D&D 5E EB's ToEE and RttToEE Campaign - IC

River Song

Bekah nods in agreement with the Captain, "Of course sir, there are too many to deal with. Allow me to prioritise a few and see if we can deal with some at the celebrations?" she asks with a smile; a smile that suggested that butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
"It's jes' got a little silver bit on it," Aridha sighs with a roll of her eyes. "The druid said I could see myself in it. Can, I suppose, when the light's good."

She lifts the mirrored amulet and holds it out so Rana can see it, then turns it 'round to peer at her reflection in it.
The silvery depths of the medalion sort of... twitched in her hand, and there - behind her mirror self - there was a looming shape she hadn’t seen before, the suggestion of a gleaming fang...


[sblock=OOC]Exactly what I was going to do... lol Aridha sees...

PC - Aridha.jpg

Before the wolf like image vanishes leaving just her own reflection.[/sblock]

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
A rustle on the wind, barely heard.

Rana irritably glanced at the corner, “Spider asks what it is you see, child. “

Not waiting herself, she grabbed the girl’s hand within her’s and angled it so she could– The old witch gasped at what she saw

OOC: Back up to date!


[sblock=OOC] Sorry Binder Fred but to anyone else the mirror is blank (they don't even see their own reflection), just a white disk.[/sblock]

Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
[sblock=OOC]Does this apply to seeing Aridha’s reflection in the mirror as well? That’s what Rana was trying to do. (If the mirror can be used used to monitor the girl’s condition, that would go a long way into allaying Rana’s fears) [/sblock]


Gwylla asks a question of the barkeep: "Are there any wizards or learned people the town relies on for advice? I apologize if I've asked this question before, but I tend to get lost in my books in new situations."

Ostler.jpg "Ah, we have a young mage staying here at the moment, mistress." Ostler says to Gwylla. He brow creases as if he is trying to remember the name. "Spig-were, Spuis-was, um... He has an odd name, but I can introduce you tonight everyone staying at the inn is invited to the festivities. Also I'm sure you heard of Lord Burne the great wizard who lives in the tower. He is a powerful one I hear mi'lady, and a kind soul also, I'm sure he won't mind a visit from a fellow magic-user."

Charwoman Gene

"I'll take that introduction, thank you. I'll save disturbing Lord Burne for another day." She then goes to her room and practices her Ritual spells and cantrips.


OOC: Fast forwarding, let me know if anyone needs a back track.

After the sun starts to go down the bells from the Church of St. Cuthbert on the large hill start to toll. It is still Godsday and evening services are about to start. But for those of the old faith a party to celebrate ones friends or family is in a way a celebration of life, and can be taken in (at least today), as a way of honoring the Gods.

As the inn fills up the group exits the private room and starts to mingle with the other folk as a small troupe performs on the stage. The music is merry and a few of the younger folk start to dance, while the older folk smile on. A table for "The Captain and Crew" has been set aside, near the dance floor with a very good view of the room.


Before the party starts in earnest Ostler brings a middle aged bearded man to the Captain's table and introduces him as Spugnoir (Spoon-whar), a wandering wizard from Ulek.

Spugnoir.jpg "It is a pleasure Captain Blackpearl, Mistress Gwylla," he says with an odd Ulek like bow. "I heard about your exploits among the waters of the Nyr Dyr before..." he stops and looks slightly embarrassed. "... I'm sorry what happen to you and your crew, it was... What I mean is it was a miracle you survived and are still in good health Captain."

Bekah notices Kobort and Turuko are sitting alone, in a corner their heads together. And she remembers a paper in the stack from Ostler himself, about problems with a guest staying at the inn.

Emmyr's try at a tickle of one of the servant girls didn't go over well, but with the crowd starting to file in he rubbed his hands together at the prospect of another attempt.

Hexiros and Templeton both got the oddest of stares from patrons as they greeted the table. People were polite and even asked how long the two of them had been in Captain Blackpearl's crew.


The sun is an hour from setting and Rana and Aridha should be heading to the party if they want to keep Zanword from getting to big a head on his shoulders.

OOC: There are other papers/side quests, but my notes aren't with me I will have them all listed and linked soon.
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Aridha turns the mirror back and gazes into it for a second, then frowns. After a second she shakes her head and puts it away, her mouth pulling into a stubborn pout Rana knows very well.

"It's got some magic in it," she says with forced lightness. "It shows the spirit, or whatever it is. Behind me."

Her eyes rise to lock onto Rana's.

"Behind me because that's the agreement. I will nae keep it completely cooped up in the old man's trap all the time...but when I let it out, it's on a leash I'm holding. No one gets everything they want...I'm still nae rid of it, and it's not completely free. We each get something we want out of it though. It gets to run around and...do its thing, and I dinna have tae worry about it tryin' tae break free or murder anyone I dinna want it tae."

The young druid gets to her feet and tucks the mirror back under her shirt, hanging on its chain around her neck.

"We should be gettin' back."

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