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More specifically, what makes you, as a DM, sit down and change a rule?
I only change rules if the official rule is negatively impacting our fun. That can mean a lot of things, of course, but usually it has to either be frustrating, hard to remember, or actively kill some specific sort of enjoyment.
What makes you craft different lore for your world?
Like, change the lore of goblins or dragons or elves or whatever? I don't usually go crazy but I like to have a few specific elements that differentiate this world from the core assumptions. I am very loose with world building and don't put much stock in "lore" as a component of fun.
What makes you not allow/or insist on the presence of certain races, classes, backgrounds?
Gnomes are the worst.
What makes you not allow certain combos?
I don't usually police character generation. And I usually regret that about half a session in to the campaign.
What makes you use certain books and not use others?
If I own it, we can use it. Also, if it is available on Fantasy grounds (my VTT of choice due mostly to sunk cost.) Generally speaking i don't care for player focused mechanics added to the game, but like I said I try to stay out of character generation.

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