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(OOC I got slots to spare on this, methinks :))

Aridha casts a spell, and Templeton's wound closes right up! It itches a little. Okay, a lot.


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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: I forgot the wound...

As Aridha returns to her young self and helps Templeton, Zanword remembers the new feeling of being in Beoris good graces.
"Is anyone else hurt?"

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Rana gave Zanword one of her looks, before pointedly glancing at the amount of webbing covering the trees going forward into the grove; and the marked absence of anything resembling a deklo tree... "This wasn't done by a single pair, boy. Balance isn't *that* easily disturbed... Or righted. If the thing ever existed at all," she darkly muttered to herself at the end.

As proof, Rana extended her cane and prodded one if the little spiders to climb on. "Tell me little one," she asked, not unkindly, "are you free to leave this place now?"

If Bekah's attempt at communication didn't succeed, she'll add, bringing it close to her face: "And could you maybe ask this female here a few things as a favor for an old, old lady?"

OOC: Beast Speech on a normal spider, please (or the same one maybe?). She'll bribe/reward it with bits of food, of course :)

OOC: Correct me if I'm wrong on the scale of the webbed area(s) please, EB
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Charwoman Gene

"I learned from a human wizard who took me in after my dad couldn't support me. She often remarked that I showed unusual strength for a novice." replied Gwylla.

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Hm," confirmed Rana with a look at the still-sizzling spider (not to mention the pile of ice over there). "And your mother?"

When the bear suddenly wasn't one anymore:
"Oh, so you can change *back*?" puzzled a surprised witch.

Well that was practical. Bears ate rather a lot, she feared; and she hadn't been looking forward to explaining *that* to the Ostler boy when he found an actual bear in his parlor!

Still... "We will still be having a conversation about this later, young lady." Hiding her worry under cover of discipline...



Hommlet/Inn of the Welcome Wench
25 Goodmonth
1:12 PM
Round 0

“I’m foine,” Emmyr assured Zandward and the others. He found a log to sit and sulk on as the old woman tended to the female spider creature. He pulled out a flask and took a sip to calm his nerves, eyes keeping constant watch on the myriad of webs around them.

[sblock=Emmyr’s Rolls & Actions]
Bonus Action:
Object Interaction:
Action Surge:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: 10
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 23/23 HD: 2/2d10+3
Second Wind (1/R): 1d10+2 hp
Action Surge (1/R)*

[sblock=Party Loot]
16 sp
10 cp
Blue quartz, 10 gp
Necklace 200 gp (Rana)

Lady Rebekah - half elf bard charlatan noble
Gwylla - half elf wizard
Hexeiros - dragonborn fighter
Rana - feylock
Zanword - human fighter pirate
Aridhe - human moon druid
Templeton - human rogue ratcatcher


The female ettercap draws back from Bekha, her body language plainly telling the half-elf it is afraid, but it doesn't seem to understand her. There is worry in every single eye of the creature, and that seems like a lot of worry.

The little spider crawling up the witch's cane soon squeaks out a "Yes, yes!! Not drawn to the center not compelled to stay."

Hearing this the dwarf notices a few cat and dog sized spiders heading away from the group. Looking to the ground he sees dozen of small spiders heading off in the same direction.

River Song

"Hmm,"Bekah purses her lips in consternation, she generally couldn't do her tricks on creatures that didn't understand her. As Emmyr pointed out the spiders seeming to leave in droves, she shrugs and steps back.

"Well something has changed," she looked about at the dead spiders. Was it them? Or something else entirely. "Is something coming?"

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Certainly not what I was expecting," admitted the old witch, looking a bit lost... "*Is* something coming, my dear?" she asked the spider.

"And where could we find that center you mentioned?"


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
Zanword joins Rana at female side. He sheathes the sword and tries talking in elven and even bubbly speech of the sea creatures.

Ooc: tries elven and aquan

In common, to the group, he suggests
"Maybe we know some language the creature understands. Try it, we're wasting time here. If she doesn't understand, we kill it and move on"

He observes the female as he says the last part even if he seemingly talks to Rana.
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