D&D Movie/TV D&D Movie: Action Packed, Funny as Hell

According to Justice Smith, one of the stars of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie, the film is "action-packed, thrilling, funny as hell".


In a conversation with Collider, Smith said:

[Goldstein and Daley are] incredible. They’re so funny and they have such clear vision. I loved Game Night. That movie is so good and so funny. And it’s such a clear, specific story. It doesn’t try and be anything that it’s not. I think they approached this the same way. I can’t spoil too much but it’s action-packed, thrilling, funny as hell… it’s all of the things and yet it has a clear idea. That specificity is key in storytelling and John and Jonathan do that so well, being like, "This is the story we’re telling but they’re making it enjoyable the entire time." This is me not trying to spoil the movie in any regards. I’ve given away no details.

The movie, which also stars Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Hugh Grant, and Sophia Lillis, is scheduled for March 3rd, 2023.


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D&D is a pretty good place for people falling in to the story from the real world. Jumanji probably owns that though—scaring off producers from making similar.

For some reason Justice Smith’s tone implies that to me. Or maybe it’s the feeling of getting real famous actors, like they wouldn’t be in this playing the part of a purple lipped wizard…so maybe the cold open is a scene like Topher Grace playing poker in ‘Oceans 11’? Where instead Hugh Grant has a character Hew who is trying to woo a fair maiden…they roll the dice, and…

If you want leveling up, there’s Pacific Rim. If you want character growth, there’s Harry Potter. If you want saving the world, there’s D&D and most other movies. If you want a “we’re a party of adventurers”, there’s Lord of the Rings or Clash of the Titans. If you want what it’s like to play regularly with the same people there’s The Guild.

Those last two are what I think of when I think role playing cinema. I’d certainly prefer not to have a D&D session. I don’t want Avatar heavy handed world-building either—just cut right in to a group on a mission, show their odds, overcome them in cool ways.

A fantasy version of Ronin please!!!

Who knows what Justice Smith thinks when he says stuff people want to hear like “yea she be funny as hell.”

I assume that that's his stunt/size double wearing a mask. As picture quality has improved in the years since release, it seems like it's more and more noticeable. Johnathan Rhys-Davies' build is very different from Brett Beattie's as well. Still, I think I prefer the forced perspective and size doubles approach of the Lord of the Rings to the CGI of the Hobbit trilogy

As an aside...WHAT HAPPENED TO GIMLI in that picture. He looks like a Ghoul or something.

My expectations for the D&D movie remain cautiously optimistic. Perhaps more cautious after Dark Alliance's release. But at the least, there's a low bar to clear compared to the first set of movies.

I plan on watching Snake Eyes at some point...or at least trying to watch it. There probably are some parallels between the GI Joe and D&D franchise movies. Both...aren't good and aren't faithful adaptations, with diminishing returns, but GI Joe at least was a little entertaining.

That's right! I mean, Hasbro did a great job with Snake Eyes, right?

checks reviews

Oh .... OH. Nevermind.

Who said anything about them knowing about the novels? If me....I pointed out the novels as tone/style, not for content.

I can't imagine many people would go see a movie about a TT experience. If they want a long time franchise, they need it to be more like LotR, than about the TT experience. A tv show could pull off some combo, but not a movie.
I agree with this and your other posts. D&D's creation was possible due to Fantasy's existence, thus it should return the favor by being a great slice of Fantasy story-telling bar none. We didn't become rapt in the play-tests for any other reason than to discover the realms of Fantasy, no such game avenue existed before it to equate the experience to. The seminal core of D&D is the summoning and maintaining of Fantasy; all of its fun and parlay is an after effect of that. Stay with great story telling for the win!

Exactly. I just didn't want to say it directly!
I knew that, just having fun. In any case I'm not shy at stating my opinion and I absolutely hate that the first D&D move was ever made. iI is a stain upon the game specifically and upon Fantasy generally. Hopefully this outing finally prevails at telling a story unlike the first one which was all over the place and no where at once!


This movie's got a lot of heavy lifting to do. Just the sheer variety of pitches seen on this board help to show how divided the built-in fan base is, to say nothing of the average movie goer. If it does in fact manage to capture the same tone as Guardians of the Galaxy, I think it's got a shot at being pretty good. I personally don't think it would be a good idea to have the meta-story (although as someone else said, a post-credits stinger could be pretty fun).

IMO, to capture the spirit and the "feel" of D&D it really just needs to be a story about a mis-matched group of companions going on an adventure in a world full of strange magic and weird creatures. But that itself is a pretty broad brush to paint with. It could be "LotR but with some fart jokes", it could be "Guardians of Faerun" or it could be "The Hangover, but with a displacer beast" and any of those would fit those requirements and satisfy some of the fans, while alienating the rest.

I don't envy the film-makers, tbh.

I knew that, just having fun. In any case I'm not shy at stating my opinion and I absolutely hate that the first D&D move was ever made. It is a stain upon the game specifically and upon Fantasy generally. Hopefully this outing finally prevails at telling a story unlike the first one which was all over the place and no where at once!
I have been able to stay positive about the upcoming movie partially because I have mentally blocked out that 2000 D&D movie. I can no longer remember what happened in it beyond a few vague generalities. Some memories are better left repressed.
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Krampus ate my d20s
The weird thing about the D&D movie is that it existed right before Fantasy movies became big box office. Within a year of its release, both the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises would be launched.

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