Eadric et. al. (The Paladin and his Friends).


Carasch is fricking scary, I can see how even a 50 HD Perfected Exalted Solar could have some problems with that, especially if the Ancient can bestow Divine Ranks too. *shudder*

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Guess its been errated/or changed by Sep then, the Epic Pseudonatural Template usually grants SR of 5xHD, by my ELH. Whoever came up with that particular mechanic needs to be fed to Dire Monkeys.


Mmm, actually I just looked at the thread again, the Horror definately has SR 90. Take a look

Pseudonatural Ultroloth; CR 30; medium outsider (evil, extraplanar, pseudonatural, yugoloth); HD 18d8+216; hp 360; Init +23; Spd 80ft.; AC 68, touch 33, flatfooted 53; Base Atk +18; Grp +48; Atk +48 melee (2d8+15, tentacle rake); Full Atk: +48/+48/+48/+48/+48/+48 melee (2d8+15, tentacle rake); SA Constant insight, fear aura, improved grab, rotting constriction, spell-like abilities, summon yugoloths, weakness gaze; SQ Alternate form, damage reduction 15/epic and good and silver, darkvision 60 ft., fast healing 4, immunity to acid and poison, resistance to electricity 35, fire 10 and cold 10, spell resistance 90, telepathy 100 ft., true seeing; SV Fort +23 Ref +26 Will +25; AL NE; Str 41 Dex 41 Con 35 Int 28 Wis 38 Cha 28.

The empahsis is mine but its a C&P of the original. Why don't they just give Epic Pseudonaturals Magic Immunity ? at any level above 7, nothing within 7 Challenge Ratings of the creature is going to be able to touch it with SR spells anyway.
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Love the domains (*yoink*)

Perhaps I'm forgetting something from D&Dg, but are all weapons wielded by a diety treated as Epic? Otherwise it seems that She might take a lot of work to wade though demons with their DR.

She is wonderfully pure in her nature, I'd say.



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Re: The Horror

CR 30, SR 90.

Don't forget his 68 AC. That would mean that a 30th level fighter with a modified strength of 38, a +8 weapon of his favored type, along with weapon focus and epic weapon focus would need to roll an unmodified 18 on his first attack roll to hit; everything else would have to be 20s. Seems more than a little too high for a CR 30 encounter to me.


No spells.

Lord_Fergus said:
Could someone please post a link to Shomei's spells? For the life of me I can't find them anywhere. Thanks in advance!

Did Sep ever post them? He posted her stats a couple of months back, but her spells I can't remember seeing them.

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