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D&D and the rising pandemic

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I really think long-internalized Japanese customs involving mask wearing for health reasons- and other cultural factors- are major reasons why Japan avoided an Italian-style covidpocalypse.

I think that's a large reason.

Gonna get shot online if you bring up cultural factors though. NZs more egalitarian than UK/USA. Prime Minister is the rugby team captain and she sold it as a team effort evoking the war years. Country fell in line in about 4 days.


Without even infecting them!

Hey, people in charge of handling these crises are often not much more qualified to handle this than I am.

Well for some if them you could replace with a brick and get better results.

The brick would sit there and do nothing. That's an improvement over some nation's.


The most amazing thing about covid-19 is that it has magically transformed everyone into epidemiologists.



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So it looks like more of Covid-19’s symptoms and deadlier effects are linked to excessive clotting.

They still don’t know why the virus causes clots, and the article points out that sometimes- as in the case of Nick Cordero- the blood thinners used to treat the clotting result in terrible side effects.


Active cases in Canada peaked on May 30th at 35 000. They have now dropped to 33 600.

Yesterday saw the first day where resolved cases were greater than new cases. 1050 resolved cases vs 700 new cases.

The Rt value has been under 1 for 2 weeks now. The epidemiologists have said that if it stays under 1 for 1 more week it is a sign that the reopening strategy is sound.


Waiting confirmation but it looks like our last case has recovered.

Feb 28th-June 8th. Now we find out if we missed any or if it can recur now it's officially winter/flu season.

Alert level 1 announcement in 3 hours. Social distancing has collapsed anyway. Protests kinda killed it off.


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Looks like my own is officially at 102 deaths out of 821 cases & 169 hospitalizations to date. Datas a couple of days old.
Are they only testing sick people in hospital?

We had 22 deaths out of 1500 cases and they tested around 270k over 5% of the population. That's around 1.5% death rate mostly over 70 with youngest death at 62.


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Are they only testing sick people in hospital?

Without digging further & then worrying about things I can't really control I couldn't tell you.
Supposedly here in Ohio we were/are doing quite well. I presume that this is due in part to 1) being one of the states that did a good job of shutting things down fairly early & fairly completely (we're no NZ, but vs the rest of the USA....), 2) spinning the data in whatever ways seems most advantageous. They have said that state-wise testing is not where they'd like it to be.

I do think that our re-opening plan was a bit soon , a bit haphazard, & with vague wordings.
For example: They opened things up before figuring out important details concerning things like day care. Strikes me that if you're going to send everyone back to work you should have a plan for what they're supposed to do with their kids 1st.....
And then there's the idiocy of getting a haircut. One week, early in the opening, hospitals were allowed to start preforming elective surgeries again. When the Governor was asked about things like Barbershops the reply was that they were still looking at how to do that safely. :/ Yes, you could go get cut open in a facility where your Covid odds are guaranteed to be dramatically higher - even if we really are doing better than others - for non-essential reasons. But you couldn't get a haircut.
Everyones like; The answers you wrap your barber in mask/gloves/gown/constant cleaning & hand washing/limit # of people in the shop at any given time, etc, wear a mask yourself, & touch as few surfaces as possible....
Several weeks later? Guess what the official answer was?

And here we are in early June & we have assorted groups starting to sue over the various re-opening details.

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