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In an alternative take, RPGnet is a site with a liberal outlook that is not particularly friendly to conservatives, while theRPGsite is a place where they will grouse about the SJWs on both ENWorld and RPGnet.
I've never been to theRPGsite, but I'm afraid to post on RPGnet. Every time I go there, I see people getting dragged kicking and screaming out the doors for making seemingly innocent remarks. I get the impression that everyone there is walking on eggshells to avoid offending anyone else, and one little slip-up is enough to get you tossed out the doors.

That said, I do enjoy reading RPGnet every now and then. There are some good threads there on occasion. I'm just afraid to post there myself for fear that I'll get the ol' bum-rush for some strange and wholly unexpected reason.

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Yeah. I have a group with 16 players (who all play at the same time). It's a blast.


While, this is not the handle I used back in 3e days, I feel the same way. While you do not post as much as you used to in 3e, it warms my heart abit when I see your name....very fond memories of the endless discussion of D&D at that time.


The job I had back in the days of 3e and 3.5 on this forum lent itself to a LOT of downtime, and a LOT of participation. (plus, no Facebook or Twitter, YouTube, or Twitch, so there were a lot fewer choices to divert people like now). These days, I’m in a much better job, but albeit one with a lot less time on my hands except off-hours, so sadly I’m a lot more “drive-by” than I used to be...


Yeah. I have a group with 16 players (who all play at the same time). It's a blast.

Wow. I think maybe 12 players is the most I've ever seen a GM try to handle at once. Takes a lot of skill to keep that many players entertained.

I'll echo and reinforce what ad_hoc said earlier that how many people you have playing together is probably the biggest determinate on what sort of game you are playing, and indeed has a far bigger impact on determining what an RPG game is than the rules set does.

Playing a game with 1 player, or 2 players, or 3-4 players, or 5-8 players, or 9 or more players means you'll end up with something that is almost an entirely different game. I don't think there is any lesson I've learned in the last 20 years as a GM that is more important than that one.


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I think the most people I have played with or DM'ed for was 12 at once. We had three or four chairs on each side of a rectangular table, even the DM was cramped for space (I slid over to a corner). Both times were the week of Spring Break when the regulars brought a friend along to check the game out.

It made the combats s-l-o-w but there was no way the PC horde could lose; just a question of how much damage the guys in front would take (or if something exciting would happen like being pushed off a bridge) before the enemies became pincushions of the arcane & mundane, from all the PCs in the back.


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I used to frequent Giant in the Playground, until I got my current iPad and it decided GitP was not a safe website. I liked GitP for the discussions on gameplay mechanics, and the World Building subforum was always fun*.

I like RPG.net for the Let’s Read threads. Oh, and the Returned Maztica thread, that guy is brilliant.

Reddit is... not my cup of tea. Every interaction I ever had was negative, so I just stopped going there.

I know my dad likes RPG Stack Exchange. Never been there myself.

*my favorite homebrew setting the GitP community worked on was easily Toxic Sky (?), where people lived on and inside mountains and used airships to travel because below a certain altitude the air was poison gas. Unique and very cool.

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