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Dark Days in Sion play-by-post is a Dungeons and Dragons, 3.5e game incorporating house rules, set in my homebrew world of Sion. World data and house rules are posted up on Obsidian Portal. Please take a look at what the world has to offer and how the house rules make 3.5e more versatile and exciting. Main Page | Dark Days in Sion | Obsidian Portal

Game Status: Playing

Current Game Thread:[/B] http://www.enworld.org/forum/showthread.php?610509-Dark-Days-in-Sion-Act-3-Scene-3&p=7319780#post7319780


EN World UsernameCharacter NameAlignAgeSexRaceClassLevel
Hillsy7 On HiatusBurrai SteelbornLN92MMountain DwarfFighter (4), Vanguard (2)6
97mgWrenwilLN57MHuman (Chivalan)Cleric (5)5
97mgAletia MoonbornLN115FElf (High)Sorcerer (5)5
Tellerian HawkeBillanverthorne VerennethCN138MElf (High/Gray)Wizard (1), Fighter (5)6
Tellerian HawkeVandrok The RelentlessCN22MHalf Minotaur (Hogboblin/Minotaur)Monstrous Humanoid (3), Ranger (2)5
Aust ThaleAust ThaleCG128MGray ElfRogue (4)4
NeuroticRa'd Alim Abd Al-HalidNG24MDraconic HumanDragon Shaman (4)4

Rolz.org and the Fate Pool

For this game we will be using rolz.org for all our dice rolls. For each 'scene' in the game I create a new dice room on rolz.org with the abbreviation 'DDS'. So for example, Part 1: Act 1: Scene 1 would be 'DDS 111'. Each character signs into the rooms under their character name. You should be able to click view-log and see all the rolls made thus far for this game.

I was thinking about the logistics of running a relatively fast-paced play-by-post game like this one and it seemed to me the most time-consuming part would be asking the players to make rolls and then waiting for them to do so and report it to me before I could finish my post. Thus, I have decided to use something I call the Fate Pool, which is where the players roll twenty d20's on rolz.org. (The total for this pool has to be 200 or more to be counted. Declare your roll as Fate Pool and Keep rolling 20d20 until it does.)

Those rolls will then serve as their rolls in their absence... so whenever I need them to make a roll, I will instead use a result determined randomly from their fate pool though a d20 roll and use that as the result of their roll. The roll I use to pick a roll from their fate pool will is also logged at rolz.org, so it will still be fair. For each new scene, I will ask you to roll a fresh fate pool to keep things even even more randomized.

Post Formatting

For this game we will be using the following format for posts in the game forum.


Character Name (in BOLD) followed by colon: is used at the start of any post for your character.
"Quotes" are for in-character speech. underlining and/or bold characters can be used for emphasis in speech. Choosing a specific color for your speech is recommended.
~thingies~ are for in-character thoughts in 1st person.
(parenthesis) are used for out-of-character actions, thoughts, questions, dice rolls, etc.
- These - are used to declare the type of speech you are using or to whom you are speaking.
[brackets] are used when a player asks a question for the dm, or makes a note or comment about rules.


Always uses italics

NPC Name (in BOLD) followed by a colon is used at the start of any post for an NPC.
"Quotes" are for in-character NPC speech. underlining and/or bold characters can be used for emphasis in NPC speech.
~thingies~ are for in-character NPC thoughts in 1st person.
(parenthesis) are used for out of character questions, ideas, dice rolls etc
- These - are used to declare the type of speech they are using or to whom they are speaking.
are used for game notifications.
[brackets] are used when the DM needs a roll to be made by a player, asks a question, or makes a note.


You hear the sound of small scrabbling footsteps around the corner of the building followed shortly by the sound of a door opening and closing. [What do you do?]
Kurzog the Orc: Moves to follow the sound of the footsteps (move action)

Moving fast you round the corner of the building into an alleyway. There is one doorway opening into the alley, a flimsy wooden side door for one of the buildings. It is not locked.

Kurzog the Orc: Opens the side door ~Where did the kobold go?!~ (What do I see inside? Do I need to roll for a spot check to see the kobold?)

Beyond the side door is a large kitchen, though it does not appear to be currently in use. There are no cooking fires or ovens heated, and no foodstuffs out in the open for preparation. It is quite cramped though, with tables, benches and cupboards, a small kobold could hide easily in here. [Roll a spot check]

Kurzog the Orc: (Spot Check: 1d20+3 = 11)

You do not spot the kobold itself, but you do see a smear of flour on the floor that looks like it moved through here moments ago. [What do you do?]

Kurzog the Orc: Moves slowly through the kitchen searching (Search check: = 9)(How many other exits are there from from this kitchen?)

There are 2 other doorways in the kitchen, but one is probably a pantry, the other looks like another exit. [Make a listen check]

Kurzog the Orc: (Listen Check: 1d20+2 = 14)

Searching through the kitchen you do not find any more traces of the Kobold , however you do hear the sound of voices on the other side of the kitchens entrance door. The voices sound human, speaking common with an Akhenaten dialect. The voices do not appear alarmed, as they probably would be if a kobold had just ran past them.[What do you do?]

Kurzog the Orc: ~By the sound of those voices the filthy Kobold didn't go out of the kitchen... and I don't see it anywhere in the kitchen, so it must be in the pantry!~ Steps over to the pantry door and checks if it is locked. (Is the pantry door locked?)

The pantry door has a padlock and a chain on it, so technically yes it is locked. [Make a wisdom check]

Kurzog the Orc: (Wisdom check: = 15)

You notice the pantry door is locked by a padlock and chain, but is not securely latched and also quite flimsy... so flimsy in fact that a wry little kobold could feasibly squeeze through the gap if he pulled hard enough at the bottom corner of the door. [What do you do?]

Kurzog the Orc: Lifts his warhammer up to smash open the pantry door! (Attack: = 16)(Damage: = 6)

Your warhammer shatters the flimsy pantry door with ease, and beyond it crouched in a corner of the pantry is the kobold wielding a dagger. He springs to attack you! [Roll initiative!]

Kurzog the Orc: (Initiative: = 17)

Kobold: (Initiative: = 16)

You act first Kurzog! [What do you do?]

Kurzog the Orc: (Attacks with subdual damage only!)(Attack: =15)(Location: Chest)(Damage: =7)

Your warhammer falls on the kobold before it has a chance to stick you with his dagger and knocks him out cold.

Kurzog the Orc: -Speaking Orc- "Ahh! Thought you could get away you filthy cretin!" Kurzog mutters to himself, lifting the kobold up by the scruff and carrying him outside.

Before you leave the kitchen, A pair of Akhenaten humans, a man and a woman, come through the entrance apparently investigating the sounds coming from within and spot you.

Akhenaten man: -speaking common- "Who are you?!" he gasps.

Akhenaten Woman: "What are you doing in our kitchen!" The woman exclaims in surprise.

Kurzog the Orc: Grins and lifts up the kobold a bit higher -speaking common- "I'm taking out the trash!" Turns his back and quickly moves out of the kitchen (provided they don't try and stop him?)

The Akhenaten man and woman do not try and stop you, but they do follow you to the side door and watch you leave, bickering at each other about the damages but apparently not brave enough to try and hold you accountable.

Post Formatting Cont.

Title your posts with your characters name, first name only, so people can see what character its for just by quickly scanning and scrolling down.

If its a non-combat post, use the text icon in the title. If its a combat post, use the red "!" icon in the title.
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Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Bad Bill, Elven Archer at Large.

This post has been moved to the OOC page. I apologize for the inconvenience, I got confused as to which thread was which.
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Dark Days in Sion will be back on soon!

Just an announcement to everyone (check your PM's) I am trying to get Dark Days in Sion back up and running. It's going to be somewhat difficult after the Photobucket debacle... (if anyone knows how to cast REAL dark magic against them to make them suffer, PLEASE do.)

I need to re-upload all the image files to a different online image storage service to restore all the images in all the game threads. I also need to fix the Sion Obsidian Portal page which has also gone wonky. Both these chores are out of my league in terms of what I am good at involving computerish/internet stuff so I dunno how long it will take exactly.

Regardless of that, I can keep posting and running the game as soon as everyone checks in and is ready to keep playing. How we move on depends on how many of the original players are still in so the sooner that happens the better.
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Dark Days in Sion will be back on soon!

Ok so we have Aust, T-Hawk, Hillsy and 97mg back... still waiting to hear from Fangor and P3.

If we have to continue without Ersun and Svexyn, I suppose it is doable, but I'll want to recruit at least one more player so 97mg can continue with his original character Wrenwil and have another PC to interact with. (If anyone else wants to make a second character to adventure with Wrenwil in the Lair of Kumbakarna that would be great!)

In the meantime we will wait the rest of this next week to give Fangor and P3 a little more time to respond. If they do not, I will post again next weekend marking them AFK and write their characters out of the story somehow.

As a token of appreciation for everyone putting up with these long lulls in the game, everyone gets +5,000 experience points. :D


Opportunity to earn extra Fate Points!

I have started on a new project to help keep track of the games events. I am collating a list of posts for every PC, (with footnotes regarding particularly meaningful events) that will make it easier to reference Sions significant backstory.

Fortunately it doesn't have to be me that does all the work, so I am offering bonus FP's to anyone who does it for their own character. Let me show you an example (Cut-and-pasted from Notepad) that shows all the posts for Burrai Steelborn in Part 1: Act 2, Scene 5

BURRAI STEELBORN_______________
Part 1: Act 2: Scene 5

46 (Pael enters Burrai's Cabin outside Cabarda)
50 (Elloral says hello)
62 (Elloral asks Burrai's forgiveness)
68 (Reveals the Journal of Thorel Oakhill & fingerbones)
87 (Translates one passage of the Journal)
141 (HobGoblin & Fiendish Hounds Attack)

... this one is still a work in progress but you get the idea. I will give 3 FP's at a minimum for your effot (up to 5 if the footnotes are especially thorough).

Thank you and love live Sion!

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