D&D 5E D&D Beyond Offers A Free Baldur's Gate Gazetteer


In Baldur’s Gate, thievery, blackmail, and illegal trade runs rampant. Now you can journey to this dangerous city of the Sword Coast with the Baldur’s Gate Gazetteer. Learn about each of the city’s districts and key locations and people, and unlock backgrounds for your next Baldurian character!

The Gazetter includes:
  • History of Baldur's Gate
  • Baldur's Gate Today
  • Government
  • Citizenry
  • Economy and Trade
  • Religion
  • Dangers in Baldur's Gate
  • City Landmarks
  • Upper City
  • Lower City
  • Outer City
  • Beyond Baldur's Gate
  • Baldur's Gate Character Backgrounds
  • Dark Secrets
The Gazetteer is quite sizable, and mainly lore-based, with two new NPC stat blocks (Nine-Fingers Keene, and Rilasa Real), some random encounter tables, and information on how the regular D&D character backgrounds fit in. There's also a new background, the Faceless. Finally there are some rules about 'Dark Secrets' which are a background element which the party shares.


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Nice! I was hoping they would do that like they did with the Waterdeep gazetteer from Dragon Heist.
If I recall, they released the Waterdeep gazetteer chapter as an Extra Life charity tie-in at one point, so that may be part of why they haven't done so, at least presently - can't exactly sell it to raise money for charity if you're giving it away for free.

But assuming this isn't just a one off due to BG3 raising interest in the locale, I wouldn't be surprised if they start doing more of this going forward. It isn't the first time, either. They released the city gazetteer for Radiant Citadel as a free preview chapter as well.
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Could we see any time in the furure in D&DBeyond titles based in no TRPGs? For example about Runeterra(League of Legends), and Yordles as PC specie.


This may be the most low effort marketing tie-in I have ever seen. It's the BG chapter of Avernus, with, like, 2 extra NPCs. It is wierd that people are cheering about this.

A D&D game is going to likely be the biggest game of the year, and probably man sites' Game of the Year, and the best they can do is to give away an already produced gazeteer from a module published 4 years ago. This strongly suggests to me that they did not have ANY tie-in marketing planned and only after BG3 was a break out did they think to try.

Between this and the severely lackluster HAT tie-in marketing, what is happening over there? Who is in charge?

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