D&D 5E EB's Keep on the Borderlands - The Lion's Den

Charwoman Gene

The quiet half-orc speaks, "Use me where you will. I'd be an asset to either group. My axe thirsts for battle, so I'd gladly volunteer to fight the beast, and might be of help tracking its movements. But my woodland skill and martial talents might be useful to the other group as frankly, our guards are not the most intimidating."

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Kordo Vas smiles as he notices the group has successfully separated into groups with little trouble. He rolls up the map as he gives out some finally instructions for today.

Kordo Vas.jpg "So since we have just arrived I have not had time to unpack the weapons and supply cart. So you'll have to go on this missions tomorrow with what you have. I'm sorry. We will be up and running within the tenday." he says with confidence. "For now it is time to celebrate the beginning of a new, and better chapter, in the history of The Company of the Bronze Lions."

And with his announcement servants start bringing out platters and plates of food, and mugs of ale and glasses of wine. For tonight the company can feast and tell stories of their past exploits. Or strategies among other members of their current group.


Monster Hunters:
Derek - paladin
Slipper - rogue
Rorik (+squire) - fighter
Lindrel - bard
Aurelius - barbarian

Sahrax - wizard
Ungar - cleric
Everan - druid
Lorelei - warlock
Tassasrion - archer

OOC: I will have two new IC threads for each of these adventures, come WED. And will lay out the links in the OOC. You may continue to RP here as long as you wish.
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As the two groups separate and strangers look at each other appraisingly; Slipper smiles at the adults. "I'm Slipper," he waved a hand nervously at the others. "I am an archer and also a scout, this is my first time fighting a monster though."

"Rule 1 is not getting eaten by the monster," Lindrel laughs. She takes her lute from her pack and performs a bit of tuning. "Anybody want to hear a tune?"


Rorik laughs at Lindral's joke, thinking how Slipper was barely older than his own squire. "Rule number 2 is not trying to face monsters on your own." Warian and Galan could stay here while Rorik was out, but Edgar would have to come with if he wanted to learn anything.

Coming out of his reverie he says to Lindral, "Perhaps a tune from your homeland."

"My homeland?" Lindrel laughed. "I think you may know this tune as well." She plucked a spritely tune and began to sing a tale of a lazy nobleman and his shrew of a wife and how they managed to fall back in love after a harrowing time spent together on an unsettled island when their ship went aground near the lands of Sennt, known for their dangerous reefs. The Calowell Islands are said to be named for the couple.

Rorik laughs at Lindral's joke, thinking how Slipper was barely older than his own squire. "Rule number 2 is not trying to face monsters on your own." Warian and Galan could stay here while Rorik was out, but Edgar would have to come with if he wanted to learn anything.

Erevan calls down from where he is still perched on the beam, "And if Rules 1 and 2 fail you, Rule number 3 is: Be the bigger monster. He dropped down, transforming in mid-air into a great bear, he landed on his hind legs, his head nearly brushing the beam he'd been sitting on. He held the pose for a moment, then reverted to his natural shape. "Now where's that beer?"
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The dwarf looked the half-orc up and down, side eyeing Rorik, "Tis one smell right, you safe."

He stared motionless, swaying to the bard's tale, and let out a howl when she finished.

His back straightened, head cocked, as rules were being stated. When the druid transformed into a bear his upper lip curled, his fangs lengthened, after Erevan's exhibition finished he snarled, "Only rule...no rules!"


Tassarion Liadon
Kendall Keep
Late Afternoon
Round 0

Tassarion listened to the bard’s song and tale as he sipped his ale. She had a beautiful voice, and he watched as her face animated with the music, making her even more beautiful. He enjoyed such tales of love and romance, though such things were not for him, obviously. He stared at her through the fall of his dark green hair over the scarred half of his face before he caught himself.

Loading a plate with some food, the elven archer kept himself a bit aloof. He still found trusting strangers difficult, being around people. He prefered his solitude in the woods, tracking down fey and monsters.

But the food was good, and the music delightful. His green eyes followed the bard’s progress through the crowd as she mingled. He pulled a small silver snuff box from inside his leather armor, turning it over in his fingers. It was empty. The inscription on the lid said “Dreams”. Caely had given it to him in better times, before the accident. It was a constant and painful reminder of the woman he had loved and lost, and why he had left the Fey Knights in the High Forest and come to the marches of Cormyr and the Bronze Lions.

Action: (Extra Attack)
Bonus Action:
Free Object Interaction:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
AC: 15
HP: 37/37
HD: 5/5 1d10+1
Arrows used: 0
Action Surge (1/R)
Second Wind (1/R)
Arcane Shot (2/2/R): Grasping Arrow or Seeking Arrow

Li Shenron

Lorelei's attention is captured by Erevan's bear transformation... despite not being her own path, she has always been fascinated by druids' ability to wildshape, and perhaps a bit jealous. "Always nice to meet a friend of the wild...", she removes the hood from her head with one hand and produces a barley spike from inside her cloak, and with a whisper of hers (Druidcraft) the spike quickly flowers and ripens, then she offers it to Erevan.

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