Does TSR3 Have Nazi Connections?

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Evidence has been compiled by an anonymous website which suggests that TSR3's Star Frontiers: New Genesis (Star Frontiers being one of the trademarks under legal 'dispute' with WotC right now) is written by an author with extreme Nazi sympathies.

I'm not going to directly post the hateful images and tweets here because the content is extreme. It's one of the most focused outpourings of hate that I've personally seen.

But there is a website [CONTENT WARNING -- I need to post the link as evidence but I honestly do not recommend that you click on it] where somebody has anonymously and comprehensively compiled screenshots which indicate that a Twitter feed called 'DaveFilmsUS' (that they allege belongs to New Genesis author Dave Johnson) is filled with hate speech and Nazi imagery. These tweets include racist, homophobic, and transphobic content, along with Nazi and white supremacy memes. There are images of swastikas, and messages about the 'replacement' of white people. The tweets cover a long period of time, going back to at least 2017. They are extreme.

Star Frontiers: New Genesis is a book whose existence many doubt. It shows up as 'sold out' on TSR3's webstore on Dungeon Hobby Shop. Earlier this year, TSR3 posted manipulated images of piles of books (below) made to look like they were Star Frontiers stock. To the best of my knowledge, nobody has seen this book. The game was announced in June 2021.

Meanwhile, Star Frontiers owner Wizards of the Coast continues to sell the game on DriveThruRPG. TSR3 attempted legal action against WotC last year with the goal of claiming ownership of some of WotC's IP; WotC responded with a countersuit which is still ongoing.

Johnson, who runs Dave Johnson Games, also publishes an ezine called Alarms & Journeys, a name presumably 'inspired' by the the well-known zine Alarums and Excursions by the award-winning game designer Lee Gold. Alarums and Excursions has been running since 1975, and is still published to this day.

TSR3 is run by Justin LaNasa (a tattooist, weapon designer, and briefly a politician who refers to himself as Sir Justin LaNasa), who sent (real) TSR alumnus Tim Kask profane messages in January of this year. TSR3 is the third company to bear the name, and is in no way connected to the TSR which published Dungeons & Dragons from the 1970s to the 1990s.

WotC's countersuit against TSR3, which names the company and Justin LaNasa personally, currently remains ongoing.



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This does not have to mean "appeasement" of the far right.
I clearly does when all opposition, from deplatforming to a simple punch to the face is all considered too far and 'vigilante violence' and we're told to be scared of their amount of guns (which is why they have the guns).

And all this talk of appeasement without saying appeasement is real easy to do for people who won't be first on the train to the gas chamber.

and again when the time comes I 100% support the need for people to physically stand up to them.

Just to be clear, "when the time comes" generally equates to, "When they've done enough damage and hurt enough people. Specifically, something or someone I care about."

While I think we all understand laws are made to punish offenses, not prevent them... I prefer to avoid waiting until they become a viable, organized threat.

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."
Martin Niemöller​

There is history about this. We should not have to learn this all over again. As a 50 year old, I can say I've directly spoken to people with tattoos and scars directly related to the "philosophy" of the nazis.

And they are not the only ones: We have the KKK, white supremist skinheads... Bigotry is rife in this country, and they are organized, political, and willing to use violence while they think they are being protected by legal and political means. (I mean, they get abandoned at the drop of the hat, but these aren't the brightest people, yanno?)


Rules Tinkerer and Freelance Writer
I really, REALLY, hate the idea that I, and members of my minority groups and various other minority groups, should set aside our safety and comfort because MAYBE someone can talk SOME people out of wanting us dead.

And @FoolishFrost hit that nail right on the head...

"When the time comes".

"When I decide that the people I totally agree are bad and dangerous have done enough harm based on my personal tolerance for harm to myself and other people, only then is it time to fight back with the methods that I consider acceptable!"

It's ugly. It's so ugly.

This is a Strawman.
no it is a very detailed and thoughtful talk... the fact that you can just throw the word strawman out like that makes me think there is little we can discuse.
Great! You talk them off the ledge, I'll punch the people actively and openly calling for my death, sending me death threats, and generally trying to convince others that I don't deserve the same rights as anyone else as part of their continued political pogrom to... My death.

And the death of everyone who isn't like them.
you do realize those people call for my death too. They also call for the death of my cousins my half brother and my niece.
you are not unique for being targeted by Nazis... they target A LOT of people... it's kind of how it is so easy to see how evil they are.
If that person ISN'T a Nazi they're not going to BECOME a Nazi over a fistfight,
no, I doubt anyone WOULD become a nazi over a fist fight. However for someone throwing 'strawman' around you are taking alot of what I said, ignoring the parts that don't fit your counter argument and then trying to make a simple 1+1 out of a VERY complex situation.

The pipeline to becomeing an Nazi is long, and there are many points that you CAN talk people out of that path. However if that fist fight makes them ever so slightly more sympathetic to the person punched for talking and starts them down that path you did not help...
and you can still try and talk them down. Good luck. If you CAN'T talk them down, it's not because of the fistfight, it's because they were already a Nazi.
see you understand... at least in theory. No they can't all be talked down some are WAY too far gone. I would still like to save the ones I can.
You don't go "Uh! You can't hit him! He was just talking! Therefore DEATH TO ALL MINORITIES is my totally rational political swing in response to this situation!"
wait did I say YOU shouldn't hit them, or did I say the world needs people who will AND people who wont and they need to work togather? I don't remember telling YOU or anyone not do what you think is best... I do remember saying that without people like me there is a risk of you making it worse... but never did I tell you not to do what you think is best.
The world doesn't need Soldiers or Cops but that's a whole other argument.
please don't go there
Peaceful Protest works against GOVERNMENTS and BUSINESSES
Not Nazi jerkwads who don't currently have power.
did I say that peacful protest would stop spencer, or any nazi/neo nazi that was already too far gone? no I said talking to people in the pipeline to becomeing them can help thin the ranks of the worst.
again you throw strawman around then pic a peace of the idea out of context and argue against an argument I am not making.
Peaceful Protests, for them, bring CAMERAS and the chance to present their horrible, terrible, evil views as being reasonable. "Both Sides" politics gives the Nazi Political Machine weight it should not, and does not, have.
what both sides... there side is evil and I want to show how evil it is and convince as many people as possible not to get close to it.
Also Peaceful Protest doesn't work against Nazi Governments.
did someone suggest that?
Several people tried and got arrested, tried, convicted, and beheaded between breakfast and dinner of the same day.
non violent people were also killed arrested and beheaded for hiding people that were targets when if they had just NOT DONE ANYTHING they themselves would not be targets... the fact that what they did to help was not violent is not the same as doing nothing
But you do not get to tell people who are the targets of Bigotry not to fight back against bigotry by any means needed.
if I don't get to tell people anything (especially since I never said not to fight back) why do you get to tell people who are targets of Bigotry how they can react to it?
People get out of prison. And then you've got White Supremacists from across the state (or however wide the net is for the population of that prison) talking to each other and organizing. Kind of like... Y'know.
yes people get out of prison. I am 100% of the mind we need to work more on reform and less on punishment, but when they comit there next crime (or in a perfect world well planing it) they go back.

do you think every criminal ever needs to be killed? do you want the punisher?
reat! For that guy. And the next guy over that you could never talk down if you spent 20 years gently debating him?G
that is why you need BOTH people talking and people willing to punch... but they need to not turn on each other.
Then either I die a Martyr or people come to my aid.
or you die alone and no one knows... not everyone gets to be a protaganist and you sshould not assume you can force everyone to be willing to throw there life away.
But at least I'll have stood up to Nazis in my life, rather than passively letting them spread their hatred.
what makes you think I am not standing up to them? because my default weapon is words not punches? because my default is to shield not attack?
Or, worse, given some measure of validity to their position by trying to debate it.
right becuse argueing against evil is evil... this is the argument i hate and scares me that people make.
you are not a superhero... and in the real world I don't want vigilantes who answer to no one making choices based on what they think is right and wrong (notice that describe MOST heroes and villains)


Well, that was fun
Staff member
no it is a very detailed and thoughtful talk... the fact that you can just throw the word strawman out like that makes me think there is little we can discuse.
OK, so there's a lot of threads right now which have devolved into you have one very long intense argument with a single person. It seems to happen in many of the threads you participate in, and it's becoming really disruptive to the forum. I'm going to need you to disengage (again).

As a side note:
You do know this is not the only kind of bigotry going on, right? It's across the board. It's political. It's the exploitation of marginalized groups of all types in order to motivate a group in a single direction. The primary motivators are to gather sociopolitical power for those at the top of the food chain, and weaponize the base against what they consider their enemies.

They do their best to limit education, prevent any competing power structures, and using peer pressure and powerful threats to get those neutral and against them to step in line. All the while, inserting more and more people into positions of power. Not all of these positions are political


Krampus ate my d20s
Nope. Put me in the Nazis do not get to be in society unless they fully recant their antisocial ethos. Sometimes you can deplatform. Sometimes you punch them in the head. White Supremacy is a cancer that must be combated at its very whisper.
NuTSR can enjoy another bag of sodium crusted members for giving this slime mold any daylight.

Feck fascists. Feck tolerance for them. I've seen these bastards spew their naughty word online and get away with it.

Get them the fuek offline and out of public and political spaces. They don't fester in the dark, they die in the dark.

Ths naughty word has to stop well, well before things get worse. Cause they're already pretty naughty word bad.

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