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D&D 5E EB's Keep on the Borderlands - The Lion's Den



The dwarf scrunched his nose then leaned in over the map as the others tried to look upon it, staring, his nose almost touching the map as he sniffed all around it. Leaning back, he looked up at Kordo.
'Good in forest, for real, not this forest.' He put his finger exactly where Kordo had shown the road work was on the map.

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Li Shenron

Lorelei approaches the table to study the map a little bit. "A bulette, you say... I am not at ease with such kind of monstrosities, but I'm rather skilled at dealing with more natural beasts and humanoid folks as well. Perhaps I'd be of more use to protect the workers on the road."

As the sun begins to set, Argendel's caravan arrives at the small keep off the beaten trails of Cormyr. A lilting laugh can be heard among people disembarking. The woman in colorful clothes smiles at Argendel and says, "It was great seeing you again, old friend. But this is my stop."
"Are you sure?" he asks, thinking of times gone by. "There's always room for you in my bed, I mean, my caravan, Lovely Lindrel."
"Oh, you were always such a charmer," she says as she gives him a peck on the cheek. "Take care. And send your wife my love."
"Hawwaww," he laughs. "I always do." He turns and starts to bark orders, glancing her way once more to admire her as she walks away.

Does this place even have a name? She thinks. Have I finally found a place no one knows me? The thought was both frightening and exciting. She passed a few people as she looked for what would be an inn. There was a building up ahead but it looked boarded up on top and lit up on the lower floor. A passing woman told her the lord regent was opening the building up again. Her eye ran across each of the buildings in town, discovering their weak entry points. But she also notes that there's probably nothing worth taking inside. She takes out her lyre and checks its tuning as she approaches the building.

Stepping inside, a few heads turn but most were centered around a table. She was about to put on her entertainment hat when she recognizes a few people in the room. "You have got to be kidding me," she says louder than she expected.

"Lindrel?" Kordo calls out. "You are just in time."

Rolling with it, she says, "Vos, what are you doing in this two horse town?"


Kordo Vas.jpg "We are here to start over. The Company of the Bronze Lion will roar once more." he says before turning back. "We have work to do, and hopefully a new reputation to earn."

With that he looks up to everyone who has spoke. "Ungar and Everan will defiantly serve to explore the forest along the newly planned road. So that adds Sahrax to that group."

He looks over Rorik and shakes his head at his comment, "I think your skill complemented with that of Sir Derek there should help in bringing the land shark low. You should go with him."

He turns to the newly arrived Lindrel, "Care to accompany a couple knights on a quest to slay a monster?" he asks with a small grin of mirth.

[sblock=Groupings so far]
Monster Hunters:
Derek - paladin
Slipper - rogue
Rorik (+squire) - fighter
Lindrel - bard

Sahrax - wizard
Ungar - cleric
Everan - druid
Lorelei - warlock

hmmm... cleric (nature), druid, and warlock (archfey) I am sensing a theme here.

Only two left....
Aurelius - barbarian (another big fighter to take on the bullete)
Tassasrion - archer (wood elf so fits with the scout/guardian group)

Any other suggestions? We seem to have an uneven split when it comes to roles.[/sblock]

"Sounds more exciting than watching people build a road," Lindrel says. She steps up to the table and lightly kisses Vos on his forehead. Then she looks around the table to see who she does or does not know.

OOC: We can discuss that in the OOC thread or people can just jump in. I need to read a bunch of backgrounds and each of you just need to read one. :)


Slipper looks about as the groups are roughly sorted out, one thing was bugging him though. With an awkward cough he draws attention to himself.

"What is a bullette?"


Rorik watched the new comer arrive, did he know her? He certainly couldn't remember her name, but perhaps she was some other nobleman's trophy wife. Hegreet Kordo Vos, they appeared to be old friends.

"Lindrel?" Kordo calls out. "You are just in time." Rorik watched the two greet like old friends. Lindrel? Still didn't ring any bells. Well they would have time later to discuss their respective histories.

"I think your skill complemented with that of Sir Derek there should help in bringing the land shark low. You should go with him." Rorik barely hid his glee at not having to do guard duty on a road building project. "If you think a lump like me clanking around in metal armour makes a good hunter..." Rorik replied.

"What is a bullette?" Piped up the slight youth. "It a ferocious, burrowing monster that knows nothing but the need to hunt and eat. I have not faced - nor seen one, but I hear they are quite ferocious."


"Oh, thanks mister," he seems to ponder the information for a while, the idea of a burrowing monster that he couldn't see coming unnerved him somewhat.

Slipper gives Rorik a thoughtful look and grins. "But can it climb trees?"


Tassarion Liadon
Kendall Keep
Late Afternoon
Round 0

Tassarion watched silently as the other members of the Bronze Lions divided up the missions. “I will go with the road crew to the forest,” the quiet wood elf finally said.

Tassarion looked over as the door opened to admit a beautiful human woman with curly red hair. He was rather stunned at her vivacity and beauty. He lowered his gaze, averting eye contact and making sure his dark green hair fell over the scarred half of his face. Given his solitary nature, he had always been awkward around the fairer sex. And after the hag’s poison had disfigured his face, that was only exacerbated. Only Caely Bannigan had seen past all of that, but she hated him now, and the little said about her, the better.

Action: (Extra Attack)
Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
HP: 37/37
HD: 5/5 1d10+1
Arrows used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)
Second Wind (1/R)
Arcane Shot (2/2/R): Grasping Arrow or Seeking Arrow

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