D&D General D&D is like candy corn

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Gonna be honest, I never understood the wax lips. They don't even taste sweet! They're literally just wax. Some actual candle wax tastes better than that!

(Edit: To be clear, do not eat most candle wax. Most candles are not made from properly edible waxes. Eating a small amount of regular paraffin wax usually won't harm you, that's why we have birthday candles, but eating larger amounts can cause intestinal blockage and other problems, and the fragrances or dyes used in candles may not be safe for human consumption.)
I used to get Astro Pops and think the wax at the bottom was part of the candy.

As for candy corn, small doses. For me, the thing to nab during Halloween is Smarties! Super score if someone gave out Candy Blox!!

As for relating this all to D&D, don't think there's much comparison, other than some people like one thing, and others like something else.

How do you know?
I meant in the context of the premise of the post. The post defined a group, and you say you are not part of that group.

If someone says "most people who X do so because of Y" and you respond "well I do X but I do it because of Z" that's irrelevant to the original point, because the original point did not say that ALL people who do X do it because of Y.

If you want to challenge whether it is actually "most" in this case, rather than say "some", that's certainly valid. But just pointing out that you don't fall within the claimed "most" doesn't do that.

I have no idea whether it's actually most in this case. But I do believe it's a fact that a significant proportion of people who say things online about candy corn or Haribo gummies etc. really are doing so because it's an internet thing. Couldn't tell you what the percentage is though.

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