Dammit! +ve covid test

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I played a German doctor/taxidermist/butcher in a frontier setting once. All of his patients got wurst.


Take zinc supplements and about 4000 units of vitamin D each day. It won't make it vanish, but it will go a long way towards mitigating the effects. Dealt with this about a year ago- the Vit-D and Zinc helped me get through it with no major symptoms or issues. An osteopathic doctor recommended it, and it worked great. Hope you feel better soon. Better still, if you have a local doc that will prescribe you ivermectin, it'll be cured in a few days. Despite what the MSM has been saying, Ivermectin is not 'horse dewormer,' although that is a veterinary application of it. Ivermectin won the 2016 nobel prize as a life-saving anti-parasitic medicine for human beings.

Don’t do any of this. The individual recommending this course of action lacks a basic understanding of the human body.

I wonder if that would be more or less horrible than sloughing off one's intestinal lining with ivermectin?

Maybe you have to dissolve it in bleach first? ;)

I know, the bleach jokes are easy, but I did watch that press conference live and while Trump is a lot of bad things, I only saw someone voicing a thought before he realized it was a stupid idea, but by then it was too late to take it back, because he never takes anything back or apologizes. Same with the UV light thing. And he has been that way his whole life, so this is not a politics thing. Being unable to ever say you were wrong or to apologize, or to admit to ever losing at anything, I can't imagine living like that.

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