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D&D General DALL·E 3 does amazing D&D art

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I sometimes also do science fiction images for my Cepheus Engine / Traveller campaign....


"A cinematic shot of two space marines standing in front of an emerald blue crystal tube with several holographic screens and futuristic devices. Inside the glass cylinder is glowing light green liquid. A futuristic sci-fi interior with large complex machines in the style of Unreal Engine."


"concept art, concept design, digital painting, science fiction, an orange large industrial truck with large wheels and a futuristic design, the driver is standing next to the vehicle, parked in a desert environment next to some black metal structures, vehicle concept design, featured on Zbrush Central, concept art, detailed character design, trending artist, trending pieces of artwork"


"concept art, sci-fi landscape, concept design, digital art, A huge concrete building with the word "Unit 06" written on it in white letters, located in an industrial area of a grimy and worn down cyberpunk futuristic New York City with a blue sky. The includes industrial elements like steel beams and rusted metal. A dynamic angle captures its imposing presence. in the style of an industrial power plant. The scene incorporates complex and intricate details of brutalist architecture, with vibrant colors"

ships landing.png

(I can't find the prompt for this one....but I'm pretty sure I asked for a painterly style...)

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