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D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20


Greetings once again!

For a few months I've been drawing a free map for all my patrons, here's the latest one I did for September.
This one is loosely based on a certain location in Dark Souls 3, can you guess which one?

I thought the idea of battling on top of the castle walls would make for a pretty neat encounter, but I didn't want it to be full of bottlenecks. As such, I went ahead and made something fairly wide.

You can use this when your players are in a really big castle (like the ones featured in the Souls series) and perhaps you can even fit it in Curse of Strahd; since I tried to give it that sort of dark atmosphere this one is good for gloomy adventures I reckon.

Six braziers are located by the sides, providing good opportunities for knocking them over and having the hot coals burn some enemies (or player characters!).

A gate blocks the way to one of the castle's towers as well, will the barbarian be strong enough to lift it up? Maybe he isn't, or maybe he got shoved by the castle's guards into the depths below. Either way, there's two more routes that the party can take.

Castle Wall 22x30


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It's time to get into a scarier mood today with today's new battle map. This time I went for a darker atmosphere since Halloween is fast approaching and I'm sure a lot of you are planning your spooky one-shots for this year.

This swamp area will come in handy when you're sending your players across the wetlands of the kingdom to slay a powerful witch or exorcise an evil spirit that's terrorizing the local village.

The water isn't very deep, but it could be contaminated and give the party members horrible feverish dreams should any of them drink it, perhaps hinting to the source of evil in the area. But beware, the side effects could be fatal.

Swamp Path 24x30




These are great- fantastic work.

Cheers goonalan
Thank you very much, glad you're liking them!

And today, as All Hallows' Eve approaches, a new creepy battle map releases. This time I have for you guys and your party a very fun and spooky battlefield.

It would seem that near the city, in the forest that surrounds it, wild carved (and uncarved) pumpkins have appeared. Is this some jokester decorating the roads and frightening travelers because it's almost time for their favorite holiday? Or is something more sinister lurking behind the seemingly innocuous orange gourds?

Get your players in the mood for some scary adventures with this map!

Halloween Forest Path 21x30



Halloween may have already passed but I think there's still time for some more spooky maps to go around.

This map is something that I'm sure you'll find useful regardless of the season: a graveyard for all your brain-eating, undead killing, tomb robbing and beloved-npc-just-died-so-let's-raise-them-as-a-zombie-at-their-funeral-while-the-bard-cries needs.

There's three main grave areas. The easternmost is mostly protected by the wall, making it a bit more difficult to get in or out. The walls of the one in the south and the one located in the northwest are in varying degrees of destruction so they are more easy to access from the road.

Regardless, all the graves also make for perfect cover.

Graveyard 22x30




Day by day it's getting colder over where I live and that inspired me to bring you a new snowy map.
This one is a forest that has been just recently been covered in snow, the snowflakes still falling from the sky.

The players have to be careful to keep warm if they decide to camp in this environment, though, for the snow could just keep coming and not let up!

On the bottom part of the map you can find a raised elevation that can be accessed either by walking or climbing and where you can place any kind of enemy with ranged attacks to give the party a hard time if they decide to stay on the lower parts of the battlefield.

There's also plenty of trees to use as cover, so be sure to use them to your advantage to offer a good challenge to those murder-hobos.

Snowy Forest 22x30



Hello again!

Today I have for you my first desert map, one that's pretty good for a random encounter in the hot and dry Dark Sun setting.

The interesting features in this map are the slightly different looking sand in the middle of the map. I thought you guys could use it as either quick sand, which is sure to provide your players with a more interesting encounter, or to add more flavor to the environment and describe that someone (or something) has been recently digging around the area.

There's a few cacti scattered around too, and you can use them to deal piercing damage to players and monsters alike.

Lastly I've placed many raised areas that your players or their enemies can use to their advantage in combat.

Desert Plateau 22x30



Greetings once more!

This one is the free map I gave to my patrons last month, I decided to make it smaller but a little bit more detailed.

This map is a summoning room that I thought you guys could use as the end of a Necromancy-themed dungeon. I've drawn a summoning circle and book cases filled with eldritch tomes. Of note is the big grimoire resting atop the easternmost table which is the primary source of knowledge for the Necromancer that inhabits the place.

There's also a trap door which could lead to an additional room where the players find the abducted people the dark wizard uses as fodder to the forbidden lords of the Depths that grants them their power. Or as an alternative, it could be used to get the players out of the dungeon faster, Skyrim-style. But don't forget to lock it with something powerful!

Summoning Room 12x9




I'm back with a new river-featuring map. This one has a wider river than what I've usually drawn on my previous maps; The reason behind it being that I thought that the water (at the DM's discretion) is shallow and your players can actually walk through it.

Even if shallow, crossing the water is no easy feat on the heat of battle and you could treat it as difficult terrain to make the encounter more interesting.

As always, with bodies of water comes the possibility of lightning damage inflicted by clever wizards and sorcerers that take advantage of their surroundings.

Some of the rocks in the middle provide with an alternate route to cross the river without getting one's feet wet, so be sure to take it into account for your battle plans!

If the whole shallow water thing is not your cup of tea you can treat it as a deeper river too since in the artwork I left the depth ambiguous to facilitate both scenarios.

Forest River 22x30




I wanted to do another snowy map that would go well with the other one I drew at the beginning of November. This time I added a path connecting North, East, and South.

Like with most of my maps I added a couple of raised terrain for more advantageous combat positions in the top left and bottom right portions of the map. Your players can access the top right elevation by walking, but they'd need to climb the bottom right cliff.

Snow isn't exactly the easiest surface to walk on, so remember it's up to the DM's discretion to treat it as difficult terrain and cut the character's movement by half.

Snowy Forest Path 22x30


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