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D&D General Digital Maps for Roll20

After successfully evading the guards outside the mine, the party of adventurers has finally reached the inside.

A large underground complex now lays before them and they quickly go to investigate the foreman's office, hoping to end the mining operation once and for all.

To the surprise of many of the heroes, the evil foreman is nowhere to be found. The office is abandoned, seemingly left in a hurry. Now they prepare to brave the depths of the mine with one question on their minds: where could the foreman be?

Ouroweave Mine 50x40


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Why do all fantasy mines have mine carts on rails, even though they weren't invented until the 17th century?!

Not a criticism, your map looks great. Just grumbling about the trope.
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After a nasty trip to the city sewers where the group tried to investigate the source of the vile greenish ichor, the fierce adventurers finally end up outside, near the edge of the city.

All the sewage from the city disgustingly pours in this area, but even that can't stop the evil gang of mages who contaminated the sewers with sentient sludge in the first place from showing up.

Waiting outside, the head mage and their minions will have a final encounter with the mighty group of adventurers.

Surprised, ambushed and drenched in filth, the heroes prepare for battle. Will they be able to get out of this sticky situation?

City Sewer Outfall 22x33


Along the path in the snowy landscape there's an old watchtower that saw plenty of use in wars of yore. Now abandoned by the royal army, the tower is mostly inhabited by bandits and other wrong-doers who happen to be strong enough take a hold of it.

These crafty individuals have even managed to repair one of the war-era ballistae and use it to rob travelers blind.

But the party of adventurers who happen to find themselves in this place are no strangers to danger. And even though the advantage provided by the fortification is plenty, the heroes always seem to find a way to succeed.

Snowy Watchtower 22x33


While traveling in the woods, the party stumbles upon a very old, very large tree trunk. The trunk, carved and imposing, serves as a bridge between the elevated surfaces of the terrain.

A battle soon ensues, the adventurers surprised by the group of owlbears that came seemingly out of nowhere. But a refined strategic positioning, along with a clever use of the bridge as cover, can ensure the survival of our heroes once more.

Forest Bridge Crossing 23x30



While traveling in the woods, the party stumbles upon a very old, very large tree trunk. The trunk, carved and imposing, serves as a bridge between the elevated surfaces of the terrain.
Oh, that's very useful! You can never have too many "travel" maps, because those are the ones you're most likely to need at short notice to insert into another adventure. And a unique terrain feature makes the fight more interesting. Thanks!

Young wizards from far and wide like to come to the Stoneflame Library not only for its vast selection of books on subjects of all kinds. They also like the relaxed atmosphere the library provides, with many magic users consorting with each other on how to create new magic spells.

Wizards of certain renown can also enjoy the more private quarters, located deep in the building. Here they can even get access to more rare tomes, knowledge that not everyone with a pair of eyes should know.

The library administrator is a friendly fellow who most of the time is locked in his office, along with their most trusted scholars. What goes in that room only they know, but I guess it's something harmless and it doesn't have anything to do with summoning beings from hell. Not at all.

Could be used as a stand along library or as a part of a bigger whole!

Stoneflame Library 22x33


It is time for the party of heroes to continue their journey underground!

A series of complex cave systems, this place is the home of plenty of horrible creatures. But driven by their will and valor, the group presses on towards victory, defeating every foe that lurks deep inside the earth.

So be sure to place some cool monsters and let your group have a nice cavern crawl and collect some loot!

Cave Tunnels 40x50


In a remote village, far away from the Light, young 'uns have been vanishing well into the night.

The people of the village lived in fear, afraid of a wild beast that liked to eat their tender offspring. Enter a party of valiant adventurers, who for the right price, agreed to track down the beast and put it to rest.

Never could they have imagined that in reality, the kidnappings were for something more wicked and done by something more monstrous.

The heroes tracked one of the children who recently went missing to a small set of huts deep into the swampy woods. To their horror they discovered that the children were used in terrible rituals to appease the evil gods of a sect of swamp hags, draining them of their life force.

Thankfully they arrived just in time to save the children and after a fierce battle were Light and Dark collided, the heroes were triumphant. Thankful for their efforts, the adventurers were rewarded handsomely by the villagers and a feast was had in their honor.

Swamp Hags' Huts 22x33


On their way to their very, very important quest, the group of adventurers decide to go the way of the road less traveled. Now lost in the woods because no one has the minimum sense of direction, the party is threatened by all sorts of wild beasts.

Monsters of all kinds also like to have adventurers for breakfast and so everyone will have to fight so they can escape certain death. But what is lurking behind all those trees this time? Direwolves, giant spiders, a lost specter? As always, it's up to you.

Forest Wilderness 22x33


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