D&D General DMs how do you feel about players fudging?

DMs how do you feel about players fudging?

  • Very positive. Fudging is good.

    Votes: 2 4.1%
  • Positive. Fudging is acceptable.

    Votes: 2 4.1%
  • Neutral. Fudging sure is a thing.

    Votes: 4 8.2%
  • Negative. Fudging is dubious.

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • Very negative. Fudging is bad.

    Votes: 36 73.5%


I am fine with player's fudging, and/or cheating, however you want to call it. And the reason is no different than in the other threads... the D&D board game at my table is not that big a thing that we need to keep it holy and sacred. It is merely just another tool we use to create drama and story, just like everything else in the game.

If I have a table of like eight players and it takes a good chunk of time to make its way around to a player and that player has missed their attack three times in a row thus far... were that player to tell me on the fourth time around that they hit when they actually didn't... I wouldn't question them, I wouldn't ask to see the roll, I wouldn't even take the time to consider the idea that they lied to me. I would not care. In fact, if they were feel pretty down and demoralized for the hour they've been sitting there in a combat essentially doing nothing except make a couple of sucky die rolls that entire time... if that player then fudged a roll just to get themselves into the game finally? Good for them! I'm glad they could feel better about participating in the game that night, because their becoming happier in playing makes the rest of the game more enjoyable for everyone.

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DMs fudge, players cheat.
The DM is a player, too. So DMs absolutely can cheat. And often do. Bizarrely, a lot of DM cheating is lauded around here.
I don't fudge, I think fudging is generally a bad idea, except perhaps when DMing the game for children who are particularly sensitive to things not going their way.
Exactly this. Perfectly said.
I don't cheat, and I believe cheating is on the other hand unquestionably miserable.


We need* a poll about "How do you feel about eating fudge at the table?", "How do you feel about reading SuperFudge at the table?" and "How does fudge feel about being eaten"

*Please don't.


The DM is a player, too. So DMs absolutely can cheat. And often do. Bizarrely, a lot of DM cheating is lauded around here.
In case you didn't know:

(a) throughout the history of the game, "player" has commonly meant one who is controlling a PC, and not the DM [as opposed to "playing D&D" which both parties do]

(b) the DMG in various editions has said the DM can fudge if needed, and that something authorized by the rules of a game typically isn't considered cheating [in the sense of having the really negative connotation that gets one kicked from a tournament in some games, or a penalty in some sports]. Things that aren't cheating can certainly also have negative connotations.

I hope that helps!
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I'm running a Pathfinder 1E game right now so that colors my opinion. There are so many modifers, it's easy to forget a negative factor or something.

In D&D 5E there are less things to get confused over...


Players fudging is just cheating. If you don't wan't to play a game in which dies randomize things outside your control, why do younplay a game in which dice randomize things outside your control?

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