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I've been thumbing through issue 70 in preparation of doing a conversion of Kingdom of the Ghouls, and there might be a couple of new monsters not in the index. In the cloaker city (p. 63) there is a descption of floaters -- "flying balloon creatures . . . enormous floating gas-beings rangng from 20 to 100 yards long, and up to 20 yards in diameter [!]". There is a stat block, but no monster entry (and as far as I can tell, no description of its "explode" special ability.

The Great Crypt of the Ghouls (p. 67) is described as haunted by "outcast lesser ghouls, a swarm of whispering moths, a small pack of gargoyles, and colonies of death mold."

What the heck is death mold?

Were either of these two monsters ever described further? (Like, say, in a letter to the editor.)


Creature Cataloguer
death mold, i don't know. for some reason, the floater does sound familiar... can't place it for the life of me though.

maybe it's a dead goldfish? ;)


Is there an index somewhere of monsters from those Monstrous Compendium annuals? I never picked up any of them, but it sounds like there were some good monsters there -- mostly from Dragon Magazine, I guess.


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I remember the floater from 2nd Ed. IIRC, it's really a gas spore. Looks like a beholder at long range. Any damage dealt causes it to explode. I have it in one of my 2nd Ed compendiums...hell if I can remember which, though.

Though the gas spores were much smaller (standard beholder-sized) than what is described above, maybe they're related? It would tie in as another mold-based creature to go with the death mold.

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