D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC


Templeton finds nothing in the area around the strange web hut the male ettercap jumped out from. The creatures themselves carry no type of coin purse or clothing of any kind.

"The grove is in the center," the small spider says in earnest.

The female ettercap doesn't respond to the gurgling of Zanword, but listens intently at the flowery speech of the elves but still looks to not understand.

"Is something coming?"

The group hears the echo of hooves as they gallop closer.

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Templeton nods to Aridha in thanks, as the wound on his leg seals up with fresh pink skin. It itched like the devil. But that was far preferable to an open puncture! He snatched up his half burning torch off of the ground and waved it a bit until the side that was touching the moist earth reignited. He warily made for the webbed hut, torch clearing the way as he went.

OOC: I believe Templeton can move at full speed while stiff checking for traps. So he will do so. I will let the DM roll for success.

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Zanword observes the female as he says the last part even if he seemingly talks to Rana.
"Subtle," commented Rana after the ettercap's reaction, with just a hint of approval.

When it came she turned towards the sound of hooves, a resigned expression on her lined face.

"Centaurs," she wagered... "The rest of you hide."

OOC: Cast Shillelagh and then Favor of the Fey/Guidance on herself, please. Since you never know



Hommlet/Inn of the Welcome Wench
25 Goodmonth
1:13 PM
Round 0

Emmyr heard the sound of hooves and pulled his axes back from his belt. “Centaurs?” he asked skeptically. “And why hide?” But he wasn’t going to protest overly much.

“This way, milday,” Emmyr said, indicating to Lady Rebekah that she should follow him. “Plenty o’ webs t’ ‘ide us, but there’s a nice shrubbery over ‘ere.” He reached to take her arm, but thought better of it. Without her fine clothes, he was confused at how to treat her. She was still a noble lady, after all, but out here in the wilds, such niceties of polite society often got in the way.

[sblock=Emmyr’s Rolls & Actions]
Bonus Action:
Object Interaction:
Action Surge:

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +1
Perception: 10
Speed: 25
AC: 16
HP: 23/23 HD: 2/2d10+3
Second Wind (1/R): 1d10+2 hp
Action Surge (1/R)*

[sblock=Party Loot]
16 sp
10 cp
Blue quartz, 10 gp
Necklace 200 gp (Rana)

Lady Rebekah - half elf bard charlatan noble
Gwylla - half elf wizard
Hexeiros - dragonborn fighter
Rana - feylock
Zanword - human fighter pirate
Aridhe - human moon druid
Templeton - human rogue ratcatcher

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
Emmyr's question made the witch in question chuckle. "Don't you enjoy surprising people, guard dog?"

A gesture from her gnarled hand and bits of web, broken and torn in the battle, reknit themselves between them, now thicker and more concealing.

OOC: Minor illusion to better conceal the hidden, please. (Maybe treat it as a Help Another, granting advantage on the hide?)

That done, both hands resting on her cane she waited, out in the open, unseen power slowly wrapping around her bent form.

Just for fun, as an aside she tried <point to the female, point to the unconscious male, walking fingers, question while looking in all around> And where did you come from, hm?


[sblock=OOC] Not sure what you are trying there Binder Fred?? Trying to get the ettercap to hide as well?? [/sblock]

The Green Witch was correct in her guess as to what The Lady had sent to help the group. A group of four centaurs burst from the brush just about the same time everyone decided to hide. (to late)


They stop short of Rana and raise up on their hind legs in some sort of salute. "HAIL! Heroes of the Lady! And well met!" the largest of the group says.

"We have traveled far and fast from the Vesve Forest at The Lady's behest. We are bid to take your charges to evil FellReev on the borders of Iuz." with this he motions to his team and they advance on the scared female (who tries to hide behind Rana).
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Inside the hut is the wrapped up corpses of old meals and an old plate helmet (cracked along the seam) that is full of silver and gold.[/sblock]


Templeton clucked his tongue with glee at spying the glint of precious metals., but was wary enough to not dive into the treasure before determining it was safe.
OOC: Another check for traps on the stuff

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"Well met, nameless horse," agreed the witch, if a bit testily -- those big hooves had gone *way* over her head. She covered the fear by laying a hand on what rested below her throat and whisper: "She is love."

Almost a prayer.

[sblock=OOC]She was trying to boost Gwylla and the other's stealth rolls by hiding them behind an illusion.

Here she's expecting the centaur to introduce himself, in case it's not clear? She's not overly inclined to move before he does 😆 [/sblock]
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