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Several books just dropped now:

There's also the Aesthetics Guide to Ansalon which looks to be a faithful conversion of the original adventures to 5e

However, I noticed that the creator posted them up on Reddit for free, so dunno what differences there are for the free vs paid versions.

Edit: Dragonlance Companion just dropped!

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However, I noticed that the creator posted them up on Reddit for free, so dunno what differences there are for the free vs paid versions.

The links were all made private and the Dropbox files have been deleted, so looks like they removed them from the other locations.


The four Aesthetics Guide to Ansalon During the War of the Lance by Stephen Bull are quite detailed, and convert the 3.5 version of the modules from MWP to 5e. Together, the page count for the 4 Guides is 323 pages. It's a lot of material. I have found it to be useful, though it does not change the Classic Campaign as much as some other community efforts have.

Tasslehoff's Pouches of Everything (revised) is from the DragonLance Nexus. At 140 pages, the book includes races, classes, spells, and a variety of other crunchy information. It also includes a 1st level adventure - Part 1 of Champions of Krynn. This adventure is inspired by the AD&D "Gold Box PC Game" of the same name, which takes place in the year following the War of the Lance (so it is set after SotDQ as well). Champions of Krynn is 30 pages and includes a large number of maps - including a regional map of the plains of Solamnia which is far more detailed than the region map of the same area in SotDQ; many DMs will find it quite useful for SotDQ as well, depending on the choices their PCs make.

Part 2 and 3 of Champions of Krynn are promised by the authors on DMs Guild over the next ~5 months or so.
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Appreciate the link to my product (Magic of Krynn). You can tell who invests in art, and who doesn't!

Someday I'll need to decide if this is just a way to pay for my hobby, or start investing in the product (art, for example).


When will print on demand versions be available for Tasslehoffs and the rest?
@Splinterverse said their plan was to offer a hardcover POD of Dragonlance Companion. They said it should be available around a month after release, but provided info on getting the bundle discount if you purchase the PDF before POD is offered so if you're waiting to get that discount, there's an option to at least be able to use the PDF now.

Based on their explanation of the POD process, since this is DL Nexus' first release on DM's Guild they might need the sales to reach Gold level before they are eligible for POD options. I went ahead and bought the PDF to help them get there. It's currently listed on the Most Popular List (along with Dragonlance Companion!) so hopefully they'll also be able to offer a POD soon.


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