WotC Dark Sun 5e, A minimalist conversion. (full)


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I think Dukkoti only makes sense as a captured slave given his connection to sky and wind and freedom.

He often hums or softly sings a song in Elven that is quite catchy. if he has a flute he plays it on the flute as well, often while looking out of windows at the sky above. ;)

Take my love, take my land,
Take me where I cannot stand.
I don't care, I'm still free,
You can't take the sky from me.


well this is exciting!
ill polish up the starting post and we will get this puppy rolling tomorrow!
Ill throw links into the first post of this thread, to make it easier to jump in and out of character.


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@Evilhalfling - the Wild Talent spells/cantrips, do we need components to cast them?

I.e. message requires verbal, somatic, & material (thin copper wire) to cast normally. Is that different since these are "psionic" effects?


@Arnwolf666 well sure there is always a justification....
to eat your friends corpses.
forced bodyswitching.
protecting psychopathic necromancers.
psionically killing your friends while pretending its not your fault, your just trying to help...
even torturing people to death (for science!)

plus all the other halfling PCs and NPCs who I controlled who never got the chance to do anything really bad, but who would have...

btw. want some soup? (see avatar photo)


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@tglassy I don't know how to do a private line in my post, but using the message cantrip, only Blaze can hear what I said.

I'll edit and note that it was message in an OOC line for clarity


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Not going to lie.

Igniting the rope that binds every slave in the wagon together, while literally every guard in the house and their trained battle lizard are on high alert and running from some nebulous threat outside, sounds like a wild time.


The Giant's Hair rope is pretty close to a chain. It would likely take a fireball, or burning the whole wagon to torch it. The individual hemp ropes are a lot more vulnerable.

Do we need a separate OC thread in the other subforum?