Deadlands: Horror on Headstone Hill Advice


I am an experienced SWADE Gm running HoHH for a group that is at best passingly familiar with SWADE and Deadlands, so I am looking for thought from folks who have run the adventure/sandbox. Are there any special considerations for the adventure itself (things to look out for, sidequests that are especially good or bad, etc) as well as specific strategies for getting players familiar with the setting. I would really love to find a good primer that is just a few pages long, explaining the history of the setting and the kinds of options open to PCs.


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I haven't run HoHH yet but I've read through it but here are some of my suggestions.

  • Make sure your players understand that the entirety of the campaign takes place in a single county. Whether they're quick to violence or affable, NPCs will remember their actions and the PCs can't just go to the next county and start over fresh.
  • Try to weave some of the NPCs into the PCs story. This will make it easier see who picks which side in the final showdown.

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