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D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20


Now inside the undead fortress, the party of adventurers have finally managed to reach the source of the necrotic energy. A vast chamber filled with ectoplasmic ooze awaits them alongside the ancient lich that rules over the reanimated dead.

It is not known what foul magics have created this ectoplasm but coming into contact with it can’t be a good idea. Will it turn living creatures into mindless zombies? Or will it melt the adventurer’s faces? A powerful lich could even decide what it does whenever they want, for it is an extension of their own immortal soul.

Ooze Fountain Chamber 24x24


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Hidden from everyone’s sight, far beyond the thick fog of this horrible night, there’s a nefarious brew boiling in a giant cauldron of necrotic filth.

Practitioners of the Dark Arts have set up base in this ancient graveyard. Defiling the eternal rest of warriors of old. Their evil concoction brings the dead back to life, giving them a second unlife they never desired.

But the wicked wizards might finally meet their end tonight, for a party of brave adventurers approaches. And they won’t stand for this corruption to keep spreading any longer.

Skeleton Cauldron 30x30



While traveling in the unforgiving frozen wasteland the group of adventurers comes across an ancient temple. A temple that has been here for millennia.

Cold and hungry, the party takes refuge inside, lighting the old braziers that were once used in the holy ceremonies the sanctuary hosted.

Now only a peculiar statue remains, one that is seemingly made of solid gold. But is it a holy treasure that group has found? Or could it be a cursed artifact that is ready to put an end to our heroes’ quest?

Snowy Temple 31x31



Adventurers get to all kind of hijinks in the woods. But for the budding party of heroes there’s nothing quite like finding a new place to loot, destroy and show its inhabitants who’s boss.

The ancient ruins stand before them, but in their eagerness to enter they forget about the mad as hell villagers they just robbed for some reason. And these fierce villagers do pack a punch and they’re ready to get back what’s rightfully theirs.

Will the group be able to continue their shenanigans, or will the angry mob put them to rest?

Forest Dungeon Entrance 22x33



Perhaps trying to escape from the city guards or looking for a missing item or maybe trying to slay a sludge monster. The reason doesn’t really matter. The thing is the party has gotten themselves into a sticky situation by coming down to the city sewers.

Places like these are always confusing and full of nasty stuff, who knows what could be lurking beneath all that filth?

The good news is that it’s also a great way to navigate the city undetected, provided the heroes can survive the revolting waters they now find themselves in.

City Sewers 30x30



The old mine tracks have led the adventurers deeper into the cave. And as they make their way towards the giant monster’s lair, they are ambushed by a group of underground vermin that are eager to take their prey.

Now it’s a fight for supremacy, using their best judgement for tactics the heroes try to emerge victorious once more. But the creatures from the depths are clever as well and they will stop at nothing to see our heroes become the evening’s meal.

Cave Tunnels Vol. 5 30x30



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As if by magic, an enormous sinkhole has appeared in the outskirts of the city. Rumors have begun circulating of beings from another dimension coming out of it.

The party is now tasked with investigating the mysterious phenomenon, but are they prepared for what they will find there?

Could it be demons coming from deep inside the Earth? An unusual sandworm that somehow has made its way here? Or has an underground civilization finally blown up the earth, ready now to wage war on the surface?

Forest Sinkhole 30x30



Tired and thirsty, the party is on the verge of collapse. The hot desert sun has taken its toll on the adventurers and they’re pretty much ready to give in to the scorching heat.

But, as if the gods have finally heard their prayers, they soon set their eyes upon what many consider to be just a hallucination caused by heatstroke. A feast for their tired souls now lays before them, a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert now waits for the heroes.

But is the group going to have a calm, relaxing time in this small bit of paradise? Or is this place used as a lure by the sand people to capture their victims?

Oasis 30x30



The party has successfully infiltrated the main headquarters of the Fire God cult. And after many battles they have finally reached the inner-most sanctum: a place where the evil worshippers make daily sacrifices to their destructive god.

But trying to sneak past to assassinate the leader won’t be an easy task. The adventurers will have to deal with the fire pits in addition to the cultist that stand vigilant towards any intrusion.

Will the party be successful in their mission, or will their bones melt away in the hottest fires, never to be seen again?

Fire Sacrificial Chamber 30x30



The party has made their way to the imposing entrance of the Ice Queen fortress. But the door leading inside the ancient structure is well-guarded.

The brave warriors of old, forever sworn to protect their Queen, have been risen in eternal undeath. The cold might bite their old bones, but they have always been and will always be prepared to fend off any intruders who might harm their kingdom, no matter the circumstances.

Using the arcane runes inscribed on the old stone, the defenders can move quickly and efficiently around the battlefield, teleporting from tower to tower with ease.

Can the party assault the gates successfully? Or will they be risen by command of the Queen so they can serve her forevermore?

Snowy Fortress Entrance 30x30



As the weather starts to clear up, the group of adventurers decide to pack their belongings and once more resume their travels in the North.

Dangerous are the roads in this part of the World, for plenty of creatures and evil doers could attack the now paranoid heroes at any moment.

But despite their tiredness and the cold that makes their bones creak with every step, they are sure to use all their experience in combat they have gained until now to use the terrain that surrounds them to their advantage.

Snowy Forest Path 30x30



The adventurers have finally tracked the source of the icy spirits. It has lead them to a remote location in a place where not many set foot anymore.

These towers channel the arcane elemental magic of ice, offering and easy conduit between the chaos and the material plane. It is said that with enough power and knowledge one could travel to the Plains of Ice, a plane that ancient elemental spirits call their home.

But getting there won't be easy: the massive energy concentration is sure to attract unwanted company. And whoever desires to travel will have to deal with it.

Can our heroes concentrate on the difficult spell and defend themselves?

Icy Towers 30x30



The party has successfully tracked the entrance to the resting place of the three ancient warrior lords. They used to rule with an iron fist a small kingdom that is now just footnotes in the history books of the arcane library.

The group of adventurers plan to loot their tombs, hoping to find magic weapons and items to aid them on their quest. But it won’t be quite so simple, for old warding spells still protect the sanctum. And maybe, just maybe, the kings aren’t so dead.

Can our heroes survive this dungeon crawl?

Ancient Tombs 23x25



The party has learned from the wise People of the Sands of a hidden entrance to an old catacomb full of treasure. The passageway: an obelisk in the middle of the unforgiving desert.

The ruins that surround the obelisk are tell-tale signs of a history long past and yet the tall structure remains, almost intact.

And so, could some sort of magic be at work? Or could the entrance be such a simple task? The adventurers will have to find out and deal with the consequences of their actions, regardless of their true intentions.

Desert Obelisk 30x30


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