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the Jester

I got to play D&D Trivial Pursuit on New Year's Eve. The other players were other decades-long, deep-lore-loving D&D geeks.

That game is MUCH HARDER than I expected. Much harder. The questions range from easy ("what iconic monster fills a 10' x 10' x 10' space") to absurdly difficult- I think there was one that was like "What was the name of TSR's in house newsletter in 1976" or something like that.

I'd recommend it for any group of hardcore D&D fans, but beware- you'll be surprised at the difficulty.

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Oh yeah. It was challenging. I think I got second place in our group of 30+ year gaming nerds. We missed many questions.
Example of a question: "What was the title of the adventure with the code 'DA3'?"


At one time, they had scanned the trivia cards and you could get them of one of the sites (Wizards, DriveThru), though I can't find my copy now. I've been playing D&D since around '80, and some of those questions were really, really hard.


If I recall the old Dragon Magazine had some trivia articles around the holidays. There was some crosswords as well.

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