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Adventurers are bound to enter the fairy realms at one moment or another in their career. Sometimes they might be invited, and sometimes they might enter without any authorization. This sometimes gets them into trouble with the locals, for not all of them are happy to see them there.

In any case, trippy adventures are to be had. And there are truly no forests like those the fairies call home. The vibrant colors and sweet aromas the adventuring parties will find often overload their fragile senses, making them drop their guard.

Oh, those poor souls, will they ever find a moment of peace in this colorful realm?

Fairy Forest 22x33


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The adventurers have found an old portal in a ruined temple deep in the woods. The wizard, using ancient knowledge acquired studying forgotten tomes, has activated the runes that will bring the portal to life once more.

Bracing themselves and holding their weapons tight, the adventuring party ventures forth, not exactly knowing what lies beyond.

The trip is painless and even pleasant, and thankfully no one is missing any limbs or has extra eyeballs. But a dark aura surrounds our heroes and they find themselves deep underground where many monsters and dangers await them.

What will they find in these massive cave tunnels and in what sort of new adventures will they find themselves in?

Cave Portal 22x33



A lair of evil is found in the freezing mountains to the North, where many minions of the overlord come out to wreak havoc day and night.

But brave heroes are always up to the task of defeating the nefarious forces that dwell in the darkness and so they have ventured deep into the wilderness to find it.

The lair is now before them, an entrance made of stone and made fittingly into the shape of a skull. As if the evilness wasn't obvious enough.

Can our heroes defeat the minions guarding the entrance and enter the cold dungeon?

Snowy Skull Cave Entrance 22x33


The party has had many adventures so far. They've traveled many small towns and made many friends and enemies along the way.

Their quest now brings them to a great city, a place of commerce and intrigue. But things are not going well in the kingdom, and many people have fled their homes in search for a new opportunity.

As such, the heroes will now have to find a way to enter the city without attracting the guards' attention. Can they do so successfully or will they leave a mighty mess behind them?

City Gates 22x33



The adventurers have descended into the dark crypts below the unholy cemetery. Inside they hope to find the undead lord, who has risen from his grave once more to terrorize the living.

Many rooms they'll have to search, and many undead enemies will they encounter in their path, but eventually they'll find the resting place of the powerful lich.

Can they put an end to this unholy menace, or will they be defeated by the forces from beyond the grave?

Ancient Crypt Dungeon 22x33



The corruption has spread across the land. Now that evil has returned, no place is safe from its destructive reach.

The group of heroes now travel among a wasteland filled with blood, an endless earth full of abominations from the most cursed nightmares. And not even the power of the old druids is enough to restore the lush forests back to their splendor.

What will become of the world if this evil keeps spreading like this? Will the adventurers be able to end it before it's too late?

Corrupted Forest 22x33



The mad necromancer has prepared one last challenge for the brave adventurers: a labyrinth made with the bones of countless lost souls.

The party will have to take their chances navigating this foul creation, for unlike other labyrinths they have encountered in their adventures, danger is everywhere.

Reanimated skeletons jump out of the walls following their master's orders and adventurers who try to pass through them are only devoured by the mass of bones that seems to have a mind of its own. Finally, undead guardians roam the halls in search of intruders.

With such obstacles ahead of them, will they be able to reach the powerful necromancer behind all of this?

Labyrinth Of The Dead 22x34



There has been many reported robberies in the countryside, a group of bandits has been stealing all sorts of goods from wagons, travelers and everyone who is unfortunate enough to go through those dangerous roads outside the city.

And through a series of events that shall not be discussed here, the traveling party of heroes has learned of the location where the bandits have made their hideout.

Inside a cave, abandoned for years, there's a building with rotten floorboards and a foul stench of mold. Nobody remembers its original purpose, but now it serves as a place where the aforementioned bandits store their stolen goods, come to rest and otherwise have a good time amongst themselves.

But can the heroes disrupt their comfortable life of stealing?

Bandit Den 22x33



The group of adventurers is in dire need of continuing their travels as fast as possible. Time is of the essence and taking any sort of long detour is out of the question.

A deep chasm that goes for miles and is almost as deep is now their biggest threat. Sure, some kind of heroes will no doubt cross it by doing an impressive back-flip, but for the other kind things aren't so simple.

Fear of falling to an unfathomable darkness below grips them with an unshakeable terror, and even something like a simple jump could be their end. What if they trip with a rock they didn't see? What if they don't make it all the way and end up clinging to the other end without the strength to climb up?

Or what if while they're jumping over, an unknown assailant strikes them with an arrow, making them fall?

Well, that's just the adventuring life.

Forest Chasm 22x33



The war has begun without notice. Nobody knows exactly who or what is doing this to the city. A large scale attack that is making the streets turn red with fire and blood.

Startled, the heroes, who were soundly asleep, wake up. Their lungs start to fill with smoke and they rush outside to see what's going on.

The city, now painted with a searing red, is total chaos. People running for their lives, the sound of clashing steel and the cries of city-folk welcome the party of adventurers to this long, dark night.

Can the heroes figure out what's going on before more lives are lost?

Burning City Streets 22x33


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