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Dwimmermount OOC


So... here is the OOC thread for Dwimmermount. If you want to start posting your characters here that'd be cool.

I think we actually have everyone's PC's in the recruiting thread, so I'll start as soon as everyone checks in.

House Rules:

recovery from death PC's die when they hit 0 HP, but after combat his companions can attempt to resuscitate him if he has between 0 and -10 HP. At this point the player can make a saving throw vs. death to recover with a single hitpoint. If any healing magic is used during the resuscitation attempt it provides a bonus to the roll equal to the number of HP it would normally heal. For example if the party's cleric goes down the other players may choose to pour a potion of healing down his throat. At this point they roll 1d6+1 and add the result to his recovery roll.

XP for Treasure: XP for treasure is awarded on a 1:1 basis as normal, however in order to gain the XP the player needs to spend the treasure. This is mostly intended as an opportunity for roleplaying. A character may spend a few hundred gold pieces on 'wine women and song' at low levels, or begin investing tens of thousands of goldpieces in business ventures or laying the groundwork for the construction of a stronghold at higher levels. Dwarves repaying the debt owed to their 'father' also falls under this category.

Spell Levels: Spells are more limited than typical. No cleric spells beyond 5th level exist. Magic users begin with knowledge of 1 first level spell in addition to read magic and detect magic. There are no known magic user spells above level 6.

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Midgrim Goldhammer

Generous girth, crescent beard & braided hair, belly chuckle, Shield and Axe!

Background: Famous adventuring great grandfather (Iren Goldhammer). Taught him runes and history. He would rather enjoy life to the fullest right NOW. Lost both father and grandfather to the latest kobold-clensing war. Great grandfather went on expedition some years ago (to the Dwimmermount?). Backs up his (clan) brother since then.

Breathed in azoth near the end of the first venture into the mount and died. His and Klyman's death shook Vindar of Newcree out of his shock state.

[sblock=Stats]Level 1 dwarf
XP 0/2187 (+5%)
Alignment: Lawful
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Lawful, goblin, gnome and kobold.

Str 13 +1 (+5% XP)
Dex 11
Con 16 +2
Int 9 (Read and Write)
Wis 7 -1
Cha 11

AC 3 (Splint armor and shield)
HP 6/10
Saving Throws (Brth 13, poi/Deth 8, Pet/Par 11, Wands 10, Spells 13)

THAC0 18 (19 missiles)

Infravision 60'
1-2(1d6) detect traps, false walls, hidden construction or slope
Can use all armor
Can wield all weapons except 2-handers or longbows

Equipment 100 gp total (3d8=10)
Splint mail (75)
Jimi Tevantir's Helmet (Crane wings etched into the sides)
Axe (1) 1d6
Shield (10)
Dagger (3) 1d4
Purse: 15 sp, 55cp, Tiger-eye gem (10 gp)
10' pole with a hook at one end (2 sp)
Leather Back Pack (2)
   Tin bucket
   Spider poison sack (1 dose), wrapped in a cheese cloth
   3 giant spider legs, bundled
   Sack of mushroom, dried meat from kobold kitchen
   Cooking pot and large kitchen knife
   Large Sack (2sp)
      20 Thulian gold, 50 Thulian silver from the hollow column
      Wooden box with silver cutlery marked with unknown coat of arms
   Hemp rope (1)
   10 Iron Spikes (8sp)
   Flint and Steel (1)
   One large candle (equivalent of 10 regular ones, 1sp)
   8 days Standard Rations (1.4) 
   4 pints of dark beer in a wineskin (2)
   Bedroll (1 sp)
   Chalk (1 sp)
   Tattered Zatrikio handbook
   Short-handled spade (2)
      With re-enforced shaft so can be used as Crowbar (2)
Flat purse with 0 sp, 15 cp and the mural's iron key.
[/sblock][sblock=Notes]- Decided to scale back a bit on the Father/Cemetary thing, at least to start? I'm thinking if we want to push it forward, you could plant a few things of his (great) grandfather's for them to find in the donjon, Imperialus? (Tools, old trail marks, fragments of diary).[/sblock][sblock=Treasures so far]15 coppers, dead kobolds R24 [M]
Rusty iron key, looting-cart mural R25 [M]
40 Thulian gold, 100 Thulian silver, hollow column R24 [half M, half G]

Silver medal, gold ring, cocooned Thulian officer R26 [K]
Fine short sword, cocooned Thulian officer R26 [K]
Poison sack (1 dose), 3 whole legs, dead spiders R26 [M]
12 coppers and a tiger-eye gem worth 10gp, dead kobolds R29 [M]
5 coppers and a tin bucket, dead kobolds R31 [M]
15 silvers and 20 coppers, all of Thulian make, shortbow and arrows, dead kobolds R32 [M]
Shortbow and arrows, dead kobolds R32 [K]
Silver cutlery, large kitchen knife, pot, sack of mushrooms, dried meat, kobold kitchen R35 [M]
Holy phalange, mint in box, secret alcove R36 [P]
4gp, 8sp, 6cp, 2 Termaxian gold, dead kobolds and insane dwarf R37 [G]
2 flasks of azoth, azoth pool R37 [C]
143 Adamasian sp, 285 modern cp, kobold guardroom R38 [G]
Map of an Unknown Land [K], Tyreth Fencing Manual [G], Tattered Zatrikio handbook [M], bookshelves R18[/sblock]
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Yrel, Elf Magic-User/Thief


(High) Elf Magic-User [level 1 of 11, XP: 1,250.5] / Thief [level 2 of 12, XP: 1,250.5]
Infravision: 60 ft
Find secret Doors on 1-2, d6
Immune to paralysis of ghouls
languages: alignment, common, elvish, gnoll, hobgoblin, orc, bonus-dwarvish

S 10
D 12+1=13 (mod +1)
C 11-1 =10 (75% res srv, 70% trans shock)
I 14 (mod +1) (+1 language, 70%, spells/level: 5/9) (language=Dwarvish)
W 9
C 12 (0, 4 retainers, 7 morale)

HP: 6+5+4=15/2 = 7.5
AC: 8 -1 (Dex) = 7

Pick Locks (-5% racial) : 18%
Find, Remove Traps : 17%
Pick Pocket (+5% racial) : 32%
Move Silently (+7% racial) : 34%
Climb Walls : 88%
Hide In Shadows (+10% racial) : 27%
Hear Noise (+1 racial) : 1-3 d6

Spells per day: First: 1
Spells known: First - Charm Person, Shield (AC 2-missiles, AC 4-melee)
Second - Knock
Spells prepared: Charm Person

_Money_ = starting 100 gp -96.5 gp, = 3 gp, 5 sp remaining, +190gp gift from party's 1st expedition = 193gp 5 sp -30gp = 163gp 5sp

Leather Armor (6gp)
Longsword (10gp) [1d8]
3 Daggers (@ 3gp=9gp) [1d4]
Short Bow (7gp)
Quiver and 20 arrows (5gp) [1d6]
Thieves' Tools (30gp)
Backpack (2gp)
Bedroll (1sp)
Crowbar (2gp)
Flint & Steel (2gp)
Waterskin (1gp)
Small Silver Mirror (25gp)
Large Belt Pouch (18sp)
Silk Rope 50 ft (10gp)
Spellbook (15gp)
3 Large Sacks (@ 2sp = 6sp)

Yrel is a tad heavy for an Elf, tipping the scales at 118 pounds. His extra weight is concentrated in his buttocks and thighs, giving him the look of an Elf "Weeble". His large, almond-shaped eyes have large, amber irises, his hair is a dark shade of blonde, and his skin has the tone of bronze that is heavy on the copper.



Archive: Past Character(s):

[sblock=Klyman Sylar]
Thief L1
Neutral [he gives lip service to Caint, God of medicine, poertry, and music]

STR: 9
DEX: 12
CON: 10
INT: 7
WIS: 6
CHA: 9

AC: 8
HP: 4 [-0]

Exp: 0

GP 57
SP 6

Short Bow (25 gp)
Quiver and Arrows (20-1?) (5 gp) (1d6 damage)
Battle Axe (6 gp) (1d8 dam)
Oaken Club (3gp) (bound to his wrist with a leather thong (2sp) when he goes looking for trouble) (1d4 dam)
Dagger (3gp) (1d4 dam)
Leather Armor (6gp)
Backpack (2 gp)
Bedroll (1 sp)
Crowbar (2 gp)
Trail Rations (4 days) (20 sp)
Small Sacks 3 (@ 1sp)
Large Sacks 2 (@ 2 sp)
Thieves' tools (30 gp)
Waterskin(1 gp)
Thulian short sword, needs restoration, possibly enchanted or high enough quality to accept enchantment (looted from spider)
looted short bow and quiver of 20 arrows

Class Abilities
*Back Stab, +4 att, damage X2
*Pick Locks 17%
*Find/Remove Trap 14%
*Pick Pocket 23%
*Move Silently 23%
*Climb Walls 87%
*Hide In Shadows 13%
*Hear Noise 1-2

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Jimmy Disco T

First Post
Copied from previous thread for completeness:


Jimi Tevantir, Cleric of Tyche

STR: 13 +1 attack, damage, break door
DEX: 9
CON: 12
INT: 9 Partial literacy
WIS: 14 +1 saves vs magical effects, +5% experience
CHA: 10 Retainers 4, max morale 7

Alignment Lawful
Hit Points 6 (max HP at Level 1)
AC 3 (banded mail + shield)

Flail/staff attack +1, damage 1d6+1
Sling attack +0, damage 1d4

AC -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
To Hit 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9

Saving Throw
Breath 16
Poison/Death 11
Petrify/Paralyse 14
Wands 12
Spells 15

Spells Memorised
1x Cure Light Wounds

Banded mail AC 4
Shield +1 AC
Flail 1d6 dam
Staff 1d6 dam, 2-handed
Sling 1d4 dam
backpack, bedroll
silver holy symbol
4 rations, trail
6 lamp oil

The unwanted and unloved third son of a minor Noble family, the Tevantirs, Jimi was swiftly inducted into the ranks of the Tyche priesthood from a very young age - Tyche being something of a patron deity for his family.

Over the years Jimi had less and less contact with his family. The periodic sums of money sent to him by his parents grew smaller and more infrequent. Ironically, for a Cleric of fortune and destiny, it seemed that Jimi had received neither.

One muggy summer night, after sleeping off too many ales in a local tavern, Jimi was troubled by vivid dreams. He awoke with a start to find a robber standing over him, knife poised to slit his throat.

His sudden awakening startled the thief, who stumbled backwards and with a shriek fell out of the open tavern window, landing awkwardly on the cobbled street outside before fleeing. The intruder's coin purse had caught on a wayward nail on the window frame as he fell, and Jimi found a handful of coins and gems within.

Perhaps he did have Tyche's blessing after all...

Piston Honda

First Post
Gargrim Goldhammer

Deep red hair and a matching beard that has been done into three braids, bushy eyebrows, very thick; while it’s obvious that he’s not one to do a lot of thinking, he definitely comes across as one you want to have by your side when the going gets tough.

Background: It’s said adventuring is in the blood of the ancestors of Gargrim Goldhammer, partly because they simply can’t be trusted to do anything else. Notoriously thickheaded to say the least, his lineage includes very little literacy but much in reputation for battle and honor (in addition to song and drink). While he can recite songs to much of his ancestry, the time has come for him to earn his own glory to match that of even his greatest of ancestors. Having heard whispers that something has happened within Dwimmermount, Gargrim sees this as his great opportunity.

Level 1 Dwarf
XP 0/2187 (+5%)
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Lawful, Goblin, Gnome and Kobold

Str – 15 +1 (5% XP)
Dex – 13 +1
Con – 15 +1
Int – 5 -2 (Unable to read or write)
Wis – 11
Cha – 13 +1

AC 3 (Shield + Splint Mail)
HP 9
THACO - 19

Infravision 60'
1-2(1d6) detect traps, false walls, hidden construction or slope
Can use all armor
Can wield all weapons except 2-handers or longbows

Starting Gold – 110 gp (Gold (3d8=11))

Mace 1d6 (5)
Splint Mail - AC 4 – (75)
Shield (10)
Miner’ Pick (3)
Backpack (2)
[sblock=Contents of Backpack]
Bedroll (1 silver)
8 Torches (3 silver)
2 Rations – Preserved (1)
5 Rations – Unpreserved (1)
Waterskin filled with Rum (2)
Hemp Rope (1)
Flint and Steel (2)
Grappling Hook (1)
Large Sack (2 Silver)
Seven loose gold coins
Four loose silver coins


Some notes on Muntburg:


Muntburg is a small castle town with a population of about 500, nearly two hundred of which are members of the garrison, a hundred or so of their family members, and another two hundred other civilians. The town at one point probably had a population of nearly double that, but the lack of trade has severely hurt its prospects. In the past few years however Lord Charon, Despot of Adamas has enlarged the garrison significantly and put more money into the town with the intention of re-opening the trade rout north so the economy is starting to become somewhat revitalized.

Muntburg is extremely lawful overall, after all it is primarily a military base. Sir Thevenin Verodart is the Castillian and Garrison commander.

Other than that, it is a fairly standard castle town. Just inside the gate, there is a market square (2) where your names were recorded by a Corporal Danthan, a middle aged guardsman who grew up in the town and seemed friendly enough. There is also a bonding house (3) where anyone looking to hire retainers or hirelings (or become one for that matter) can find what they need, a Temple to Typhon (5) where the Proctor of Typhon Gawain of Had oversees two Acolytes, a General Store (6), a moneychanger (8) (where one of the towns two dwarves Durric works as a guard), A smithy (9), a Gemsmith (10) owned by the town's second dwarf Delster, a small chapel of Tyche (11) where Emelisse an Exorsist of Tyche holds services. You are currently in the Passwatch Inn (13).

This is a picture of Rhuddlan Castle, a castle in Wales that Muntburg is based on.


One other thing you may notice is that I'm using level titles for a lot of the NPC's. This is actually in character knowledge, and your PC's would know the titles that the various NPC's are known by. This is mostly to give you an idea of how powerful various NPC's are, particularly those who you may rely on for spellcasting or other services. Within Dwimmermount's Lore this is a holdover from the Thulian Empire when they codified the power of adventurers. As such there are only technically level titles for the human classes. Dwarves and Elves will often adopt the titles of their human equivilents with Dwarves taking titles from the fighter path and elves taking them from the magic user end of things.

1, Acolyte
2, Ostiary
3, Exorcist
4, Proctor
5, Supernumerary
6, Numerary
7, Vicar
8, Cleric
9, Archcleric.

1, Veteran
2, Man at Arms
3, Warrior
4, Swordsman
5, Free Sword
6, Sword Master
7, Champion
8, Hero
9, Lord

Magic Users:
1, Neophyte
2, Zealot
3, Beholder
4, Magician
5, Philosopher
6, Minor Adept
7, Major Adept
8, Exalted Adept
9, Master
10, Magus
11, Arch Magus

1, Apprentice Thief
2, Looter
3, Plunderer
4, Journeyman Thief
5, Sneak
6, Larcener
7, Pilferer
8, Yeggman
9, Burgler
10, Master Thief


Just a couple notes on the Church of Typhon and particularly its relationship with Tyche.

Something important to remember about religion in Dwimmermount is that although the gods are all lawful, they are not equal, nor are they all what most people would describe as good. Typhonians in particular tend to be power hungry, self interested, and very very intolerant both in how they deal with others and each other. The Church of Typhon is the most powerful religious institution in Adamas but they are far from the most popular. Typhonians tend to serve the established order and care very little for the lower classes. Charity is something of a foreign word to them apart from the occasional giving of bread and alms on very specific feast days. Tyche and Caint are actually the most popular deities among the common folk, and this tends to irritate the Typhonians to no end. Tyche is the second most powerful of the sects within the great church as her clerics and followers along with the Typhonians were instrumental in the overthrow of Turms Termax, but at the end of the day Typhon got the greater share of glory.

On the side of the Tychians they have never really forgiven the Typhonians for brutal inquisition they headed up nearly a hundred years ago that seemed to specifically target Tychian priests. The Typhonians claimed that Tyche's power over fortune and destiny showed chaotic influences, and many high ranking Tychean clerics were persecuted, tortured, and executed. The most notorious incident of the pogrom was a massacre on Fates Day, Tyche's holy day when a group of Typhonian Templars barricaded the doors of the great temple to Tyche in Adamas and set it on fire killing over one hundred people. Nearly a month of bloody sectarian violence gripped Adamas in the aftermath before the Depot was able to restore order. The Templars claimed to be acting alone and the Church of Typhon dismissed them as misguided zealots before they were executed but many Tychians continue to believe that the entire affair was orchestrated by the highest ranked priests of Typhon in Adamas specifically to weaken or destroy Tyche, as the church of Typhon emerged from the fray almost none the worse for wear whereas Tyche has still not completely recovered from the loss not only of their most learned members, but also the quantity of religious relics, books and scrolls that were lost in the fire.

The Termaxians are also an important factor to consider. They are considered heathens and apostates by all of the eight gods, and they like their god Turms Termax tend towards Chaos, but that does not necessarily make them evil. The Great Church of the Eight Gods was created by the Thulians, and served the Thulians. The Thulian Empire was a highly stratified society and quite brutal towards members of its lower classes, magic users, demihumans, and anyone else who didn't fit into the Thulian ideal. Termax began as a populist, and many of the reforms carried out by the Termaxians were indeed good for the people in general, with many of the most brutal laws being overturned during the reign of the Termaxian emperors. Many of those who support Termax, even if they aren't full blown cultists tend to be drawn to the cult because of fears they have that the rule of the Despot of Adamas has allowed the pendulum to swing too far back towards the brutality of the Thulian empire. They are highly occult in their meetings and worship, but graffiti praising Termax is a common enough sight even in highly ordered places like Muntburg and Adamas.
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Since I was talking about the different entrances I figured I should explain a bit about the entrance that the dwarves in the party would know about. Like the alchemists door the path to the stone wrought stairs can be found off of the main path up the mountain, however the only chance you have of noticing it is if you either know exactly what you are looking for, or have a dwarfs eye for artificial stonework. At the end of the stair (which is a rather precarious climb) there is a sort of 'service entrance' to the top level of the dungeon. Normally only dwarves are able to pass the barrier however, and while the dungeon was sealed at least it was only possible to enter, not to exit, so it may be you will take something of a detour only to find out that half the members of your party are stuck on the side of the mountain.


Just as an FYI neither Delster (the gem cutter) nor Durric (the moneychangers guard) know anything about the dwarf in Typhon's Fists, or really anything about Dwimmermount that isn't already common knowledge.

Jimmy Disco T

First Post
I am still here... seem to have written myself into a corner!

If the rest of the group is returning to the tavern I'll just wait until we're reunited. If some more investigations are continuing outside of the tavern I may have to come up with a way to rejoin the group.

Looking forward to seeing the reactions of the two Dwarves when they find out a random spellcaster has been recruited into the party...!

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Name for the party?

So far I think we have 'The Iron Defenders' and 'The Company of Fortune'? Any other submissions before we vote?


[MENTION=6749529]Jimmy Disco T[/MENTION] Sorry I forgot to mention it before but yes, you do have access to a single first level cleric spell. You don't get another one until 3rd level though.
[MENTION=63746]Binder Fred[/MENTION] I guess Jimi didn't actually mention it to Midgrim but back when Climent was first talking to him he had expressed an interest in checking out the Alchemist's Door. He'd been mulling this theory of his over in his mind for some time but was worried that it might sound crazy if he just started spouting off about it without any evidence. As for the location of the Alchemists Door it is a bit out of your way, you'll need to backtrack to the main trail and go another couple hours up before you find the Stone Wrought Stairs but it's not a massive diversion.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
[MENTION=893]Imperialus[/MENTION], Midgrim will go along with whatever Gargrim decides, both here and until I get back to the internet around the 30th. If he ends up in front, Midgrim'll use his 10-foot pole to scout for traps (or he can loan it to Gargrim if he wants).

See you then!


sorry for the disapperance. The past few days at work have been absolutely nutty and to make things extra interesting we had 30+ cm of snow get dumped on us on Monday and Tuesday so my commute has been taking about three times as long as usual.

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