D&D General DMs Guild Classics POD & PDF Wishlist

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If anyone has decent copies they can scan I’m sure they’d take them.
Is that something DTRPG has talked about/offered?

I remember WOTC’s first pdf partner discussing/requesting to do that in the early 2000’s, but they planned to cut the books up in their scanning process, so I looked no further.


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Is that something DTRPG has talked about/offered?
Back in 2016, DMs Guild offered a US$50 bounty per scan of missing titles. I can't find a source confirming the cancellation of that project/offer, but from memory, it was soon discontinued because almost none of the submissions they received was usable. However, I'm not aware of any public request from DMs Guild for people to send them physical copies of missing titles.


Doesn't really help that some of those titles are worth a LOT more than 50 bucks.

Oh wait, I see that was an offer for people to scan their stuff with a typical home scanner. So that wouldn't really destroy the copies. I guess it depends on the condition of their copies and their skill at scanning them.


Not sure when it got added, but I do see this one is on DMsGuild now.
MC13 and a few other products had (and still have) incorrect "date added" dates in drivethru's database, showing it as added Feb 1, 2001. I thus initially overlooked it when compiling the list, though I have since updated the list with the mis-dated products.

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