D&D 5E Eladrin Fey Wanderer/Warlock (Hexblade or Archfey) build advice


I am building a 9th level character for a 1-shot. I want to go with a Warlock 1/Fey Wanderer 8. We can use PHB, MOM, XGE or TCE. So no Undead Warlock! I would like help and commentary on Warlock subclass, Ealdrin season and spell selection.

I am going to take shadow touched with cause fear (to work with beguiling twist) and an ASI to get to 20 in either Charisma (Hexblade) or 20 Wisdom (Archfey). I am also going with all the Tashas Ranger options. I will have Cause Fear and Fey step as triggers for Beguiling Twist as well as something from my Warlock too.

1. Warlock Patron

Hexblade: If I go Hexblade my stats will be S8 D14 C10 I8 W16 CH20. I will probably use a magic whip as a Hexblade weapon and use Wrathful Smite a lot (and twisting it if the bad guy saves). Smite him with the whip and keep him away. I will also take dueling as my fighting style. For Ranged I would go with Magic Stone.

Archfey: With Archfey my stats will be S8 D16 C10 I8 W20 Ch14. This character can't get wrathful smite but will get Fey Presence once a short rest. I will go Druid Warrior with Shillaleagh and Guidance. It will be a weak DC for Fey Presence, but FP triggers beguiling twist and my saves on beguiling twist would be better than with Hexblade. Ranged would be a longbow.

On paper Hexblade looks better. Having reach and doing the same average damage (due to dueling) while not needing a bonus action to cast Shillaleagh. Also wrathful smite sounds really good, better than Fey presence. On the other hand beguiling twist is a major core part of this build and it is better with a 20 wisdom.

2. Winter or Autumn Eladrin: Both of these would trigger Beguiling Twist on a save.

Winter is a better effect (frightened) but it is only 5 foot range, only affects 1 target and only lasts 1 round. Autumn (Charmed) is weaker as an effect, but it has a 10 foot range and can affect 2 targets. It can also affect them for a whole minute if you don't damage them. Autumn also has the feature that if I get 2 in the AOE and one of them saves I can twist it into frightened on the other one, making him both frightened and charmed, which is really ideal.

3. Spell selection:

Warlock: Protection from Evil and Good as one spell, If Hexblade Wrathful Smite as the other. If Archfey, not sure probably Faerie Fire? Armor of Agathys is an option too, but he will only have 2nd level slots so probably not a great

Feat: Invisibility, Cause Fear

Ranger: Charm Person, Goodberry, Fog Cloud, Ensnaring Strike, Speak with Animals, Pass without Trace, Spike Growth, Beast Bond, Misty Step

Comments or ideas?

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