D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Yes," drily agreed the old witch, creakily getting up from her kneeling position, "spirits forfend she gives birth to mad creatures who go around the countryside killing *everything* they see for coin. That would be plain horrible... Almost unthinkably evil, wouldn't it?"

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The female ettercap was frozen in place by the dragonborn's actions, but now cowers behind the old witch as the dwarf approaches. It hasn't spoken, screamed, or cried this entire time, the only conclusion you can come up with is that although intelligent, it hasn't the ability to speak.

Worry and fear are plain in its body language.


First Post
Aridha snuffled and shook herself like a dog coming out of water. Despite the skin waggling loosely on her gigantic ursine body, the webbing was stuck pretty good.

She huffed and growled at Rana irritably.

It's complicated. Later! What are we doing with the spiders?

The bear lifted her nose and sniffed at the air again, trying to gauge how many arachnids were nearby. She knew of no way to communicate with strange creatures like these...

River Song

Bekah sighed, "Now, now," she moved in between Emmyr and Rana. "You are both pretty but let us be civilized about this, hmm?"

She moved up to the the female Ettercap, "Can you understand us?" she asked.



Hommlet/Inn of the Welcome Wench
25 Goodmonth
1:11 PM
Round 0

Emmyr pulled up short as Lady Rebekah got between him and the ettercap. He clenched his axes but spun away. The only way he was going to be close to one of these spider creatures was if he was killing it. Instead, he went over to the large bear that had been Aridhe and slashed at the webbing restraining her.

[sblock=Emmyr’s Rolls & Actions]
Bonus Action:
Object Interaction:
Action Surge:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: 10
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 23/23 HD: 2/2d10+3
Second Wind (1/R): 1d10+2 hp
Action Surge (1/R)*

[sblock=Party Loot]
16 sp
10 cp
Blue quartz, 10 gp
Necklace 200 gp (Rana)

Lady Rebekah - half elf bard charlatan noble
Gwylla - half elf wizard
Hexeiros - dragonborn fighter
Rana - feylock
Zanword - human fighter pirate
Aridhe - human moon druid
Templeton - human rogue ratcatcher


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Zanword quickly checked the surrounding area for further threats before joining Emmyr in trying to free the bear.
"Can you change back?"

Looking over at Rana and ettercap mother
"Rana, I understand protection of the mother, but if we let them loose here, in no time there will be another spider problem around. And we cannot take her with us. Now that you're not doing things on instinct, what do you propose? We restored the balance, Beori will be satisfied. But it is only temporary if everyting repeats as soon as we go away."


First Post
Templeton snorted derisively and took out a greasy rag and tied it around his thigh to staunch the bleeding. Spiders, two-legged or otherwise, were simply pests that needed to be exterminated in his opinion. Through experience he knew however his opinion often fell upon deaf ears. He knew however, that he wouldn't stay long with a group that treated an enemy better than a wounded ally. He grimaced as he walked, favoring his hurt leg. He looked about the place hoping to find anything of interest.



First Post
Aridha felt resistance as she tried to undo what she'd done. The presence, lurking within, snarled irritably at her like a dog that didn't want to get pushed off the bed it was resting on. She didn't back down though, and with a grumble it relented first. Aridha could feel that the transformation had taken something out of it, and herself as well. Not a fatigue of the body, but something more spiritual.

She'd have to be careful.

The bear seemed to almost...deflate. It collapsed inward as if its skeleton had vanished, then the brown furred skin shooped in all at once, and Aridha was back. Just as she'd been.

With one look at the ettercaps, she decided she'd rather go help a friend. These things were better left to Rana. The old lady was much more comfortable with icky stuff than Aridha was.

"Oy!" she called after Templeton. "Lemme see that."

(Need a heal? How hurt are ya?)

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