D&D (2024) Developer Video on Druid/Paladin/Expert Feedback

WotC has posted a video discussing initial feedback on the One D&D Druid/Paladin playtest, along with survey results from the Expert playtest. Some highlights for discussion:

Druid: The developers recognize that the template version of wild shape is contentious. If they retain this approach, they would plan to add flexibility to those templates. If they revert to monster stat blocks, they might allow Druids to choose a limited number of options, with a default selection provided.

Paladin: The new version of smite is still intended to work with critical hits. If ranged smite persists, its damage may be adjusted through the internal balance/playtesting process.

Ranger: The updated Ranger scored very well in the playtest. Some players did miss the choice of options in the Hunter subclass.

Bard: All of the Lore Bard's features scored welll, but the overall subclass rating was mediocre. They attribute this to the loss of Additional Magical Secrets, which many saw as the key attraction of this subclass.

Rogue: The change to limit sneak attack to the Rogue's own turn scored poorly. The developers generally like moving actions to a player's own turn to keep the game moving quickly, but in this case, the change doesn't seem to be worth the loss of tactical flexibility.

Feats: With the exception of epic boons, all the feats in the Expert packet scored well. The developers are still loking at written feedback for fine tuning.

Conspicuously not mentioned were the Arcane/Divine/Primal spell lists, which were the focus of a lot of discussion during the Bard playtest.
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Greg K

Go with beast form, plant form, great sky beast form, swarm, elemental manifestation, dinosaurs etc
As long as each of these forms are not hard-coded into the class leveling and there are various beast forms so that the DM, can say, for instance, no dinosaur forms, no plant forms, and no elemental manifestations in this campaign and the player still has viable beast forms to choose from, I am for it.


Morkus from Orkus
And the thread Necromancer seems to have quoted someone who has me blocked just to say they agree with whatever sentiment I can’t see them quoting, making it a nothing burger with a side of Jack squat from my perspective 🤣
I thought the same thing as you, but unlike you I was curious enough to look and see what the person blocking us said. Nothing! There was no quote at all, so the poster was probably replying to the post immediately preceding it.


First Post
Hey everyone! Just watched the dev video on Druid/Paladin/Expert changes – pretty stoked about the updates. As a young gamer, these classes really spice up the gameplay. 🌟 By the way, if you're as hyped as I am and want to dive into the world of coding, check out this site: IT training company for beginners GoIT launches first program for budding Fullstack developers – GoIT Global. It's got a program for newbies like us who want to become fullstack developers. Exciting times in-game and in learning! 🔥🎮 #GamingAndCodingJourney
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