Do You Prefer to Play a Human PC When RPGing?

Do You Prefer to Play a Human PC When RPGing?

  • Yes

    Votes: 262 59.0%
  • No

    Votes: 182 41.0%

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Wyrm Pilot

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Some character concepts work best with human characters, but some are better with other races, and some arevery race-specific. I like playing human characters, but I don't prefer it to any of the other standard races or their Core Rules sub-races.

Wyrm Pilot
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Mod Squad
Staff member
I voted no. But I note that failing to have a preference for does not mean a preference against. Looking back, I find I have little or no preference for a paraticular race.

Dog Moon

For the most part, yes, though I do enjoy the occasional weird thing. Recently, however, I've been diggin' the Halfling. I'm not sure why though. Of the five games I play in, I have 3 Humans and 2 Halflings.


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I'm with Umbran on this one, I'm not opposed to playing humans, but play other races as often. It's rare that I'll play a gnome, but I don't know why. They just don't seem to feature in my thought process when making a character.


Heh... 50/50 split as of this post.

This one is a tough one to answer, but I went with no.

Why its tough is that sometimes race is a secondary consideration, and the human feats and skill points add some needed flexibility in getting what I want out of the character. So I said no. I don't necessarily prefer humans per se. I do prefer bonus feats at first level. ;)


Not only do I not "prefer" humans, but I haven't actually played a human yet in our current campaign. Two gnomes (regular and whisper models), one elf, and I'm currently brewing up a dwarf.


I prefer to play a character that inspires me. If it's human, great. If not, great. This is not a nuance that the poll allows for.


Nope, since 3.X came out I've played a dwarf, half-elf, half-orc, and a gnome. I have no preference to what race I play (though I sometimes lean towards the gnome).


First Post
I prefer humans, they are just easier for me to put myself in their shoes than say an elf or half-orc. If I play another race it is usually a dwarf.


First Post
I usually play humans.

I've played other races but the extra feat, skill point and no prefered class usually pulls me over to human.


Unless I'm going for a class or concept that absolutely demands a demihuman, I'll go with the human. As has been mentioned, the extra feat, skill points, Favored Class: Any are just too nice to pass up, on the whole.

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