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D&D 5E [D&D 5e] Planescape- In Through the Out Door (Full)


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Picayune and Eurid are definitely in the same alley, sure. What I wasn't clear about is whether Picayune and Eurid were in the same alley as the rest of us, as opposed to some cool-kid alley that the newbies haven't found out about yet.

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I think you were a victim of my ninja edit, Pembinasa. I was on track with what you were asking, but when I realized my phrasing didn't reflect my intent, I edited my post above for clarity. Sorry about that.

Recap: I'm not sure whether Graydon is in the same alley as Eurid and Picayune (and Shard?). I'd rather thought so. I imagine we can be in any alley we want. [MENTION=6781406]Unsung[/MENTION]?


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Ah, I see what you mean. I'd been thinking it might be otherwise, due to the OOC comments; that whole 'bail out the Clueless' thing suggested to me that Eurid would be acting as an outside solution to something- hence, outside the alley where whatever problem-to-be-solved is happening! Would rather check than accidentally metagame.


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I have no standing assumptions. If you want to be in the same alley, then bam! There you are. That's the power of imagination.

Having said so, it's probably simpler if you're all in the same alley at this point, but if there's some particular reason you'd rather not be (like Drone), I can work that in. Circumstances will conspire to push you all together soon enough, I'm sure. I'll provide that push...eventually.

I wanted to give you all a chance to get acquainted in-character, to react to each other as much as your environment. We're not waiting on Queenie and Fenris particularly. I'd like to get them in on the ground floor here, but it's not necessary. One of the benefits of Sigil is that the portals provide an easy source of sudden, unexplained entrances. Case in point: Shard just walked out of a wall in a flash of light.

Meanwhile, Eurid seems to be having a conversation with a copper urn. Things are happening.

Also, a note to all: I also don't mind holding these OOC conversations openly in the story thread. I know some GMs and players don't like it-- so if you don't, please say so-- but I think the game works as a conversation, meaning table talk is definitely part of that.


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We are here! I think Fenris wanted to make a little entrance but don't let us hold you up, we'll be trotting along shortly :)


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Worth it. :D

I don't want to rush party integration, because frankly this is one of the parts I enjoy the most. But I will do my DMly duty, and start baiting my hooks.

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