D&D Literature

So, give me your best works of fine fiction, in a D&D style.

I’ll start with:

- Detective fiction
o Farewell, My Lovely, by T.P.Kay
o The Maltese Falchion, by Dashiell Bonusaction
o Evil Under the Sun, by Agatha Drizzty
o And Then They Rolled 1, same author

- Classics
o Pair of Dice Lost
o Warlock and Peace
o Pride and Preju-Dice
o Tabaxi on a Hot Tin Roof
o For Whom the Spell Scrolls
o AC-22
o Bard Times
o The WIS Save of Oz
o Far From the Madding Drow
o The Rise and Fall of the Gnoman Empire
o A Secret Passage to India
o The Old Man and the AC
o Drow and Out in Paris and London
o Jane Air Genasi

- Travel literature
o Paladin Patagonia
o On the Rogue
o Barbarian Sands

- Recent classics
o The Book Tiefling
o The Half-Orc’s Tale
o How to be Lawful Good (Nick Dragonbornby)
o Captain Corelli’s Paladin
o The Name of the Wizard
o The Ranger of Suburbia
o Xanathar’s Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
o Wide Sargasso AC

...over to you!
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The Lich Striker's Guide to the Galaxy

David Copper Thief

Modron Bovary

Alice in Waterdeep

The Call of the Sending Stone

Tinker Fighter Ranger Bard

Twenty Thousand Dragon Turtles Under the Sea

Around the Planes in 80 Days

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