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The adventurers have been struggling to find a place where they can get a break from the biting cold. The woods have been particularly chilly this year and their legs can no longer bear walking in the snow.

They see a cabin by the road, getting their hopes up they knock on the door but nobody answers. Inside they find that the cabin has been abandoned a long time ago and the sorry state it's in makes the inside almost as cold as the outside.

Not wanting to be defeated by the circumstances they try their best to make the cabin at least somewhat warm and try to get some rest before continuing their journey the next day.

But can they really be safe in this place? Or are there hidden dangers haunting this abandoned building?

Snowy Roadside Cabin 26x39


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Lost in the forest the adventurers are entrapped by all the vegetation around them. They look around and see the multiple high points they could've positioned themselves on.

But no, they just had to follow the path laid before them ignoring any kind of terrain advantage they could've had.

Some of them swear under their breath, how could they've forgotten such a basic strategy?

Well, they're about to re-learn that lesson for some hurried steps are heard above them. Will they be able to get the upper hand in this next encounter?

Forest Wilderness 22x33



Legends are told about a place so full of gold that anyone who claims it for themselves will surely be the richest being in the kingdom.

It is said that everywhere you look there’s going to be something shiny and valuable ready for the taking. Some go so far as to say the very walls are made of solid gold.

The only problem? It’s the hoard of an ancient dragon of equally legendary proportions.

The treasury is an extremely well guarded secret and there doesn’t seem to be anyone alive who’s actually seen the vault and lived.

Can our heroes complete their journey and become legends themselves by defeating the dragon and their minions?

Dragon's Treasury 30x45



The Earth has been sundered, the age of dragons has come once again and the land is filled with fire and brimstone.

The few brave heroes that remain are scattered. The few adventuring parties that remain are mostly doing guerilla warfare against the red dragons and their minions.

In a sabotage attempt, the intrepid adventurers of legend will try to deactivate one of the lava cores that have been placed in strategic locations. These lava cores make it easier for the dragons' army to transport weapons and soldiers between them. As such, it's of the utmost importance that these volcano-like structures are destroyed or deactivated.

Can our heroes succeed in their mission?

Volcanic Path 26x39



The cold air can already be felt and our brave adventurers venture forth towards the chilly forest. Getting ready to face the threatening cold they masterfully navigate the woods in search for enemies.

They follow the river North, trying to get to the next town before night falls. But the journey proves to be longer than they anticipated and end up spending yet another night in the wilderness.

How will nature treat them tonight? Will they be able to have that much-needed rest or will another fight interrupt their sleep?

Snowy Forest (29x37)



The swirling maelstrom inside the cave signals the arrival of a fire titan so powerful that the whole continent will be swallowed by fire.

Slowly, but surely the titan is escaping its prison and it's up to our group of adventurers to stop the return of the evil god before it's too late.

Creatures made from the hottest fires attempt to thwart the heroes' descent into the realm of fire, but our group is prepared for anything and they will stop at nothing to save the Kingdom, nay, the whole plane from the arrival of long-forgotten titan.

Yet, will they be able to go inside the maelstrom and achieve victory without heavy losses?

Lava Cave Tunnels 22x33



Stranded on a forgotten island, the adventurers follow the river to try to find any signs of life. They eventually reach a cave where they find the outpost of a powerful clan of warriors that's trying to take control of the island.

Convinced by their reasoning, the party decides to help defeat the clan's enemies: the current rulers of the island, another clan whose bloodthirsty and brutal tactics have made them maintain almost total control for years.

The sound of war drums is getting nearer, will the adventurers be able to stand their ground in this first battle for control of the island?

Desert Wilderness 26x39



A putrid evil has taken hold of the previously whimsical forest. The foulness has laid waste to the beautiful flora and fauna and the corruption doesn't stop spreading.

Our brave group of heroes, after surviving countless encounters in the blighted forest, have now found where the source is. A cave, hidden by twisted trees, harbors the unspeakable abomination that tries to consume all.

The cavern's walls are full of slimy substances not of this world, and the aberrations inside are nothing short of indescribable.

Will the adventurers find the courage to reach the end and destroy the ancient evil that has taken hold of this place?

Ooze Cave 26x39



The adventurers are traveling along the road, joking among themselves, they seem to be having a good time. Soon enough they reach an abandoned cart.

There are many things that seem to be broken, and upon further investigation it seems that whoever did this was looking for something specific.

Never the ones to let a crime go unpunished, the adventurers are now set on the task of finding the lost item and return it to its rightful owner.

Will they be able to successfully track down the thieves?

Forest Path 26x39



The adventurers have gotten themselves captured, all part of the plan for their next quest.

There are some old records they need that are located in the archives of the prison, but getting to them won't be easy. They'll have to somehow break out out of their cells, save one of their fellow party members who has been locked in solitary and probably help another innocent prisoner escape.

They'll also have to deal with angry guards and an obsessive warden who likes to punish the prisoners for no apparent reason. And all of this without their weapons.

Luckily for them the prison was built near the old and forgotten city sewers and they have an advantage there as long as no one discovers their plan.

Are the adventurers up to the task at hand? Or will they live the rest of their lives down here?

Old Prison 26x39


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