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The cave is waiting for the adventurers. Promises of rare minerals and powerful magic items have brought the adventuring party deep in the forest to find the fabled cavern.

And after many days of traveling, besting the dangers that the woods always bring to those who call themselves heroes, they have arrived to the enormous entrance.

But before they can enter they have to endure yet one more encounter. They look at their surroundings, the rustling of leaves make the backs of their neck itch with anticipation.

What will the party face this time? And will they be victorious?

Forest Wilderness Vol. 7 26x39


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The adventurers have entered a realm of pure darkness. The primal energy of the void seeks to consume all that is living. Gone mad after millennia of being locked away by the Gods of Creation, the Void now has found a way to made itself manifest in our planes.

Everything started in a small pocket dimension where the all-consuming Darkness was able to save some of its essence. Slowly it grew in power and now all of our existence is in peril.

The adventurers were able to enter this dimension. Everything here is wrong and every so often shifts from place to place. The dimension is unstable at best and extremely dangerous at worst. Creatures made of pure darkness will try to stop the invaders from doing harm to the Void.

Will the party be able to put an end to one of the primal energies?

Darkness Dungeon 26x39


Voidrunner's Codex

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