D&D 5E D&D's Inclusivity Language Alterations In Core Rules

Many small terminology alterations to 2014 core rules text.

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In recent months, WotC has altered some of the text found in the original 5th Edition core rulebooks to accommodate D&D's ongoing move towards inclusivity. Many of these changes are reflected on D&D Beyond already--mainly small terminology alterations in descriptive text, rather than rules changes.

Teos Abadia (also known as Alphastream) has compiled a list of these changes. I've posted a very abbreviated, paraphrased version below, but please do check out his site for the full list and context.
  • Savage foes changed to brutal, merciless, or ruthless.
  • Barbarian hordes changed to invading hordes.
  • References to civilized people and places removed.
  • Madness or insanity removed or changed to other words like chaos.
  • Usage of orcs as evil foes changed to other words like raiders.
  • Terms like dim-witted and other synonyms of low intelligence raced with words like incurious.
  • Language alterations surrounding gender.
  • Fat removed or changed to big.
  • Use of terms referring to slavery reduced or altered.
  • Use of dark when referring to evil changed to words like vile or dangerous.
This is by no means the full list, and much more context can be found on Alphastream's blog post.

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bedir than

Full Moon Storyteller

Then quote them and ask them about it because looking back at my posts, I either said 'most' or 'never in my experience' or 'regionally'.

Growing up on the prairies in the 80s? Yeah, not a thing you heard. You heard 'Canadian'. From the kid who's parents came from India, the Philippines, the First Nations kids, and every white kid.

My parents have never once said 'English-Canadian' or 'American-Canadian' and my Grandparents (Irish/English) the same. Heck, my Dad spent more time in Japan than any other non-Canadian country, and we had more Japanese cultural additions to our diet/lives growing up than we had English/Irish!

My personal experience, is that the answer (if it was even asked!) was 'Canadian'.

Now, I dont know Paul, from Peter as despite the stereotype we Canadians dont all know each other. He had a different experience? In the largest Canadian city? Well lets say considering we were essentially a world apart, that is not exactly surprising.
I quoted you because I saw you saying that it was a coastal thing. But it's not.

But also, you not knowing that Paul, his family, and the rest of his castmates had to deny a part of themselves to feel accepted is exactly the issue he brings up now. Because in the 80s that was true, according to him.

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As long as i get to be the frog
Nah. South Eastern U.S. here, and my family is extremely concerned with its heritage.
Obviously there will be some really concerned in any region.

Though maybe the difference is more big city vs small town?


Not your screen monkey (he/him) 🇺🇦🇵🇸🏳️‍⚧️
I am a person of Irish descent. But I'm English, so I don't presume to speak for Irish people. I find it curious that people speak of "people of Irish descent" like Ireland doesn't exist any more or something, but nobody ever mentions the actual Irish. Maybe somebody should ask them?

As for green beer... what? Is that a thing you do?
Here's the thing. Seeing as St Patrick's Day is at least as much an Irish-American holiday as an Irish holiday (hyphenated-American things being kind of big when you live in a country as defined by the immigrant experience as the US), people in Ireland don't really get to tell us Irish-Americans how to celebrate it over here.

Ope. I see I've largely been ninja'ed.

Obviously there will be some really concerned in any region.

Though maybe the difference is more big city vs small town?

Where I live it is possible there is a division between the western part of the state and the eastern, but I have lived in small towns and cities here, and it is pretty much the same regardless

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