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The adventuring life is sometimes a cruel one. You hear about some old dungeon that holds an obscene amount of treasure and magic items, but once you go there you realize it's filled to the brim with traps!

What's a dungeon explorer to do then? Brave the poisonous toxins coming from who knows where, cross the wooden bridge about to collapse at any moment; Survive the room that fills with water until you drown, dodge all kinds of saws and other instruments with pointy ends.

That sounds like a lot of work, but the reward of untold riches is more than enough to put aside any reservations and still face all the dangers that whoever built this has in store for any intruder.

Let's just hope the gold isn't cursed or something like that. Because that would be a shame, wouldn't it?

Secret Vault Dungeon 26x39

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The magnificent rocky formations of the desert loom over our heroes. The arid wasteland where they now find themselves doesn't seem to treat them kindly and supplies keep dwindling with every passing day.

Despite all that, the party of adventurers embarked on an adventure that will take them to a cave where, according to rumor, there exists an old buried treasure.

They're now outside the cave and to their surprise a peculiar merchant has set up shop right next to it. Selling all kinds of exotic goods the party takes the opportunity to stock up before what is sure to be a long spelunking marathon.

But is the merchant just that? Could something else be hiding in those nooks and crannies of desert rock?

Desert Path 22x33



The entrance to the fire temple is now within the adventurer's reach, but unfortunately for them the bridge that leads to it has almost completely collapsed.

The alternate route is a dangerous one: climbing down the cliffs near the hot lava, jumping on unstable pieces of rock and debris. Add to that the angry fire elementals guarding the place and the odds are not looking good for our dear heroes.

Despite all that the party ventures forth with nerves of steel. Will they be able to get across and enter the temple where the old fire relic can be found? Or will the fire elementals make adventurer chips out of them?

Volcanic Ruins 22x33



There's a city far to the west where the sands of time immemorial cover everything as far as the eye can see. In this beacon of civilization there's an exotic market where people from all over the Known World come over to acquire rare items of great value for the discerning customer.

Then again, there are also those who sell nothing but snake oil. Adventurers have to be very careful not to be deceived by those individuals who would like nothing more than to scam them from their hard-earned gold.

Oh, and did I not mention there are many chases through the streets because of this? Jumping from rooftop to rooftop trying to catch the slimy crook who just sold the party a magical deck of cards that turned out to be not so magical after all.

Can our heroes get a good deal on some exotic magical items? Or will they end up with a magical lamp that's only good for decorating their backpack?

Desert Market Streets 26x39



The heroes have ventured deep, the damp cavern walls full of strange fungi and other kinds of small life. They have come here with one purpose: the get the venom gland of a giant spider.

A powerful antidote they must brew, but only one of these rare specimens will do. They carefully navigate the cave's treacherous tunnels, trying not to get caught in the spiders' web.

But when they reach the end, they can't help but stare in awe at the size of the eight-legged beast. Maybe this battle is beyond them, maybe they need a little bit more preparation. But it's too late. One of the party members is now sticking helplessly to the web.

Will they be able to get the venom gland? Or will they end up as spider food like many adventurers before them?

Spider Nest Cave 26x39



As the hunger starts to set in, the cold adventurers now desperate for any kind of food start trying desperate measures.

Some of them are sure that here, in this small, freezing lake thrives a community of tasty, tasty fish. It's nonsense of course, this far into the cold wilderness there's hardly any fish, tasty or otherwise.

But maybe, just maybe they're right and this lake is home to a giant, man-eating aquatic creature that doesn't take kindly to the adventurer's attempts to see it as food.

Can the adventurers defeat the creature? Or will the creature best them in this snowy landscape?

Snowy Forest 30x30



Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
As the hunger starts to set in, the cold adventurers now desperate for any kind of food start trying desperate measures.
Perfect timing! I needed a snowy forest clearing for a random encounter just last Saturday, and this one worked perfectly! Thanks for sharing these maps; they're perfect for those "oh no I need a map in five minutes" situations I keep finding myself in.


Perfect timing! I needed a snowy forest clearing for a random encounter just last Saturday, and this one worked perfectly! Thanks for sharing these maps; they're perfect for those "oh no I need a map in five minutes" situations I keep finding myself in.
No problem, I'm glad the maps have been useful to you!


Long ago a hard-fought battle took place here. A group of heroes from all over the the world teamed up to take down a massive colossus animated with ancient magic.

The heroes were victorious and the colossus fell. Over the centuries the landscape changed, but the remains of the giant construct still serve as a remainder of how those heroes of old saved the kingdom.

Still, anyone evil enough and knowledgeable enough can reanimate the stone giant once more to wreak havoc across the land.

Will these rookie adventurers be able to put a stop to those plans? Or will the colossus eventually destroy everything across its path?

Forest Colossus 22x33



Cities are perfect places to gather clues, buy much-needed potions and get all the latest gossip.

The alleyways are perfect places to have your bags emptied by shady individuals and the canals are a sure-fire way to get a brain-eating parasite lodged into your brain.

Nothing quite beats living in these magnificent conditions, truly. Still, there are those who would disturb this public peace: a horde of zombies that came from who knows where to eat the brains of all the poor city folk.

It's those damn river parasites I tell you.

Can our adventurers stop the living dead before they consume everything in their wake?

City Streets 26x39



Following the path towards their next adventure the heroes have crossed the jungle and into the desert, they just can't catch a break from the hot sun.

This tropical desert holds many secrets, many dangers and all sorts of creature that the party hasn't seen before.

Can the adventurers adapt to this new climate or will they succumb to the perils (and wonders) of the desert?

Desert Path 22x33


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