) the session is at an end.


The Halfling brings a light, and saves the day.

[Lots of Goblins 800 XP]

All the PCs have enough XP for level 2, three of them (Pete's guys) have 300 XP exactly.

But the Unexpected are not going home, and they're moving quickly- clearing away the bodies while looting them, tying up their goblin prisoner and... but that's for next time.

The pot is up to £39.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers the Unexpected and goonalan.


The Unexpected in the Caves of Chaos.

Session #008: Death to the Goblins!

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Krago of the Mountains
(Pete) Male Mountain Dwarf Ranger (Folk Hero) Level 1.
Lappoy the Unexpected (Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 2.
Mohag the Wanderer (Pete) Male Human Barbarian (Outlander) Level 1.
Sho-Rembo (Dave) Female Stout Halfling Druid (Hermit) Level 1.
Sir Glen (Dave) Male Human Paladin of Lathander (Noble) Level 1.
Sosspan (Dave) Male Dragonborn Wizard (Spy) Level 1.
Yor (Pete) Male Dragonborn Fighter (Folk Hero) Level 1.

NPC's (employed by Lappoy) Absent this session?
Male Human Guard.
Scrubs Male Human Guard.

Captured by the goblins-
(Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 2.

Dead PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Day 10: Being the 10th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, just after midday.

The Unexpected are not going home, and they're moving quickly, policing up the area (and searching the place)- dragging the dead bodies of the goblins out of the way, and while this is going on Lappoy and Krago are, of course, putting the hard word on the goblin prisoner they have taken.

The badly wounded captured goblin is called Garby.

But here's the thing, there was a lot of chatter at the start of this session and for some reason Wormwood & Scrubs, Lappoy's two personal bodyguards, were no longer in the Combat Tracker on Fantasy Grounds Unity, and so... We kinda forgot all about them, so the two guards don't feature in this session.


There were seven/eight PCs and a whole host of bad guys so my/our bad but, well... mistakes get made. I was relying on Rob (playing Lappoy) to remind me, however Rob forgot all about them too.

We only remembered right at the very end, after the session had concluded, it was at that point that Pete asked Rob- “What happened to those two guards of yours?”

But briefly back to the chatter at the start of the session- Lappoy (Rob) is all for finishing off the goblins and rescuing Trebbelos. Pete, who plays Trebbelos, obviously also wants his captured PC back, but he was hedging his bets at times, trying to work whether it was worth just abandoning Trebbelos and just shipping out of the goblin's lair and get back to the Keep. After all, six of the PCs have enough XP for level two.

And level 1 is proving to be a very tough ask.

Dave, he just wanted to get his PCs back to the Keep, and get levelled up.

But Pete, the bugger, kept on swapping sides.

So, a good thirty minutes disappeared into the fundament before the session even got started.


Chatting with Garby.

Garby lets the Unexpected know... there's a chamber full of hobgoblins up the stair, that's not good, the PCs (Lappoy) have more questions regarding this, but... they're moving quickly here.


Don't go in here, the door's just to the north of Garby.

Garby is also keen for Lappoy to know that Bad Nog, an Ogre with a foul temper, lives through the northern door here.

Mohag the Wanderer finds a sack of gold hidden beneath a barrel here, the barbarian was in the process of (quietly, Lappoy's orders) pulling the place apart.

There's a lot of gold in the bag, the barbarian shares his find with his colleagues.

However, it's at this point- while Lappoy is conversing with Garby about the newly found loot that two goblin younglings start shouting and hollering at Mohag.


Here we go again, maybe.

The Unexpected react instantly, and they're a little trigger happy... seemingly, Yor fires a heavy crossbow bolt through the first goblin child while the second has its head dashed by a sling bullet (and what a shot by the way) from Sho-Rembo.

But that's not worked because just around the corner there are a bunch more goblins watching on, and very specifically watching a crossbow bolt end the youngling.

Note, Sir Glen got very upset with his companions briefly here- slaughtering goblin kids, but... then the war started.


Dead goblin kids, look away- it ain't pretty, you can see their skulls.

And just moments later...


The goblins are coming, screaming and shouting- armed with scimitars, and the book says that these fellers will give their lives to defend the lair.

So, no letting up.

Lappoy and Sosspan contrive to blast the first goblin warrior down with twin Fire Bolts, while Sir Glen wounds another. But then it starts to get busy.

Krago waves his battleaxe at a goblin warrior (= miss followed by an inspiration point = hit for '1' damage).


Did I mention that its getting busy?

Note the female goblins are supposed to be non-combatants, but- the Unexpected killed two goblin kids, so I was rolling a D6 for each on their turn, on a '6' they charge into action.

I rolled a lot of 6s.

The female goblins are unarmed and unarmoured, they're trying to either punch, scratch or else trip the PCs.

Mohag the Wanderer takes two attacks with his greataxe to take a goblin down (another inspiration point after a roll of '1' for damage).

Sho-Rembo takes yet another goblin down with a Produce Flame (the most powerful spell in D&D, or so my friend Vinnie tells me).

But remarkably the Unexpected have not taken a point of damage- so far, not one.

Note, during the fracas Sir Glen is continuing to admonish his fellow adventurers for targeting (and killing) goblin children.



That's an unarmoured, and unarmed, female goblin- the mother of one of the fallen children attempting to punch the paladin in the nuts. Oh, the moral quandary.

But then...


Lappoy drops the bomb... Thunderwave!

Before and after...


Oh, Lappoy!

He seems to always arrive at the right time- and come up with the goods, the High Master of Magics.

That changed the complexion of the encounter, but let's keep going, because the goblins keep on coming- these buggers, mostly armed with scimitars are screaming and shouting and giving their lives for the tribe.

And yet still none of the Unexpected have taken a hit.

Krago flings a handaxe and takes down another goblin.

There's a lot of giggling from the players, a nervous tension- they're doing this, or else- they think they are.

Mohag the Wanderer breaks the goblin line, smashes another one down dead and then after spending another inspiration point, badly wounds another.


The Unexpected are surging.

Yor follows the barbarian in, cuts yet another goblin down and for the first time the adventurers get a look at what's in the chamber ahead.


A bunch more goblins- but none of them look to be warriors.


Even Sho-Rembo rushes to the front with her Shillelagh and then bonks a goblin dead, the last warrior to be seen, and the other goblins in the chamber ahead seem to be fleeing.

The chase is on!

Particularly as seconds later, after a pair of Fire Bolts courtesy of Lappoy and Sosspan clear the way, Sir Glen goes charging into the goblin's main cavern, shouting some tosh about the Morning Lord and shaking his shield and longsword like a real hero.


The paladin is giving it some! But let's just take a moment- can you see the goblin on the right of this image, that's Garby, he's prone and restrained (tied up) but he's making checks (at disadvantage) every turn to attempt to escape his bonds.

But back to the action...

Seconds later Sir Glen spots a goblin archer setting up dead ahead, but then the closest very angry female goblins comes over and starts pushing and shoving him while babbling in its foul tongue.

The paladin is trying really hard not to lose his temper.

A moment later and Mohag takes care of the situation, and the scrabbling female goblin, with a swipe of his greataxe.

Sir Glen, it is noted by a number of players, doesn't complain to the hulking barbarian.

But the goblins keep on coming...


The goblins are surging!

The newly arriving goblins are better armed and armoured, the ones arriving from the west are the chief's guard (and his harem), the one that has just rushed past Sir Glen is wearing a chain shirt and wielding a scimitar. Two of the goblins to the west are similarly armoured and firing their shortbows.

The goblins heading in from the north west are armed with crossbows.

Suddenly there are a lot of missile attacks.

Although the Unexpected are still yet to take a single point of damage.

Spoke too soon, Mohag the Wanderer takes an arrow to the chest, the big barbarian is bloodied in an instant, he battles on and smashes his greataxe into one of the armoured guards- the goblin however survives the ordeal.


Yor finishes the goblin guard off, and then rushes into cover.


Getting busy, and note the chief's harem (some of them) are in a fury and armed with daggers.

Moments later the goblin chief makes its appearance, and stabs Sir Glen, that hurt, and then scurries off while ordering his warriors to redouble their attacks.

Lappoy is translating anything the goblins are shouting, particularly the leader types.

Then, after a little skirmishing and some way-off target ranged attacks from both sides, Sosspan rushes in and bathes the goblin chief and two of his harem (who are trying to stab Sir Glen) with his poison breath.

The goblin chief shoves one his guards in the way of the poisonous exhalation, but the chief's harem take the full dose, and die.

An inspiration point later and the brave dragonborn wizard steps up to the three crossbow wielding goblins in the northern corridor, and unleashes his Burning Hands (he's been saving it).

But then rolls really low for the damage.

naughty word!


Sosspan, the hero?

Sir Glen steps in, delivers a half-arsed speech about the something of the Morning Lord, and then fails to connect with the goblin boss twice in quick succession, the second attempt courtesy of his inspiration point.

Krago charges in and smashes one of the chief's guards (and rolls another '1' damage).

Mohag rushes in and finishes the guard off.

The situation is there are four goblins with crossbows, three of them are badly injured, situated in the northern passage.

While the chief and just one guard occupy the western passage.

Note there has been a bit of chatter between the two warring parties during the fracas but not much, Lappoy has been ordering the goblins to surrender, while Krago has been describing the ways he is going to kill them all (and possibly eat them).

Krago's threats are actually helping Lappoy's checks (Intimidate and Persuasion) but the High Mage is mostly rolling low.

Then Yor steps in front of his brother Sosspan and slays one of the crossbow wielding goblins- note three of these chaps have tried, and failed, to shoot Sosspan in the last turn, I think they needed to roll a '10' to hit.

Sho-Rembo finishes off another of the artillery with her Produce Flame.

Sir Glen at last manages to cut the goblin chief, but then at the last second the sneaky bastard drags the one remaining guard in front of him to take the hit.

The chief however is now calling for a parley...

But Krago's having none of it, he smashes the goblin chief with his battleaxe (but for only '4' damage, keep in mind).

The two remaining goblins with crossbows fire their weapons and flee, Yor takes a hit, although the only combatants left in the fight are the chief and his last badly wounded guard.

Seconds later Mohag steps in and buries his greataxe in the chief, and now the little bastard is squealing to be allowed to surrender.

And so...

Lappoy accepts the goblin chief's surrender, just after he Fire Bolt's the remaining goblin guard dead- with a Crit, there's always a Crit at the right time for Lappoy.

Have you noticed that.


The Unexpected FTW.

Sosspan also burns one of the fleeing crossbow wielding goblins dead with a max damage Fire Bolt.

And that's the fight over.

[Goblin chief and lots of others 1175 XP]

There is cheering.

And particularly when the Unexpected discover a badly beaten, but otherwise alive and kicking, Trebbelos in the goblin chief's chambers.

Oh, and just to note Trebbelos is now a level 2 Sorcerer, Pete is very happy about this.



The goblin chief- Bad Koff, is prisoner of the Unexpected, while Krago is taking care of the captured goblin females and the kids, because the dwarf ranger really likes goblins...

But that's all she wrote for this session.

The pot is up to £43.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers the Unexpected and goonalan.


The Unexpected in the Caves of Chaos.

Session #009: Garby & the Hobgoblins.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Krago of the Mountains
(Pete) Male Mountain Dwarf Ranger (Folk Hero) Level 1.
Lappoy the Unexpected (Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 2.
Mohag the Wanderer (Pete) Male Human Barbarian (Outlander) Level 1.
Sho-Rembo (Dave) Female Stout Halfling Druid (Hermit) Level 1.
Sir Glen (Dave) Male Human Paladin of Lathander (Noble) Level 1.
Sosspan (Dave) Male Dragonborn Wizard (Spy) Level 1.
Trebbelos (Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 2.
Yor (Pete) Male Dragonborn Fighter (Folk Hero) Level 1.

NPC's (employed by Lappoy)
Male Human Guard.
Scrubs Male Human Guard.

Dead PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Day 10: Being the 10th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, about twenty minutes tops after the last session started.

Victory for the Unexpected, oh- but have you noticed:

Lappoy is no longer in charge, it's more of a democracy, particularly as Pete (playing Krago, Mohag, Trebbelos & Yor) and Dave (playing Sho-Rembo, Sir Glen & Sosspan) are obviously mobbed up. It's remarkable how quickly Lappoy has become a bit part player in his own show.

That was unexpected, or not.

These sessions are very short, and here's the deal- one of the buggers (the players) confessed to me, the idea is to play short sessions and more often, because between sessions (I am such a kind fellow) I am oft-times minded to hand out a few inspiration points.

Inspiration points, obviously, are particularly handy in this kind of game.

But, here we go, the goblins are very mostly dead and we're situated in the lair of the goblin chief...

Bad Koff, the goblin chief, is made to point out all of the various luxuries that he has hidden about his lair- treasure.

Trebbelos is particularly unhappy with this fellow and has to be talked down by Sir Glen, prevented from blasting the goblin-bastard to hell.

Remember Trebbelos has been prisoner of the goblins for the last week or so, it has not been a pleasant sojourn.

However things are moving quickly, although not quickly enough... keep reading.

The Unexpected are very keen to get back to the Keep on the Borderlands and level up, and buy some more stuff- potions of healing are high on various PCs shopping lists.


We want to go home!

But, as stated above, they're not quick enough to get away.

The Unexpected however are positioned to watch the passages hereabouts.



A heavily armoured hobgoblin tromps around the corner, and gets shot at by Yor with his heavy crossbow- the dragonborn fighter is off target, alas.

Yor cries out a warning, and he can hear that the hobgoblin has friends- there are more of them coming.


Here we go again.

Goblin chief Bad Koff starts shouting and wailing to be heard, encouraging the hobgoblins to come and rescue him from the Unexpected. Mohag thumps the goblin chief and then slings him over his shoulder.

The Unexpected thereafter move off swiftly to investigate Yor's shouts.

Note chief Bad Koff is beyond bloodied, he has been roughly tied, he's unarmed, of course, and he's been robbed.

Yor, meantime cleverly retreats from the approaching hobgoblins, cleverly because the foremost hobgoblin comes rushing after the dragonborn and runs into him, blade in hand, just around the corner. The charging hobgoblin is bloodied in an instant.

However this is a hobgoblin patrol, and there are four of them, and so they all come rushing, alas this however necessitates them taking a double move.

Sho-Rembo hits one of the closing hobgoblins with a Produce Flame spell.


Hobgoblins, much tougher than goblins, and organised- and armed and dangerous. There's a lot of missing going on from the Unexpected.

To make matters worse Bad Koff, the goblin chief, manages somehow to wrestle himself free of Mohag's grip, and goes running off still screaming to be rescued.

Note Bad Koff's hands are tied but not his feet.

Lappoy meantime blasts an approaching hobgoblin with a Fire Bolt (and for max damage) but the creature doesn't fall (and it was already wounded by Sho-Rembo).

They're tough.

The Unexpected are starting to have doubts.

The agreed tactic therefore is- kill the hobgoblins but at the same time, if possible, retreat out of the cavern.

In short- survive.

Mohag smashes the badly wounded hobgoblin down with his greataxe, max damage again- shame the big humanoid only had one hit point left.

But, then Sir Glen cuts a second hobgoblin brute down and the remainder of the patrol look a little more panicked.


Note Sir Glen is standing on the body of the second fallen hobgoblin, also note chief Bad Koff is on the run.

Lappoy orders his guards (Wormwood & Scrubs) to fling their spare spears at the fleeing goblin chief, Scrubs hits with a Crit, but still the goblin is screaming, and running on.


Seconds later Sho-Rembo hits the nasty bastard with a Produce Flame, and... Bad Koff is no more.

But then one of the remaining hobgoblins in the patrol is off and running too- back the way he came, and screaming for reinforcements (Lappoy tells his friends) and very clearly it's time for the Unexpected to leave.

Lappoy blasts the last hobgoblin in the fight, a difficult shot with his Fire Bolt, thank the gods he rolled a Crit, and yet the creature survives.


Lappoy is heading for the exit, but hang on... where's Garby, the goblin they captured earlier, he was left tied up and... the High Magicker spots a loop of rope abandoned on the floor, and starts screaming to his colleagues.

“Retreat! Get out of here, NOW!”

Mohag hits and Crits the last member of the hobgoblin patrol, and that's the end of him.

[Hobgoblins- better fled than dead 300 XP]

The Unexpected ship out as fast as they can, except for Krago- who hangs around a little while to empty the pockets of the fallen foes, he finds a total of 10gp, so that was well worth it.


The Unexpected are making for the exit.

But suddenly...


There's another armoured hobgoblin patrol coming rushing towards the party from the opposite direction, the Unexpected are going to have to fight their way out.

There are fewer groans than I expected around the VTT, they're getting confident.

Sho-Rembo hits the nearest hobgoblin with her sling, Sosspan also clips the terror with a Fire Bolt, but still the brute comes charging.

And then Garby the goblin comes rushing into sight, screaming and pointing in the Unexpected's direction.

“Get the bastards!”

The hobgoblins definitely don't look happy about being given orders by a goblin, but... here they come.


Another hobgoblin patrol, these guys are armed and dangerous.

But just to say that so far this session the Unexpected have not taken a single point of damage yet.

Yor stabs a hobgoblin with his longsword, Sir Glen misses the same foul fellow, and then again with his inspiration point.


But then...

Another hobgoblin skids to a halt, longbow in hand and sinks an arrow into Sir Glen's gut (for fifteen damage, Martial Advantage rocks), the paladin of the Morning Lord falls, and he's down and dying.

The players are suddenly a lot more concerned.

Sho-Rembo kills the badly wounded hobgoblin with yet another Produce Flame.

Sosspan slams a Fire Bolt into the hobgoblin archer, for max damage again, but the tough bastard survives.


Trebbelos, now he's second level, has a spell left- Burning Hands! He's playing the hero here.

The flame is enough to end one of the hobgoblins and singe the others, the dragonborn sorcerer burns his inspiration point to run away into cover.

Sir Glen makes his first Death Save, he makes it with a '20'.

There is giggling.

The paladin staggers back to his feet, clutching at his side (briefly), and then stabs the nearest hobgoblin in the shoulder, seconds later Scrubs (as ordered by Lappoy) stabs the big goblin brute down (and with yet another Crit).

Sho-Rembo swirls another sling stone into the closest hobgoblin and now this fellow is also suffering, and staggering.

Krago rushes in and smashes the hobgoblin in the face with his battleaxe- dead.

Then Unexpected are kicking arse here.


Just one hobgoblin and Garby left in the fight.

Garby is looking particularly green, the goblin is terrified.

The last hobgoblin standing fails to fire an arrow into Krago and so departs at speed, back the way it came, screaming and shouting as it flees.

“Intruders! Intruders! To arms!”

In goblin, remember Lappoy is translating for his colleagues.

Sosspan rushes in and attempts to grab hold of Garby, but that doesn't work- the ex-prisoner escapes the dragonborn sorcerer's clutches and then rushes off screaming, and boy is the little feller quick.


Mohag and Yor go chasing off after the last member of the hobgoblin patrol, and Garby.

Sho-Rembo, with an inspiration point, swirls again and DING! Yet another hit with her sling.

The last hobgoblin skids to a halt, it can't escape, and so attempts to stab Yor dead, not a chance, the brute orders Garby to flee and spread the word.

Garby does as he's told, he flees, and he's quickly out of sight, although the Unexpected can still hear the little bastard screaming in terror.

Trebbelos hits the last hobgoblin standing with a Ray of Frost, it survives, but only just.

Mohag smashes it down dead.

“Flee!” Is the order from Lappoy, although its not an order its a consensus.

The Unexpected scarper.

[More hobgoblins die 500 XP]

And I'd love to tell you that the Unexpected make it all the way back to the Keep on the Borderlands without a random encounter, but...

But, the encounter rolled is with a patrol of guards returning to the Keep, who- after Lappoy and a few others have a chat, and a few coins exchange hands, are happy to accompany the adventurers home.

There is an awful lot of cheering.

Silly old buggers (I include myself in this, of course).

The Unexpected get back to the Keep on the Borderlands, and rest, and relax, and level up, and sell and buy a variety of stuff.


But that's all she wrote for this session.

The pot is up to £47.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers the Unexpected and goonalan.


The Unexpected in the Caves of Chaos.

Session #0010: Downtime with 2/3rds of the Unexpected.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Krago of the Mountains
(Pete) Male Mountain Dwarf Ranger (Folk Hero) Level 2.
Lappoy the Unexpected (Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 3.
Mohag the Wanderer (Pete) Male Human Barbarian (Outlander) Level 2.
Sho-Rembo (Dave) Female Stout Halfling Druid (Hermit) Level 2.
Sir Glen (Dave) Male Human Paladin of Lathander (Noble) Level 2.
Sosspan (Dave) Male Dragonborn Wizard (Spy) Level 2.
Trebbelos (Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 2.
Yor (Pete) Male Dragonborn Fighter (Folk Hero) Level 2.

NPC's (employed by Lappoy)
Male Human Guard.
Scrubs Male Human Guard.

Dead PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Although there are no pictures in this one.

Day 17: Being the 17th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons.

The Unexpected are ready to head out to adventure again, check the date above, after returning from their previous raid on the Caves of Chaos they have spent another six days in the Keep, with a lot of R&R.

So, what have they been doing?

Mostly levelling up, selling/buying stuff, chatting, entertaining the locals and... last but by no means least, getting a contract from the Guild of Merchants here. But, we'll get to that.

The first two days, after the rescue of Trebbelos and the goblin slaughter, are spent in the Traveller's Rest. The Unexpected contrive to put some money behind the bar of the inn, the subject of their generosity (apart from themselves) is Cpl Bamf Grubbins, he's the guy that was in charge of the patrol that the PCs bumped into on their way back to the Keep. Cpl Grubbins, and all of his colleagues, are made to feel most welcome at the Rest.

The Unexpected however are not entirely indulgent, or else idle, they're also in the mood to hoover up a few more insights and rumours from the patrol, and from the inhabitants of the Keep at large.

The new list of what's known reads a lot like this-

(1) A merchant, imprisoned within the caves, will reward his rescuers. VERY INTERESTING.
(2) A powerful wizard will destroy all cave invaders. UNTRUE.
(3) Tribes of different creatures live in different caves. CHECK.
(5) A magic wand was lost in the caves. INTERESTING.
(6) All of the cave entrances are trapped. UNTRUE.
(7) If you get lost, beware the eater of men! INTERESTING.
(8) Altars are very dangerous. INTERESTING.
(9) A fair maiden is imprisoned within the caves. INTERESTING.
(10) “Bree-yark!” is goblin for 'we surrender'. UNTRUE.
(12) The big dog-men (GNOLLS?) live very high in the caves. INTERESTING.
(13) There are hordes of tiny dragon-men in the lower caves. KOBOLDS- KILLED.
(14) Piles of magic armour are hoarded in the southern caves. INTERESTING.
(15) The bugbears in the caves are afraid of dwarves. INTERESTING.
(16) Lizardmen live in the marshes. INTERESTING.
(17) An elf once disappeared across the marshes. INTERESTING.
(19) Nobody has ever returned from an expedition to the caves. UNTIL NOW.
(20) There is more than one tribe of ores within the caves. INTERESTING.

So, as stated previously, there are twenty rumours to collect, and already the PCs have tracked down all but three of them, now they're getting places. It seems the secret to success is to spend time and money in the bar, who would have thought it.

The Unexpected, all of them, also get rooms at the Rest, they're living the high life, particularly after they sell the treasures they looted from goblin chief Bad Koff's lair, the haul, after payment of taxes-

A very large and remarkably good-looking tapestry with gold and silver thread showing a squat looking tower on a bluff within a forest at sunrise, sold for 756gp

A very nice silver cup, sold for 65gp

And a hefty swatch of silk, obviously stolen from a merchant's caravan, sold for 97gp

Total = 918gp, that's over 100gp each.

The next port of call, of course, is the shops, but that requires repeat visits over several days as there are only a limited number of healing potions for sale in the Keep. Although clearly there are more being manufactured each day. Basically the Unexpected have to hang around for another five or so days just so that they can get all of the healing potions that they want/need (which is two each, all the DM will allow them).

Lappoy has already been for a visit with anyone and everyone within the Keep, and so now the rest of the Unexpected have done so too, and have made a few more friends, and... made a few more purchases.
They've also spoken at length with Cpl Grubbins about the first rumour on the list above-

(1) A merchant, imprisoned within the caves, will reward his rescuers. VERY INTERESTING.

And after a few introductions they have been welcomed into the Guildhall and given a contract.

Jarvis Scutbuttle and his wife Llona, and their entire caravan/entourage en route to the Keep was attacked and, the authorities at first believed- destroyed, this happened about three tendays past. The attack was likely the work of goblins, although the attackers seemed to have been very organized. Llona Scutbuttle is the sister of Lhodis, the jewel and gem merchant at the Keep.

Then, about a tenday ago another caravan heading to the Keep discovered the body of a dead caravan guard- positioned in the middle of the road, clearly someone wanted the corpse to be noticed.

Pinned to the body of the dead caravan guard was a badly written note, stating in broken common that someone called Grelzenod the Render had taken Jarvis and Llona prisoner, and that a ransom should be paid for their release without harm.

The ransom was duly paid, by an intermediary, that was five days ago.

But, then... nothing.

That is until another guard patrol found the body of the intermediary, a local ranger, in the same position as the last body, in the middle of the road, and with yet another note demanding more money for Jarvis and Llona. This event happened yesterday.

The Guild therefore would like to hire the Unexpected to rescue the missing merchant and his wife, and any other survivors from the trade caravan.

What's more the Guild has learnt that Grelzenod the Render is the hobgoblin chief of a tribe calling themselves the Flesh Renders, they're laired somewhere in the Caves of Chaos.

The Unexpected no where, of course.

The Guild will pay the Unexpected 100gp for the return of the merchant and his wife, and will furthermore grant the adventuring party the right to sell and buy within the Keep, for one year, without paying taxes.

Just to remind you the tax is 5% on everything bought or sold.

Success, and the Guild may also have other work for the Unexpected.

The PCs take the deal, there is much rejoicing, and on the 17th of Mirtul, as above, the Unexpected hit the road again.

Note Rob, who plays Lappoy, wasn't present for this session. He had a session on his own to look around the Keep, and so Pete and Dave wanted the same consideration.

But that's all she wrote for this one.

The pot is up to £50.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers the Unexpected and goonalan.


The Unexpected in the Caves of Chaos.

Session #0011: The Scutbuttle Rescue.

PCs (in alphabetical order)
Krago of the Mountains
(Pete) Male Mountain Dwarf Ranger (Folk Hero) Level 2.
Lappoy the Unexpected (Rob) Male High Elf Wizard (Sage) Level 3.
Mohag the Wanderer (Pete) Male Human Barbarian (Outlander) Level 2.
Sho-Rembo (Dave) Female Stout Halfling Druid (Hermit) Level 2.
Sir Glen (Dave) Male Human Paladin of Lathander (Noble) Level 2.
Sosspan (Dave) Male Dragonborn Wizard (Spy) Level 2.
Trebbelos (Pete) Male Tiefling Sorcerer (Charlatan) Level 2.
Yor (Pete) Male Dragonborn Fighter (Folk Hero) Level 2.

NPC's (employed by Lappoy)
Male Human Guard.
Scrubs Male Human Guard.

Dead PCs (in alphabetical order)
Afton Barr
(played Dave) Male Half-Elf Bard (Entertainer) Level 1.
Estra Zo (Pete) Female Wood Gnome Rogue (Urchin) Level 1.
Farned of the Leaf Lord (Dave) Male Wild Elf Cleric of Rillifane Rallithil (Acolyte) Level 1.
Tassit (played by Dave) Female Human Monk (Hermit) Level 1.
The Mystical One (played by Pete) Female Human Warlock (Outlander) Level 1.

Note, you can click on the pictures here to make them bigger (if you didn't know this already).

Day 17: Being the 17th Day of Mirtul, in the year 1493 by Dale Reckoning, known as the Year of the Purple Dragons, about 10-ish.

The Unexpected, all present, head out of the Keep and once again, miraculously undisturbed, they make their way back to the Caves of Chaos.

They're after the hobgoblins this time, and their chief Grelzenod the Render, they're going to take down the bastard and rescue Jarvis Scutbuttle and his wife Llona, and any other survivors of the merchant's caravan.

They're confident this session, up for it even, but just to note- this is a long session, I forced the issue, and once we got into combat/initiative- well, we just didn't stop. Although we ran out of time in the end.

I was trying to get the guys to play fewer, and longer, sessions... kinda backfired on me, but you'll see.

And so this is how it goes down, after observing the wooded area for a while the Unexpected sneak back in to the goblin cavern, after first cautiously checking that the place is deserted- it is, however the bodies of the fallen have all gone.


There's a plan.

The Unexpected creep all the way through the goblin's lair, heading west- they know there's a door into the hobgoblin lair up the stairs to the east, but they don't know how the hobgoblins entered the goblin lair from the west.

They're therefore keen to find out.

They're also wary of the door to the east, the thinking is- a door can be locked, or bolted, or trapped, and very well defended. Worse still, all four of these defences could be in place.

Note, there's also an external door into the hobgoblin lair, back out in the Caves of Chaos, but the Unexpected either forgot about this, or else, well... dismissed it.

So, here we are- back in the goblin's former lair.

The Unexpected creep, as quietly as they can, past the door that leads to the lair of the ogre, Bad Nog, they don't want to fight this guy... not yet.

But here's the thing that they don't know.

There was a goblin watching the way into the lair, a solitary (and forlorn) goblin. His name is Garby, and he spotted the Unexpected, and with a '19' on his stealth, well... he crept off to tell his friends.

Garby was the Unexpected's former prisoner too, he doesn't like them.

The Unexpected make it all the way through the abandoned goblin lair, into... a storeroom.

Over the far side of the storeroom is an open stone passage leading into... well, best guess, the hobgoblin's lair.


Everything is going to plan.



That's when it all goes to naughty word.

The hobgoblins have hired a new guard for the back door to their lair, and Garby has done a great job, the new guard is therefore hiding and waiting for the Unexpected.

Bad Nog, the ogre, charges out from behind a stack of crates and brains Krago of the Mountains with his greatclub, the dwarven ranger is suddenly fifteen hit points lighter.

Bad Nog is the hobgoblin's new door guard, and that's not ideal.


That hurt.

There is screaming, some of it directed at yours truly.

More remarkably Bad Nog rolled a '20' for his initiative (he also rolled a '19' for his stealth check), so... here he goes again.

Thank Moradin his next attack roll is a '2'.

Mohag rages and rushes to attack, the barbarian buries his greataxe in the ogre.

Sir Glen dashes in with a Cure Wounds for Krago, and then with an inspiration point the paladin fails in his attempt to slice Bad Nog.

An arrow shatters on the paladin's shield, and although he can't see it, Krago lets Glen know- there's a hobgoblin archer down the western hallway, and he wasn't there before, and sure enough while the pair peer into the gloom the hobgoblin artillery retreats back out of sight.

“It's a trap!” Krago yells, and lets the rest of the Unexpected know.

It is a trap, well done young Dwarf, and so here it goes...

Lappoy however is keen to make a stand, he finds cover and fires a pair of Scorching Rays into the snarling Bad Nog. Wormwood rushes over to guard his Master, and after an order from the High Magicker launches a spear into Bad Nog.

Bad Nog is bloodied, and he's not happy about it.

“We can do this!” Lappoy exhorts, he's trying for the popularity vote these days.

Sho-Rembo has a surprise in store, the halfling druid scurries around to the rear of Bad Nog, and...


Dire Wolf!

Sho-Rembo is a moon druid, remember.

Sho-D-Wolf savages Bad Nog a little, the ogre is now way beyond bloodied.

But then a pair of heavily armoured hobgoblins brandishing longswords come rushing down the passageway and straight into the melee.

Krago applies his Hunter's Mark to Bad Nog and then blats the ogre with his battleaxe, and a Crit, the ogre is broken- almost spent, swaying and looking for somewhere to fall.

The dwarven ranger therefore spends an inspiration point to try that again, and another hit, and Bad Nog concertinas.

The ogre is dead, and the Unexpected are kicking ass!

[Death to Bad Nog 450 XP]


Don't mess with Krago.

Yor rushes in and bathes the two armoured hobgoblins in his poisonous breath.

Mohag, with a raging reckless attack (and an inspiration point) smashes one of the armoured hobgoblins down.

Sir Glen, accounts for the second with his longsword.

This is going incredibly well, for the Unexpected.

They're dice are (semi) on fire.

The bastards.

Also my trap is falling apart because the PCs have got lots of high initiative rolls, and... they're rolling really high for their hits, and Crits.


I think I've said this already.

The hobgoblin archer keeps on firing, and keeps on missing.

Then Sho-D-Wolf rushes into action.


This could get messy.


Lappoy, and Krago, can hear a hobgoblin ahead giving (shouting) orders, a boss, if not the boss- is this Grelzenod the Render? Have they found the big bad villain already?


The hobgoblins start cutting up Sho-D-Wolf.

Mohag darts past the massive vulpine, but then fails to bury his greataxe in the hobgoblin archer, his enemy drops his bow, grabs out his longsword and stabs the barbarian, but its only a nick.

Lappoy follows Mohag in- he's really playing the hero, and Shocking Grasps the hobgoblin archer. Damn! It survives.

Sir Glen meanwhile Blesses himself, Sho-D-Wolf & Mohag.

Sho-D-Wolf bites and crushes a hobgoblin's head.


But, yet another armoured hobgoblin steps in to the fray and slices the wildshaped druid.

Mohag finishes the hobgoblin archer off, but no-one is going anywhere as Sho-D-Wolf is being kept at bay by a solid line of longsword wielding hobgoblins.

Basically the fight is stuck in a ten foot wide corridor, and Sho-D-Wolf is the front line, and she's not rolling high.

[Death to the hobgoblin archer 100 XP]

Lappoy hits one of the front line hobgoblins with a Fire Bolt, and that's enough, it drops- Mohag dodges in and flattens yet another hobgoblin, opening a spot for Sir Glen to follow suit, although the paladin is way off target with his longsword swipe.


The Unexpected are surging!

But there are plenty more enemies ahead, a greataxe wielding hobgoblin steps in and Crits Sir Glen, and the paladin is down, seconds later another yet hobgoblin advances and slices Sho-D-Wolf, the wildshaped druid is already bloodied and beyond.


It's a bloody war.

Sho-Rembo returns to her halfling form, and then grabs and feeds a potion of healing into Sir Glen, the sprawled paladin having made, and passed, two death saves so far.

Note we spent a few rounds here, what with both front lines having high ACs, and with the Fire Bolt flingers struggling to get clear shots.

But then the bad thing happens, the Unexpected surge forward again, and Yor is suddenly through the knot of hobgoblins that block the passage, but what's this...

A slim platemail wearing and longsword wielding hobgoblin steps out of the chamber ahead, strides forward with purpose, and cuts the dragonborn down- dead.

As in dead, not unconscious- that was Crit with lots of martial advantage for... just short of 40 damage.

“The dragonborn is dead.”

The hobgoblin leader states, loud enough to be heard by the rest of the Unexpected- and in the common tongue, and then as calm as you like Grelzenod the Render, strides back the way he came.

Although, keep in mind the PCs are not certain that this Grelzenod, they think it is.

I'm saying nothing in game.


The Unexpected, or else the players, are really starting to fret.

Mohag keeps swinging and missing.

Sir Glen gets to his feet, sinks another potion of healing, and then while singing a prayer to the Morning Lord (and with an inspiration point) he steps back into the fray and cuts yet another hobgoblin down.

Lappoy hits another with a Fire Bolt, and then Trebbelos fills the corridor ahead with a Colour Spray, and blinds all three of the hobgoblins blocking the Unexpected's path.

Good result.

But still the adventurers don't have things go all their own way, even the blind hobgoblins are swinging and hitting Mohag, but the barbarian is soaking up the damage, and still raging (but only just, he has just two turns left).

Krago smashes down one of the blind hobgoblins.

Sosspan rushes to the side of his fallen brother, and unleashes a Thunderwave that decimates the hobgoblin front line, and then for good measure (with an inspiration point) exhales his poisonous breath weapon leaving the last two hobgoblins in the passage badly wounded and retching, and gagging.


Get 'em.

And very suddenly Grelzenod the Render has to make tracks, the platemail wearing hobgoblin retreats further into the complex, the hobgoblin front line has fallen apart, he needs reinforcements fast.

I'm trying to play the hobgoblins as being tactically astute here, but always looking to go forward. In truth Garby the goblin, remember him, well his task is to go and get the rest of the hobgoblin lair roused and ready for the fight.

So, the hobgoblins are trying to slow the Unexpected, or else bottle-neck them, for a variety or reasons- narrow corridors etc. but also because a bunch of hobgoblins, in the furthest part of the lair, well their job is to pass through the goblin lair and attack the Unexpected from the rear.

So, while the fighting here is going on- Garby is rushing through the lair, rousing the troops- sending them to the front line etc.

Mohag smashes yet another hobgoblin down, and then urges his comrades on, there's only one enemy still in sight.

And then there isn't.

Lappoy, of course, and with another Crit, Fire Bolts the last armoured hobgoblin defender dead.

The Unexpected are through the bottle-neck.


The Unexpected enter the hobgoblin chief's rooms (they figure)- but they're deserted, and they very quickly figure out that Grelzenod (they think) is getting away- also, there are no prisoners here.

The decision is... keep on going, press on deeper into the lair, the Unexpected are winning after all.

Sosspan however isn't stopping at all, the dragonborn wants Grelzenod dead (“he killed my brother! I'll make him PAY!”), and so he spends his last inspiration point to move again, and... here he is!


Sosspan's revenge? Or is he about to join his brother?

Keep in mind Sosspan is a dragonborn wizard, with an AC of maybe 14 with his Mage Armour, although Dave is RPing the heck out of him atm.

Grelzenod is however happy to fight the newly revealed dragonborn, and with a miss followed by a Crit, Sosspan is very bloodied, but still ranting.

The hobgoblin chief ignores the dragonborn's threats, and his flailing stave, and continues to retreat, screaming for his hobgoblin warriors to come and join him in the fight.

And so for a brief while it's a foot race through the lair, but here's the thing- the Unexpected start hearing the echo of other hobgoblin voices answering the call, they figure they're going to be back to fighting again very soon.


Trebbelos catches up with the action, courtesy of an inspiration point, but he's off target with his Ray of Frost.

Sho-Rembo wildshapes into a giant goat, and the druid is also off in hot pursuit.

Note Sho-G-Goat doesn't make much of a mark on the action, and once again we're soon in narrow corridors here; Sho-G-Goat like Sho-D-Wolf just takes up too much room.


Sosspan, still making threats, fires a trio of Magic Missiles into Grelzenod.

But that's not enough, the hobgoblin chief returns the favour and cuts down the demented Sosspan, and then for good measure stabs him again (one, or was it two, auto death save failure/s).


Sosspan is about to bleed out, maybe...

Mohag (no-longer raging) gets to the dragonborn wizard and feeds him a potion of healing, and then turns back to the fight and starts his second, and last, rage...

Sir Glen makes it to the spot and forms a wall with the barbarian, and there are more hobgoblins now rushing to the fight.

Round two- DING DING!

Just to note, we're still in initiative here, even for the chase.

Lappoy arrives and fires three more Magic Missiles into Grelzenod, the Unexpected are very keen to put this bastard down.

Trebbelos fires a Ray of Frost into the hobgoblin chief, and its a Crit.

Moments later Sosspan staggers to his feet and fires yet another trio of Magic Missiles into Grelzenod, his last spell, the hobgoblin boss is critically wounded, but still it's not enough.

The hobgoblin chief staggers around the corner- still shouting for reinforcements, and he's back out of sight.


Grelzenod's still going.

Lappoy Fire Bolts yet another hobgoblin dead.

But the hobgoblins keep on coming and the passage is blocked again and we're back to fighting- toe-to-toe.

Two more hobgoblins fall in quick(-ish) order, but then Krago gets badly sliced, and Sir Glen stabbed again.

And finally, after a lot of rolls and not many hits, Sir Glen cuts the last of the hobgoblins down, and we've been in combat for 25 turns now, and what's that just around the corner- yet another wall of fresh hobgoblins.

The Unexpected are not giving up, nor are they taking a breather- they rush on.


This is hard work.

Then, all is chaos- it goes back and forth, and there's lots more rolling and missing going on.

Mohag gets shot, the barbarian is about to fall.

Lappoy fires three Scorching Blasts (he's been saving it- and all three hits) into the hobgoblin wall of steel, one of the bastards falls, while a second is left critically wounded, the wizard scurries forward and with his last inspiration point forces a potion of healing into the staggering Mohag.

But then...


Wormwood, one of Lappoy's guards, gets cut down- dead.

But I'll be honest, no-one bats an eye-lid about poor dumb Wormwood.

Lappoy's not giving up, the high elf wizard Shocking Grasps yet another hobgoblin dead, and then dodges back to safety.

Trebbelos dances forward and fills the corridor ahead with flame, alas two of the three hobgoblins there survive the spell.

Then spotted just around the corner, there's a new tough looking hefty hobgoblin bugger, armed with a longsword and whip. This fellow is also giving orders.

Which one is Grelzenod?

The platemail hobgoblin or the fellow with the whip and sword?

Trebbloe uses his Sorcery Points to instantly get a spell slot back, and then spends his last inspiration point (the last inspiration point for the party) to spam the Burning Hands button again.

Alas both enemies survive the second conflagration.


This is going to the wire.

The hobgoblin boss with the whip and sword slashes Krago, and the dwarf is very suddenly down to just one hit point, but that's his concern as the Unexpected are intent on pressing forward.

Thankfully, moments later, Sosspan gets to Krago with a healing potion.

The Unexpected are working very well together.

Mohag slashes hard with his greataxe and puts the whip and sword wielding hobgoblin boss down, hurrah!

But ahead- there's the platemail wearing hobgoblin boss the Unexpected have been chasing, and yet another whip and longsword armed hobgoblin.

Note, at this point the Unexpected figure for certain (they think) that the hobgoblin they have been chasing the longest- the nasty fellow that slew Yor, he's Grelzenod- he's the one that's going to pay!

And they're right, of course.


This is the end...

The barbarian runs screaming at the chief...

And is intercepted by the second whip and sword wielding hobgoblin, who Crits Mohag with his blade.

Mohag staggers back, he's very poorly.

Sir Glen dodges through the fight, ever the hero, and pumps all of his Lay on Hands into the barbarian.

Lappoy dodges in...

And unleashes his very last spell, a Thunderwave.

Both boss hobgoblins make their saves, and the High Magicker rolls a total of '4' Thunder damage, so that's just two points of damage each- there is screaming.

Not good screaming, mainly Dave and Pete screaming at Rob (Lappoy).


Oh naughty word!


Sho-Rembo, back in halfling form- she didn't land a single hit as Sho-G-Goat, dodges through the crowd of bodies in the corridor until she stands before Grelzenod, and then with her Shillelagh, and a natural '20', she ends the bastard.

But here's the thing...


More hobgoblins come rushing towards the fight.

Now in the book it says when Grelzenod gets dead then the hobgoblins get deterred, well... I'm not having that, I have a boss hobgoblin in play- the guy with the whip and sword, and so we're going on...

Remember I was telling you about Garby the goblin's job, he was going room to room all the way through the hobgoblin lair- sounding the alarm. Also, the hobgoblins in the furthest chamber from where the PCs entered the lair, well- as stated previously they've circled around to attack the PCs from the rear.

And here they are- at last.

So, an Unexpected sandwich...

We're going on- it has taken me an age to get the last of my hobgoblins in position, I'm not giving up yet.

Back to the action...

Sho-Rembo, same deal- Shillelagh, followed by a natural '20', only this time the whip and sword wielding sub-chief doesn't fall.


More hobgoblins arriving.

But that, can you believe it, is where we have to leave it.

[Lots of Hobgoblins 1100 XP]

Just to let you know, we were in on FGU at 9 AM for this session, although we didn't get playing until maybe 9.30. We got done playing at just short of 2 PM, but there were plenty of breaks in there, and we're not known for our speedy play.

I think at the end we were on the 36th turn on the combat tracker, although a number of these involved the Unexpected charging forwards while Grelzenod retreated, until the hobgoblin reinforcements caught up with their chief.

So, it wasn't all fighting- just 90% of it.

Also note there's a chunk more XP coming the PCs way when this fight gets finished, lastly a bunch of the PCs have earned inspiration points in this session- so, they're going to get some advantage from these.


I may have mentioned this fact before.

The pot is up to £54.

Stay safe and well you lovely people.

Toodles for a bit.

Cheers the Unexpected and goonalan.

Nice fight :)

But in service of the great god Pedantry, I feel I should point out that Sho-D-Wolf wouldn't be "vulpine" that would be a Dire Fox ... [insert joke about Laurence/Liam/Charles according to taste].

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