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The heroes have arrived to help the druids. After a fierce battle with the forces of Evil, Nature's wizards have begun to try and heal the land.

A ritual is now being performed in the middle of a barren land ravaged by war. Little by little the forest starts to heal, and lush vegetation is once again present.

But there are still warriors loyal to de Dark Lord, and they will try their best to stop the ritual and keep the land a bastion for the darkness that consumes all.

Can our heroes protect the druids before the dark warriors get to them?

Druid Circle 22x33


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A shipment of smuggled goods is about to arrive to the city and the party of adventurers has been tasked to retrieve them. Among other things, city watch intel says that a cursed artifact is there.

The warehouse is located near the docks, and is very well-guarded by the Coast Sailor's Trader Group. While they aren't necessarily corrupt, there are many bad apples doing shady deals behind their bosses.

Using their cunning and abilities the heroes will now infiltrate the warehouse at night and get those goods before they reach wrong hands.

The question is, will the party give the goods to the city watch or will they keep it to themselves?

Warehouse 22x33



The adventurers have entered the frozen woods. While it might look like a beautiful, enchanting view, the dangers here present will surely pose a challenge to the mighty party of adventurers.

The icy leaves dangerously fall down, cutting the unsuspecting heroes while they're below. Frozen bridges aid them with crossing from one side to the other, just until it decides to break. The freezing cold waters of the river aren't really welcoming either, and are sure to damage most creatures not used to its temperature.

Can the heroes survive these new challenges?

Frozen Forest Path 22x33



There's an abandoned passageway hidden in the mountains. Forgotten by the eons, not many have ventured this far.

The path leads to millenia-old tunnels that twist and turn. And at the end of these tunnels a corrupt sanctuary is found.

Unfathomable creatures hold here their eldritch masses and study forbidden tomes of arcane knowledge. And in the event that some unlucky explorer happens to find their way here, they take them prisoner to later be sacrificed to their despicable god.

The adventurers now find themselves in this precarious position. Will they be able to escape the slimy clutches of these alien beings?

Eldritch Dungeon 22x33



Travels in the forest are full of possibilities. No matter which direction an adventurer might take, there's always something waiting on the other side.

And that's more than apparent here in these crossroads that can take our group of heroes any way they wish.

But careful there! Unfortunately these parts of the woods haven't been properly maintained and lots of tree roots are obstructing the roads. If one is not careful they are sure to fall prone, leaving an opening for a clever enemy to attack.

Can the adventurers brave this difficult terrain?

8-Way Forest Crossroads



The adventurers have been tasked with retrieving a very valuable gemstone from inside the palace. Months of planning have passed and they're now ready to start their infiltration.

The first step is to get past the gardens and get inside the palace proper. But security outside is tight and the group will have to employ all of their skill to enter undetected.

Will they be able to successfully get inside or will the watchtower guards easily spot them and their schemes?

Desert Palace Entrance 22x33



The adventurers have gone far into the volcanic lands of the Old Kingdom. A long time ago a prosperous civilization built a magnificent empire that lasted for centuries. But time is not kind, and eventually nature itself claimed its territory back.

But there are still many ancient secrets and treasures to be found. And those adventurers who dare venture into these lands of fire and ash will surely be rewarded.

Will our group of heroes claim some of the lost artifacts and become more powerful than ever before?

Volcanic Path 22x33



Protected by a powerful barrier spell, the hermit wizard now lives happily in the enchanted forest. Surrounded by the magical flora and fauna, the retired spell-caster now tends to their plants and reads all kinds of interesting books on all kinds of subjects.

But soon the adventurers will arrive, seeking the help of the all-knowing mage. But there's no interest on the wizard's part. The barrier is there in part to deter those pesky adventurers who would like nothing more than to ruin a peaceful day.

Will the adventurers be able to convince the sage to help them out? Or will they invoke a wrath of ancient magic upon them?

Hermit Wizard Cabin 22x33



The mountainous areas of the kingdom are beautiful landscapes where one can explore the majestic creatures that live there.

But lately the local fauna has been fleeing for some unknown reason. The clever druid in the party has taken notice of the missing species and has decided to investigate further.

But what will the party discover? What sort of reason could there be for these uncanny disappearances?

Mountain Forest Path 22x33



For mages of all kinds, there's nothing more important than mana. The most powerful wizards of the realms have found a way to harness its power, and safely store it in magical devices.

This chamber located deep within one of the most powerful magic organizations harbors a fascinating amount of the magical energy. And it's enough to drive any mortal mad. And mad is what the Grand Wizard has become. Fueled by an almost unlimited supply of mana they are now one of the most powerful mages in the world.

Can the party stop this madness before it consumes us all?

Mana Fountain Chamber 22x33


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