Digital Maps for Roll20


It's time to add another snowy battle map to your collection. This week I've drawn a fairly simple straight road in the midst of winter.

What I set to accomplish with this one was to give the party a feeling of dread, thanks to being surrounded by a dense forest while they're traveling on a cold lonely path towards their next destination.

If a map of mine could scream ambush, this one would be it! For an added challenge you can describe a strong blizzard that hinders visibility, make it so your players can't see more than a few feet away so they can feel the force of the elements attacking them.

And remember, you can always reverse the roles an have your party be the ones making all the ambushing! I'm sure they love doing that from time to time.

Winter Straight Road 36x26


I have a new forest map for you to use in your adventures! I thought you guys could use this environment as the outskirts of a dense forest. An area just before your players get lost in the woods just because the ranger fumbled all their survival checks while tracking the bandit leader just after defeating their cronies right here.

Mechanically speaking, the idea with is to divide the map area in two halves. The top half is full of trees, providing ample cover opportunities. You could hide some enemies here for an ambush or let your players use all the cover available for themselves if they're skilled enough to attack from here. Moving around and attacking while on this half wouldn't be as easy though, so keep that in mind.

The bottom half is way more open and lends itself as an ideal battlefield for characters that can't traverse the dense forest with ease. The downside would be that you have limited options for cover and could be quite easily picked off by some archer hiding in the trees on the top half of the map. I've placed a fallen tree here to balance it out a little bit in that regard.

Forest Outskirts 24x36

It's a new week, it's a new map from me! This time I've drawn for your playing pleasure a new snowy forest. This map features a crossroads that your adventuring party can use to decide where to go next.

Like with my other snowy maps, I recommend you treat the snowy terrain as difficult terrain to make combat a little bit more challenging and dynamic. This way whoever sticks to the path will have the advantage of moving faster. The trade-off of this being that they lose the ability to use the trees as cover at a moment's notice.

Speaking of trees, those are a perfect spot to set up an ambush as well, should that kind of thing strike your fancy this encounter.

Snowy Forest Crossroads 24x36



These maps are great! It's been a while since I ran an online game, but I remember how annoying it was to try to come up with map resources, and these are all great ones. Very generous of you, and I'm bookmarking this to keep an eye on just in case I ever feel the need to game online again!
These maps are great! It's been a while since I ran an online game, but I remember how annoying it was to try to come up with map resources, and these are all great ones. Very generous of you, and I'm bookmarking this to keep an eye on just in case I ever feel the need to game online again!
Thank you very much! I hope you find them useful in the future.

And on that note I'm back with a new battle map, one featuring a small islet. A lush forest surrounds the aforementioned landmass, making it an ideal place for your players to hide or for you plan an ambush.

The distances between land and water aren't that great. Thus, I decided against placing any kind of bridge or crossing so your players will have to get creative to get through the watery obstacle while in battle.

On the top right corner of the map there's a small building that you can use as the shack of a fisherman, or perhaps it's an abandoned cabin that your players have to get to on this adventure.

Forest Islet 38x28


This week I've created a new battle map featuring a bridge as it's main element. This one however, is one of those frail-looking I'm-about-to-fall-by-the-side hanging bridges. Just perfect for throwing those annoying Player Characters by the cliff-side.

The map is divided into three main areas (four if you're taking the water into account). The forest area has a few trees and large rocks to use as cover or hide about. The creatures that choose to stay here are mostly safe from environmental harm, but they could still be pushed around by some spells or abilities if not careful.

The most fun area is going to be the hanging bridge though. As we all know if something can go wrong in a session, it'll probably go wrong. So do make sure to try to make it fall, burn it or anything else that makes your players panic. Fun times for everyone involved!

Cliff-side Hanging Bridge 30x22


On this new forest battle map I went ahead and drew an area of the woods that has been moderately logged.

The main idea I had is that your party could go on an adventure where they have to meet the local lumberjack because they posses vital information: maybe they know firsthand about the recent werewolf attack. Or they have managed to identify the hideout of the bandits ransacking the poor townsfolk.

After gathering the information, the group is ambushed outside by your favorite flavor of enemies.

Don't dig the lumberjack idea? Describe the building as the cabin of an hermit, as a haunted abandoned building or the home of a retired captain of the guard!

With plenty of trees, logs, and the building itself to use as cover, everyone involved in the battle better think of their positioning to better utilize the terrain to their advantage.

Logged Forest 24x30


Let's get frosty with a new snowy environment, a frozen lake in the woods for all your ice-skating needs (You just know someone in the party might try that at least once).

So, as the title implies, the battle map features a lake that's been frozen. Make your players fall on their behinds as they desperately try to attack their enemies in a vain attempt to save their, well, behinds.

There's plenty of gnarled trees surrounding the lake, providing good cover but bad line of sight. This way everyone will have to make a choice as to try to battle it out on the trees or try their luck moving through the ice.

Also, if any of your players move through the ice, do try to make them fall to the cold water below. I'm sure they'll appreciate the cool, refreshing dip! Maybe.

Frozen Lake 24x30

Greetings once again!

You may remember a map inspired by an adventure I wrote about a few months ago where I made my players battle a Color Out Of Space using the Pathfinder Bestiary. On that map I drew a well (and a shack!) where you could subject your party to the same fate. Well, this is somewhat inspired by that adventure as well.

Here we have a meteorite that has crashed in the middle of the forest. The locals are scared, strange things have happened since the incident and your players are tasked to investigate the mysterious rock that has fallen from the sky.

What cosmic horrors await the brave heroes who put their lives on the line to bring peace to the townsfolk? What kind of arcane mysteries does the meteorite hold? Maybe the seemingly innocuous rock holds the key to inter-planar travel. Or perhaps it's just the prelude to a bigger catastrophe, the likes of which the kingdom has never seen. As always, the choice is yours.

Forest Crater 24x30


This week I have for you all a new river crossing battle map. No bridges this time though, so if your players want to cross, they'll have to risk falling off the logs.

I placed an elevated area on the main section of the map that has good line of sight to both logs. Whoever gets up here gets the upper hand on battle! And as a bonus I also placed a tree up there so you can try to hide an archer and take pot shots at the group when they're trying to cross the river.

There's a couple of places where there are some trees very close together so you can set up an ambush there as well. Unless you want to make some monster jump out of the river, that works wonders for scaring the party.

River Crossing 22x30


I've drawn plenty of rivers the last few months, but none of them were frozen. Let's right that wrong.

This wintery battle map has a very icy main feature. The lack of bridges or any other means to cross the river might prompt someone in the party to suggest to cross it by foot. "It's frozen anyway, what could go wrong." I can hear them saying on their blissful ignorance.

Well, little Timmy the Bard, let me tell you that a lot can go wrong with ice in an RPG session. From the basic slippery moments in combat, to falling through it, to hidden evil hungry ice snake trying to eat you whole while it rises up from below while the rest of the party just stands and watches. Up to the DMs discretion as always, of course.

It's worth mentioning as well that the map is divided into two areas to provide some nice asymmetry. A lush area with plenty of trees to hide, and another with mostly just snow.

Frozen River 24x34