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D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20


This time it's something I haven't done in ages. This small dungeon can work wonders when you need your players to go on a quick dungeon crawl.

Fill it with some monsters and treasure and have yourself a classic old-school adventure!

Along with more cave maps, I have the idea to provide you all with more "Random Dungeons" like this in the future so you can have a good library of dungeon maps at your disposal for whenever your players wander off to some old tomb or ruin and you don't have a particular location in mind.

Small Dungeon 23x30


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Very nice! I like small dungeon settings like this that you can mix and match for a quick dungeon crawl. Excellent work!

Thank you very much!

This time I've opted to draw the classic forest battle map, but in a more mountainous landscape. This one will come handy whenever you're sending your players off to the more rocky lands of the continent. Say, to a far-away kingdom of Mountain Dwarves.

On to the battle map itself: good cover opportunities with all the rocks scattered around; Hiding opportunities on the tree tops and the bushes.

There's also plenty of open space should the players (or their enemies) need it for their battle plan. For example to lure hidden monsters out of the trees and have a clear line of sight to them.

Mountain Forest 23x30



On their travels the party of adventurers gets hold of a small boat. Not exactly knowing where their journey would take them, they use it to go down the river.

After a while the flora starts to change and the tall, green trees are replaced by a plethora of multi-colored giant mushrooms! Where is this strange place they now find themselves in? The wizard thinks they have somehow plane-shifted to the Feywild, but not everyone is entirely convinced.

Whatever the case, this new land presents a new opportunity for adventure!

Giant Mushroom Forest 24x30



Rime of the Frostmaiden is releasing soon. Really soon. And what better way to prepare for the new sourcebook than with a frosty landscape that you can use in preparation for the new adventure?

Sure to come in handy for those random encounters in the icy tundra of Icewind Dale, this map can be the perfect location for a really cool fight.

And even if you're not planning on running the module, I'm sure you can fit this battle map on any Winter setting of your choice.

The map is divided in two: the top part is mostly open, but with cover opportunities. And the bottom half has the elevated terrain.

On the bottom left there's a good spot to place a secret entrance to a cave if you so desire, giving your players a hook to go on a dungeon crawl.

Snowy Mountain Wilderness 22x30



Rime of the Frostmaiden released not too long ago and I want to share with you another snowy map that you and your group can use if you decide to run the adventure module. And even if you don't, it can always be useful for your Winter campaigns or the snowy regions of the continent.

Anyway, you could use the map in any number of random encounters or side quests. Or perhaps you could even use it at the beginning of the campaign as an alternate start where the party arrives to a coast near Icewind Dale.

The map is fairly open, to portray that icy wastes look that I think goes along quite well with the location. But it also features a few rocky formations to use as cover or height advantage.

Snowy Coast 24x32



Greetings once again!

Are you ready to take the battle to the streets? I have the map just for that!

You can use this when the party has accepted to retrieve the belongings of an old gnome mage who is currently living in the local inn. It would seem that giant spiders have gotten comfy inside her house and she wants a very specific bottle of wine from her cellar. It's a very fine wine, you see.

But the spiders have proven to be too many, overwhelming the adventurers. Scared for their lives they run outside to the streets, hoping the spiders will stay inside. The spiders, though, knock the door down and follow them wherever they go for a chance to eat tasty adventurer meat.

Now on the streets, the group devises a plan to catch the pests making use of the cover the buildings provide and the possibility of attacking from the roofs.

City Streets 23x30



On one of their many travels, the heroes are able to find an encampment hastily set up in the middle of a snowstorm. Their past experiences have taught them to expect trouble ahead, but maybe this time it'll be different.

The party finds out that some other travelers have been trying to escape from a gang of evil-doers. Tired and hungry, the strangers decided to rest a little. But the weather is harsh, and now they're deciding to quickly pack their things and continue on.

That is, unless the party decides to help them get rid of their pursuers.

Snowy Camp 23x30



How did you know that when my guys are going to get back from the Land of the Bad Dead Ancestors they're going to need somewhere to stay.


Exactly what I wanted.

Thanks for all of these.


This quaint little village sits alongside a peaceful river to the West. While life here seems idyllic and relaxing, the recent war has had consequences even here.

The folks that live here are scared for their lives, foreign armies from the Dark Lord have been ransacking the place and the king doesn't seem to be able to help the defenseless people.

Enter the mighty party of heroes, whose heroics have reached far and wide. They will defend this place at all costs and restore peace to the village once more. Or that would be the case if the archer didn't have so terrible aim that their flaming arrow starts a fire, leaving everyone homeless. Whoops.

Riverside Village 20x27



The group of adventurers have headed out to barter with (or if everything goes south, slay) the White Dragon and obtain a powerful artifact that's currently in its power.

But before they can do that they have to travel through the mighty mountain. The path is going to be dangerous and will be a challenge in its own right.

After climbing a considerable portion they find themselves with a hanging bridge that doesn't look very stable. Will the heroes be daring enough to cross it or will they try to find an alternate way of crossing?

Snowy Mountain Bridge Path 23x30


Level Up!

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