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D&D General D&D Class Test- Which character class suits you?

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The test declares, I am 90% Wizard.

(70% Bard, Cleric, 65% Paladin, 60% Barbarian)

I am ok with these test results.

I didnt expect such a high percentile for Wizard. Then again I look at my avatar, "He Mage".

Heh, too bad Psion wasnt on the list, I would be curious.

Wizard blending Bard and Paladin, works. Even a dash of Barbarian.

The Cleric is a surprise but can make sense if an abstract transcendent kind.


reposting my results from the original thread.

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I answered the questions as truthfully as I could. I'm highly intellegent, poorly social, a bit of an outcast, highly independent, and strongly value knowledge. I was expecting to be like 110% wizard, but nope. I'm apparently full Paladin. Nailing Paladin that hard at first confused me, but then I remembered that 5th Paladins didn't have to be divinely focused. A freedom fighter type Paladin actually would describe my perfect self pretty well. Highly motivated by my own moral compass, trying to help those that I saw as being taken advantage of, perfectly comfortable working on the fringes of society.

I was pretty surprised by how accurate the results were. Paladin caught me a little off guard, but made sense in retrospect. The others I probably would have given the same % if I just set them myself, except cleric. Cleric should be something like 20%.
I would consider any score 65% or higher to be "significant".

Paladin 100%

(Fighter, Ranger, Wizard 95%, Monk, Warlock 70%, Barbarian, Druid 65%)

Generally speaking, the gishy classes and subclasses look like they would be the most enjoyable?


My results were indefinite:

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I would read this as Barbarian-Fighter 70% with a generalist approach that likes stealth (Rogue, Ranger 60%) and dabbles in magic (Druid, Wizard, Paladin 60%)?

Not really, I had no assumptions so I couldn't really be surprised. I am a forever DM and have never really thought of what class fits me. I guess the variety speaks to that. I also answered very few as 100% agree or disagree
I wonder if being a forever-DM can also be understood as a kind of class? If so, lots of combat encounters, including stealth and a dash magic?
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"Diegetics", by L. Ron Gygax
So I did a little testing, the system seems to be a bit simpler than I expected it to be; it's slightly disappointing.

There looks to be 5 questions for each class. Each class starts at 0%. Strongly disagreeing with the question for a class gives 0%, every bump in the scale gives 5% towards the class. So if you're neutral towards a class question, you get 10%, if you strongly agree, you get 20%.

If you answer neutral to everything you get 50% in each class. If you strongly agree to every question you're 100%, and if you weakly disagree you're 25% in every class.

A lot of the questions are fairly obvious about what class they're for; I was able to get 80% druid by strongly agreeing with the 5 questions I thought were for druids, and strongly disagreeing with everything else. (The 5th question I thought was for druid was actually barbarian, which tracks).



Interesting results. I’m a forever GM so when I do get a chance to play a character I’m usually drawing from a bank of character ideas I have stored up that have more to do with personality and presentation than class.
I don’t really feel drawn to monks at all, which was my highest result here. My favorite PC I ever played was a fighter/rogue, and I didn’t score high on either of those classes. Maybe I’m drawn to play things I’m not like in real life?
I will add Cleric tends to be my least favorite class to play.


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Fighter and Sorcerer 100%, Paladin and Wizard at 70-75%. Reckon I can see myself in the EK/Wizard range, if there were some kind of "hedge witch" arcane school, healing and curses and whatnot. In PF terms, maybe a Mindblade|Archeologist.

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What's interesting is it shows how much you identify with the class archetype, but what's actually important as well is how well you handle the mechanics of the class. You might be into mindfulness and not enjoy playing a monk, or be very concerned about the environment and not want to keep track of all the fiddly bits of the druid class.

(Wizard, the others are distant seconds.)

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