D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20


As we all know, a lot of dangers are hiding in the forests of the continent. And especially suspicious are fallen tree trunks that block the road.

Is it a simple thing that occurred naturally or is someone behind it? Could it be a group of bandits wanting to distract the innocent people travelling through here and then rob them?

Forest Path Vol. 6 22x33


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There's a dark place that lies somewhere where the desert sun casts its shadow. This temple, dedicated to the wicked gods that rule this arid land, has seen countless liters of blood spilled in their forbidden name.

Foul rituals are cast to awaken ancient horrors, and literal rivers of blood flow beneath its putrid halls.

Someone important to the brave heroes is now captured by the wizards who rule this temple. Will the adventurers be able to rescue their friend before it is too late?

Desert Sacrifice Temple 30x30



The group of adventurers have finally managed to secure a nice dinner with the elusive noble, whose vast wealth can help them finance their expedition to the lands beyond the Known World.

But there's a reason to the elusiveness of the noble, for they have many enemies and seldom assist in this fine property.

Will the battles this night be fought with words only? Or will swords be drawn and sorceries cast atop posh mahogany dinner tables?

Noble House 22x33




Lost in the snowy woods, cold and hungry, the party continues on their never-ending mission to stop all evil in the world.

Tired, they are on the border of collapse. But at the last moment they're fortunate enough to find a strange contraption in the middle of nowhere.

A successful investigation reveals that this is in fact a teleporter. A way to get them away from this vicious cold.

But will the place they reach be any better? And most importantly, could anything be coming out from the other side to here?

Snowy Forest Clearing 22x33



Always a dangerous terrain, this dark swamps can provide a challenging encounter for the party of adventurers that dare cross it.

Positioning will be very important in any battle that takes place here for something monstrous could be stalking the dark waters and, should they fall, it could spell the end of the brave heroes.

Oh, and did I mention these old bridges don't seem very stable at all? Because they don't.

Swamp Bridges 30x30



The party now has to make their way through the acid-filled mountain, just one of the many obstacles before they reach the fearsome black dragon.

A few green crystals dot the environment, capable of holding powerful magic. The group could try to use them before their enemies, but will they be fast enough?

And there's no need to mention the perils of moving around a green river of death. There might be some creatures capable of withstanding such volatile substance, but parties of adventurers are seldom known for their immunity to it.

Acidic Passage 22x33



The group has gained passage to the secret section of the Great Library. Entering through a well-guarded teleporter, the might heroes are now able to peruse tomes of forbidden lore and spells.

But their quiet study time will have to be cut short unfortunately. Beings from another dimension have discovered the right coordinates and are now planning to raid the secret knowledge contained in these ancient books.

Will the heroes put an end to the invasion, or will they use it as an opportunity to claim some eldritch tomes for their own?

Secret Library 22x22



A huge chamber now lies before the mighty adventurers. The coveted elemental sword now within their grasp.

But getting to it won't be easy, for plenty of obstacles await anyone brave enough to take hold of the fiery blade. Great balls of fire in the halls, deadly lava in the canals below and super heated magic chains will all try to bring the players down.

And if that wasn't enough, the fire elementals, guardians of the sword, will surely defeat anyone who isn't worth of taking hold of the ancient sword.

Fire Sword Chamber 30x30



Far into No Man's Land there's a peculiar place. Boiling tar bubbles without end, and the remains of giant beasts, long forgotten by the implacable passage of time, give us a glimpse into the distant past.

Another overgrown relic is in the middle of it all, the hollow trunk of an ancient tree. Those who venture inside it are said to never come back. But often times these rumors are greatly exaggerated.

Are the heroes brave enough to venture here, in this desolate landscape?

Tar Pit 22x33



An always needed terrain, this further continuation of cave systems is sure to be handy once you start sending your players start exploring the depths of the Earth.

Oh, but it seems someone has managed to be here before the party even imagined to set foot, as evidenced by the multiple barrels and crates lying around. Is this, by any chance, the start of a bigger hideout that lies deeper?

Cave Tunnels 22x33



The adventuring party comes across an encampment in the frozen wilderness, but will the mighty warriors who rest there be friends or foes?

The huge bonfire in the middle provides a beacon of light for the heroes, who tired of travelling along the snow seek for refuge.

But the proud warriors will not just let anyone rest with them, for they will have to prove themselves worthy of the company of seasoned fighters.

Snowy Warriors Camp 30x30



Civilizations rise and fall and sometimes all we have as evidence of their existence are the remnants of the structures that once stood proud.

Now reclaimed by nature once again these ruins serve as hotspots for brave heroes in search for adventure and treasure. But they better be careful, for it is said that some ancient spirits can't let go of their previous life and still roam the places they used to visit most when alive.

So, are the heroes still brave enough?

Forest Ruins 22x33



I need to come up with an adventure involving some tunnels beneath a ruined palace. These maps (especially the underground ones) are giving me ideas. Thanks for posting them!


The party of adventurers has now reached a city filled with canals. A beautiful sight to behold, indeed.

But not so practical once the chase starts and our heroes are forced to jump around boats and swim once they fall.

They can run, and they can try to hide, but will they be successful at it? Or will this city finally get the best of them?

Canal City 30x30



At last, battle after battle in the damp dungeon, the heroes have reached the Vampire Lord’s inner sanctum. A place where blood keeps flowing from the countless victims that their fiendish minions have captured.

The vampire will use this to their advantage and will drink to replenish energy as needed from the blood fountain at the center of the room.

The adventurers will have to think their movements carefully or risk fighting a battle that cannot be won.

Vampire Sanctum 26x26



The undead fortress lies before the mighty adventurers, they who have triumphed over hordes upon hordes of evil beings. Now, one of their most fearsome challenges await behind the ancient doors of this dark castle.

But getting inside won’t be an easy matter, for a few dangers are waiting outside the foul fortress’ walls.

A moat filled with green ooze could dissolve someone at any time. And a bridge of bones that maybe isn’t just a bridge, but a place where resuscitated skeletons spawn until the end of time. They’re ready to grab the adventurer’s ankles as soon as they try to cross.

Will they make it inside or will they perish before they set a foot across the door’s threshold?

Skeleton Fortress Entrance 30x30


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