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D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

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At the end of the ancient stone path, the party find themselves face to face with a magical pond. Or so the sorcerer tells us.

While debating whether to take a chance and take a sip of the magic water to see it's properties, the group is ambushed by the Owlbears who like to hunt in these surroundings using the dense foliage all around.

After a fierce battle the adventurers decide to take a sample of water for further investigation. Little did they know that disturbing the waters would open a portal in the pond that would lead them to a place they did not expect.

Forest Pond 23x30


The snow and the cold have been hard on the party of adventurers. They have been hoping to rest somewhere warm for days on end with no luck. Some of them are getting really desperate, for grave wounds and broken spirits plague the once-confident heroes.

The gods finally smile towards the brave warriors and much traveling later, the group finally reaches the one thing they've been trying to find: civilization.

Tired but with reinvigorated resolve they go on about all the mead they'll drink and all the songs they'll sing on the first tavern they see. But they're not prepared for the dark secret this place holds. And if they're not careful they just might end up being another one of the many disappearances of this cursed place. It seems the gods weren't smiling after all.


So, this time I have made a village map that's a bit more zoomed out than usual. I made it with a 1 square = 10ft scale in mind, but as always it's up to you to choose!

Snowy Village 23x30


On this snowy forest battle map your party can have a really cool time blasting their enemies away with the aid of clever positioning.

They can use the elevated terrain to their advantage and use the dense foliage so their enemies don't stand a chance!

The crossroads is a good place as any to rob some caravans too, should the adventurers be of the evil inclination.

Snowy Forest Path 23x30


Well hidden in the woods there's a forbidden place where countless sacrifices have been made. The ghosts of those who have been fodder for the angry gods now roam seeking vengeance. Maybe a group of heroes can lift the curse of those who are trapped between life and death, or maybe they too will succumb to the malice that corrupts the poor souls of the damned.


So this is a battle map that's inspired a by the opening area in Fatal Frame II. In the middle there's a stone altar to make some sacrificing and also some rock pillars to do some hiding.

The bottom of the map leads further down to maaaybe an abandoned village filled with ghosts, but I wouldn't recommend taking that route to go there since, well, it could very well lead to an unfortunate death if someone isn't adept at climbing. Best to take the path located on the bottom right, much safer that way.

Forest Ritual Site 23x29


This village has been abandoned for some time, and some of the dwellings here have not stood the test of time. They say that the souls of those who once lived here still roam at night.

The vengeful spirits stalk anyone who might visit the village, for they think that's the only way to move on towards a true afterlife.

Just like with the other village from a few weeks ago, I made this one with a 1 square = 10ft scale in mind, but feel free to choose whatever scale works best for you.

Abandoned Village 23x30