Pathfinder 1E Eberron - The Forgotten Forge (Interest check)


I'm thinking of running an Eberron campaign, beginning with The Forgotten Forge. I would use PF1 rules, and some of the conversions found here.

[sblock=What I'm thinking of doing]
I'm not looking for applications yet, but I know I find it easier to come up with concepts if I know what rules are in use, so here you go:
I would tentatively allow 3pp, subject to review. Monster building as well, assuming an appropriate background for it, also subject to review, and restricted to a maximum of 14 RP.

Point buy would be 15 to begin with, increased to 20 if you describe two positive qualities and two negative qualities of your character's personality, and incorporate your Feats/Traits - why do you have them? Increased to 25 if you tell me something your character is very good at, but also a flaw that makes doing that very difficult.

I wouldn't use all the races available at the linked conversion site, just the standard Eberron core: all the core races + goblins (including hobgoblins and bugbears, I have already built those races for use), changelings, Kalashtar, shifters, and warforged.

We would use Hero Points and background skills (but without Artistry and Lore), and two traits, no drawbacks. I would accept any non-evil alignment (though as a warning, I use some definitions of the alignments that draw a clear line between "chaotic" and "evil"). I expect to play with heroes, not thugs.

We would probably start with average gold to buy equipment with, assuming most of the players chose a 20 or 25 point buy. [/sblock]

The game would begin in Sharn, and I would expect the party to already have links to each other in their backgrounds, and a reason to be together as the game began. I'm thinking of running it as a pbem (from Yahoo Groups) rather than a pbp, just because I like the format better, and also I've never run a game on the boards before (though I've run plenty of pbems). I would put up a campaign site with things like house rules, setting details, a cast page with pictures of the party members, and a collected archive of posts so that you could read them like a book, instead of trawling through hundreds of posts to follow the game.

This would be a writing and RPing heavy game, but also combat using maps.

Would anyone be interested in such a game? If so, what would your character concept (not crunch) be?

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Pathfinder is just 3.75 edition really, or 3.5 "fixed". I love Eberron, but have only played it in 4e and 5e. I would need to look at that conversion site a bit.


Now that PF 2 is out, (I picked that up), I'd be interested in playing in a campain of it. Assuming that you'd be willing to convert over.

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